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Is Sakurai Coming Back to “Smash for Switch”?




Daan Koopman (NintenDaan) joins to discuss if Sakurai is going to come back to the next Smash or not.

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NintenDaan (YouTube)
Daan Koopman:
Gene Choe:

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  1. Are we sure that there will be a Smash for Switch?

    Big N on December 27 |
  2. I think you guys hit the nail on the head with this one; in one form or another Sakurai will be advising Smash for Switch’s development, even if that is only in an advisory role, and may be beginning to work on a new project that isn’t Smash related. I thought the note brought up about future potential for DLC was interesting; it’s hard to imagine another full year of new Smash content in the same vein as we got for the WiiU/3DS versions, and personally I would hope that ‘Smash Switch’ would remain the definitive version of the game without DLC, to justify paying full price for a game that the entire core audience has already paid for.

    anonymous SG fan on December 28 |
  3. I think he will if it’s just a Smash 4 port, since the workload isn’t anywhere near as much as an entire brand new game would be.

    MagcargoMan on December 28 |