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5 Possible Salt Inducing Newcomers

Disclaimer: This isn’t a hate article. We hate none of these characters and chose these from an objective standpoint. These choices may not be representative of the entire team.


Newcomers. The individuals who get stared at when they walk into a room for the first time.

You’re not the guy we were expecting…

This, obviously, is about newcomers to Smash. Not who’s the most hotly requested, but about who would generate the most salt from the collective fanbase. Now keep in mind: as said in the disclaimer, most of us are impartial to these characters. This is us throwing out a reasonable guess, in no particular order.

Without further ado…

Honorable Mention: Fire Emblem as a whole



A logo that generates so much anger that the Hulk would be jealous.

See, there’s just no other way to spin it. Literally anyone from this franchise would generate unrelenting anger after how poorly people reacted to Corrin in spite (or perhaps because) of the reason given. Ryoma? Azura? Zelgius? Chrom? The character doesn’t matter; anything Fire Emblem in a roster is guaranteed flame bait. Which is honestly a shame considering that it’s more than just the tired anime swordsmen cliché, but try explaining that to hordes of fans still angry over the DLC.

Okay, with a fairly obvious pick out of the way, the actual list.


amiibo news: Daisy amiibo weakest selling of the Mario line for reasons unknown, all orders traced back to one person

The tomboy princess, and a mainstay in most spinoff Mario games. Sure, there would be some joy over her inclusion, but it’s tough to imagine it not being accompanied by significant anger from other Mario character fanbases that would feel snubbed by her getting in over, arguably more requested characters like Paper Mario, (Captain) Toad, Waluigi, and maybe even Geno if you want to stretch it a bit. To say nothing of how polarizing her own fanbase is to most, but that’s a different topic.

Cranky Kong

How to dupe viewers at award shows 101

The fourth wall shattering old ape. Sure, there would be a lot of hilarity over the character after the fact, but when you consider that he’s from a series which has both King K. Rool and Dixie Kong, the former’s fanbase feeling especially denied in the last Smash title, it kinda becomes obvious that adding Cranky Kong over either of them would cause everyone to go bananas more than a little hatred. Not necessarily a bad choice for a character, just one that would generate some negative sentiment over past events.



She did not take being omitted from Star Fox Zero all that well.

Yeah, it’s true that Krystal was originally considered for Brawl before being ditched for Wolf over a lack of time. But saying that the circumstances have changed since then would be putting it lightly. Star Fox goes on hiatus, Wolf is cut from the next Smash game, doesn’t make it back as DLC to the ire of many who considered him a shoo-in, the entire series is rebooted again with Star Fox Zero, which omits Krystal entirely, it ultimately proves to be a controversial entry for a wealth of reasons and the series’ future is currently in question (and this will probably be outdated by the time the Nintendo Switch presentation happens). Short to the point, that all comes together and makes Krystal a character that if added over Wolf or even Slippy would generate some sizable salt.

Shovel Knight

It’s nothing, but have a look at message boards and see how people reacted to that fact. [Source]

The man of shovelry. Indies are touchy subjects as is, even in the realm of third party characters, but more than a few people despise the knight, especially after the ultimately untrue rumor that he was coming as DLC for Smash 3DS/Wii U. Sure, there exist indies that would generate far more anger than our shovelling friend (Beck, anyone?), but the fact of the matter is that Shovel Knight had a day in the limelight that would only invite discussion that blew up like dynamite, and it’s why more than a few people loathe him so.

Style Savvy Character

I got nothing.

Um….stylists? I mean, the Wii Fit Trainer, despite being a head-scratcher of an inclusion, comes from a series that has a large audience (the Wii Fit trilogy selling over 40 million copies is worth noting). In truth, this slot could quite easily go to any overly niche Nintendo character, but even in the realm of that, would more people reasonably take this over, say, the Arcade Bunny or Swapnote’s Nikki? It’s not unfair to say that probably not.

In the end, there are realistically a lot more characters whom are bound to cause salt, and if we listed all of them we’d be here for the next few days. But we’re talking about the present time, of course, so a lot of those characters (for the most part) aren’t on everybody’s radar. But it takes just one curveball inclusion to mess up expectations, so who knows.

Oh, and happy holidays.

  1. The problem with the Savvyist is that you’re implying she’d take the spot of Bunny or Nikki. She wouldn’t. Being a “shocker pick” doesn’t mean other “shocker picks” can’t get in. Savvyist is an actual rep for a game series: the Bunny and Nikki rep Nintendo apps.

    Savvyist wouldn’t cause salt. Maybe for a while, like the WFT, but not for a long time. I think she’d eventually go down perfectly fine.

    Luggi on December 28 |
    • Sophie. The mascot character’s name is Sophie.

      Zeebor on December 28 |
      • Actually, Sophie’s not the mascot for Style Savvy. She was even first introduced in Style Savvy: Fashion Forward, the 3rd game of the series. Even tho she’s prominently featured in the game’s opening, she’s not featured on any boxart and yeah, it does make sense since she’s not a stylist at all in the story. What LIQUID12A was more referring to was the avatar-character from that game. Like Animal Crossing, you have to make your own character to play this game and also like Animal Crossing, you’re always the center of everything and almost every character depends on your abilities as stylist. So it does make sense to feature the “avatar” from Style Savvy.

        And I think I need to expand a little bit on that reasoning, since I suggested that character for LIQUID12A’s article: It’s right that the “shock-value” would be as short as it was for Wii Fit Trainer and the salt would be over quickly. But even with that mindset, I think it’s fair to say that many people would be the most angry about this “shock-character”. She comes from a game-series not many Nintendo-fans are aware of and she doesn’t have a fan-following like Nikki or Badge Bunny has. I would even go further and say that people would be legitimately happy about Nikki or Badge Bunny. And since this article is about “characters with the most hate-potential”, I think a Style Savvy-character is a perfect fit even in the “shock”-category.

        (But I would totally main her, since Style Savvy is a great game-series)

        Nirbion on December 29 |
        • Would very much agree with that sentiment, Style Savvy is a great game series…

          KL-Cobalt on January 8 |
  2. But there’s going to be salt no matter what the character. Even if we magically got Snake back you bet there will be a few crybaby Geno fans crying out something involving bringing back a veteran is unnecessary.

    Peridot Gem on December 28 |
  3. Its funny because back when we were discussing ballot characters and whatnot a year ago, Corrin and/or Azura were considered shoo-ins for a Smash 5; so as much as the hatebase demonizes him now, I think its safe to believe we won’t see another FE newcomer in Smash Switch thanks to Corrin.

    If the Smash ballot was any indicator, any character that regularly discussed by the fanbase or has been looked over based on false assumptions could be considered ‘salt-inducing’, even if the character could be considered fair game by any other standard. The additions of Ryu, Cloud, and Bayonetta indicate that the development team may be pulling from a much wider pool of potential newcomers than the characters that generally get pushed for by their respective fanbases.

    anonymous SG fan on December 28 |
  4. Only i’m be salty more fire emblem but if they put different style character (like dancer, Archer, ninja, Monk,Berseker, ect) that say i’m not have problems have character like Lyn (she’s my favorite all times and i love her her beta project m) or Hector

    Generally i’m not wanna freacking chrom, seriously!!! at least put him like pallete of marth (and also i wish they do the same to lucina in next game, ditto with pit/pitto and dr.mario/mario)

    I’m not bother daisy (because i like so much), Cranky (2nd favorite kong) and Krystal (she maybe be most creative character)

    Kaminari on December 28 |
  5. Got to say, this article is comedy gold. Especially the Style Savvy part given the backlash the third game received from disgruntled male gamers (Muh Federation Farce and Color Trash).

    Also, first comment on SourceGaming hype!

    awesomeaussie27 on December 28 |
    • Honestly, the whole backlash towards Style Savvy since Trendsetters was stupid.

      Does it gets in the way of a good Metroid or Paper Mario game (Though Color Splash, Sticker Star, and Federation Force aren’t excused)? No.

      Is it wrong to make a harmless female exclusive IP? No.

      Was it clear that the series ISN’T targeted to males? Yes.

      Just people finding any real reason to blow up at Nintendo without actual reason. Fashion Forward is a harmless game that did not put a dent in Nintendo’s reputation last year unlike Tokyo Mirage Sessions FE#, Metroid Prime Federation Force, or Paper Mario Color Splash.

      takamaru64 on January 1 |
  6. I will be salty if Daisy DIDN’T make it into Smash!

    • Well, you ARE the reason half the community would be salty if Daisy got in…

      Logo on December 28 |
      • Oh daaaaaang!

        TrinitroMan on January 23 |
  7. Is it weird that I would actually welcome some of these characters? 😛

    -Fire Emblem character: I mean, if we get more characters from other franchises, and maybe cut Lucina, I guess I’d be open to it.
    -Daisy: I can only sum up my feelings for this character idea as a really angry version of “meh”.
    -Cranky Kong: I’d actually like him in the cast more than Dixie Kong or King K. Rool, weirdly enough. He’d have a unique moveset, using his cane and all, and I also had this idea that he’d turn into an 8-Bit Donkey Kong for his Final Smash.
    -Krystal: STILL one of my top 5 characters, top 10 at the very least!
    -Style Savvy character: …Yeah, I’d like this, if only for the “lol/WTF” factor, similar to Wii Fit Trainer.

    Surprised Ridley isn’t on this list… Guess that means his inclusion would only be met with unanimous praise, am I right? 😉

    Matt Bankey on December 28 |
  8. Does anyone truly, honestly believe there will be another Fire Emblem character? There are no relevant characters left, and no plausible scenario for that happening beyond people wanting to show off how incredibly cynical they are. I would ask those people do some introspection on their cognitive distortions and return when they’re ready to have a clear-headed conversation.

    On the other hand, I think Shovel Knight is VERY plausible. What if Liam Robertson wasn’t completely misinformed? Perhaps Shovel Knight did very well in the western ballots but got denied due to lack of recognition in Japan? That’s certainly not an issue now thanks to Nintendo publishing the game there. Hell, wouldn’t it be funny to hear that Corrin was a last-minute replacement for Shovel Knight? But now I’m the one jumping to conclusions…

    Igiulaw on December 28 |
    • “Does anyone truly, honestly believe there will be another Fire Emblem character?”

      Nobody thought we’d get another Fire Emblem character after Roy.

      “There are no relevant characters left”

      Roy wasn’t relevant.

      “and no plausible scenario for that happening beyond people wanting to show off how incredibly cynical they are.”
      “I would ask those people do some introspection on their cognitive distortions and return when they’re ready to have a clear-headed conversation.”

      There’s a lot of projection here. If you did some introspection you’d know how hard Nintendo is trying to push Fire Emblem (calling it a “major” IP, giving it a mobile game before bigger IPs like Zelda) and remember the Corrin situation.

      MagcargoMan on December 28 |
    • Sakurai has a strange love for the series and the series has no shortage of unique characters that could reasonably be added. Likely without the next addition to the franchise coming into play? No. But it’s certainly plausible.

      And that’s coming from someone who’s never played a Fire Emblem game and would fairly heavily prefer if we didn’t get another FE character.

      Anime9001 on December 29 |
      • No shortage of unique characters to be added, yet there are 2 clones that have almost no difference(not even Roy, he is still way to similar) and all of them are sword users, even tough the games they come from are know for their great variety of character archetypes.
        Face it, Sakurai is just biased as fuck for this series that is definitely not “major”, on the level of Pokémon or above Zelda. Never has and never will be.

        Ddraven on December 30 |
        • Honestly I think Nintendo is just as to blame for it as Sakurai. I mean, they didn’t have a lot of FE characters in Brawl, and Sakurai even thought six characters for Fire Emblem was too much but the dev team encouraged him. There’s probably a higher up at Nintendo who wants Fire Emblem to be pushed hard.

          MagcargoMan on December 31 |
          • I heard that Nintendo’s top executive paid Sakurai to add Corrin to Smash, also that he’s made from straw.

            Anonymous SG Fan on December 31 |
          • Where did Sakurai say he thought 6 FE characters might be too much? I feel like I’ve heard this before, but I can’t really remember…. And it’d help paint a little better picture at what exactly happened with Corrin’s inclusion.

            Anime9001 on January 1 |

            “I personally felt that having too many Fire Emblem characters was a problem, but after talking it over with the development staff and discussing logistics, I felt certain that I could make them a fun character.”

            MagcargoMan on January 1 |
        • Um excuse you but Fire Emblem has been getting treatment as a major ip recently. Wtf are you talking about. They got Fates and Tokyo Mirage Sessions on the same year. FE’s even going to get a phone app and only major ips like Animal Crossing are getting phone apps as of late. It’s on Animal Crossing’s and DK’s level. Zelda and Pokemon are more than major. Front runners.


          Front Runner

          A+ Mario
          A Zelda
          A Pokemon
          A- Kirby


          A+ Animal Crossing
          A Donkey Kong
          A Fire Emblem
          A- Star Fox
          A- Metroid


          A Golden Sun
          A F-Zero
          A Chibi Robo
          A- Mother

          Peridot Gem on December 31 |
  9. Even other Fire Emblem fans would be upset if another Fire Emblem character made it in. It is because there are so many characters that one joining means the others feel their choice lost out. It is inevitable with a series that has enough characters which can be a fighting game of its own, really. xD

    When it comes to myself, I’m the sort who is happy regardless of who makes it in from any series. The more the merrier! No need to fret.

    xkan on December 28 |
  10. Well I mean technically, Star Fox Zero wasn’t a full reboot, just a retelling of events that happened before Krystal entered the picture. And the head of Platinum Games said they’d be all for including her in a future Star Fox game if they had the chance to make another.

    So basically, her situation’s like King K. Rool’s. She has the notoriety, she has the moveset potential, she has just about everything the Smash team looks for…except relevance.

    delzethin on December 28 |
    • Why do people act like missing out two games in a row is enough to make a character unimportant?

      MagcargoMan on December 29 |
      • Relevance and importance aren’t the same thing. Importance is subjective (ie. this character is important to me because…) whereas relevance is based on some increment of time.

        anonymous SG fan on December 29 |
        • Nope. K. Rool’s importance is not subjective. He is objectively the main villain of the DK franchise, he is objectively the most recurring villain (in fact he’s the only recurring villain), and he objectively appeared in all three games of the DKC trilogy and DK64. He has appeared more times on the SNES alone than half those Fire Emblem characters you defend have appeared in games total.

          It’s funny that you preach about others being unable to accept opinions and then go on the defensive every time someone criticises something when they weren’t even talking to you in the first place.

          MagcargoMan on December 29 |
          • Again, hes important in your opinion; its still a subjective quality. At least we agree that he’s no longer relevant.

            Also, notice I made no mention of Fire Emblem in my reply; I’m pretty sure your just projecting your own insecurity towards the franchise onto me in order to justify your consistently aggressive replies.

            Anonymous SG Fan on December 30 |
          • I like how I just mentioned objective facts about K. Rool regarding his role in the series and amount of appearances and you just blew him off with your “subjective” buzzword merely because he wasn’t in Returns and Tropical Freeze.

            Nope, no projection. You always go on the defensive if the comment section critisises the Fire Emblem representation in Smash.

            MagcargoMan on December 30 |
          • Thank you for proving once again that you cannot tell the difference between a fact and an opinion.

            Anonymous SG Fan on December 30 |
          • Thank you for already proving that in your case across several articles.

            MagcargoMan on December 30 |
    • If only Robin, Lucina, & Corrin needed relevance.

      backup368 on December 31 |
  11. Would also include shantae in there, alongside shovel knight

    Mikael_Fernandes on December 28 |
  12. Speak for yourself, Sophie in Smash would be the hypest shit ever (except Crash). Imagine beating the shit out of Cloud with a $90 Prada purse. Stopping out Pac-Man’s eyes with a stiletto heel. Delivering a 720° suplex on Donkey Kong! FEAR THE POWER OF FASHION!

    Zeebor on December 28 |
    • Her final smash would be taking them to a shop with ultra sales. Male characters (except Marty cause we all know he is way to fabulous) would receive damage out of boredom while female ones would be insta killed by finding out what they were looking for is out of stock.
      Either that or she would insult everyone’s fashion sense.

      Ddraven on December 30 |
  13. I want to see the sheer amount of salt that Goku from Yūyūki would erupt. Because everyone wants Goku in Smash, right?

    Handy Man on December 28 |
  14. I was expecting the honorable mention and I take it with a laugh xD

    I mean, it get it’s own section because Fire Emblem xD

  15. “Literally anyone from this franchise would generate unrelenting anger after how poorly people reacted to Corrin in spite (or perhaps because) of the reason given.”
    “Which is honestly a shame considering that it’s more than just the tired anime swordsmen cliché, but try explaining that to hordes of fans still angry over the DLC.”

    You say this as if the anger over the Fire Emblem shilling in Smash 4 is unreasonable. The backlash against Corrin was justified and reasoning for it only points out the problem even further.

    To be honest I half-expect Chrom in the Switch port and while seven Fire Emblem characters would make my blood boil I felt bad for Chrom (even though I was strongly against his inclusion and wanted Robin instead), simply due to how the hypocrisy of him not being in due to being “too similar to Marth and Ike” only to have an outright Marth clone added instead. I mean, a port isn’t gonna cut anybody, so it’s not like Fire Emblem won’t be overrepped in it without him anyway.

    As for the five…

    – Daisy… oh boy, Daisy. Unlike Waluigi, she never had anything going for her that saved her from being hated (remember how nobody used to like Waluigi at first?) and quite frankly everyone else you mentioned is more deserving than her due to importance and populairy. I think we have nothing to worry about here since Nintendo as a whole seems to be completely apathetic to her existence.
    – While I would be a bit miffed if K. Rool wasn’t the third DK rep I’d actually probably prefer Cranky to Dixie simply for the moveset potential. That cane bounce would be a fun move. Always thought Dixie was a little bland (my idea for Dixie is to pair her with Kiddy).
    – Krystal is actually one of my most wanted, mainly due to the moveset potential, being the first polearm fighter (Palutena doesn’t really count), and especially because of her being a Star Fox character who wouldn’t be a clone or semi-clone of Fox. Really the only salt she’d generate would come from Star Fox 64 fanboys, and after Star Fox Zero we know they should not be pandered to.
    – Ugh, Shovel Knight. The problem I have with him (besides the fact that indies are really small potatoes for Smash compared to other third parties; even Bayonetta is leagues ahead of them) is that his popularity is starting to become a fad where he is being forced into everything (look at how many games he’s guest starred in, and now will be in Yooka Laylee too), and I felt the push for him in Smash was a part of that fad; that people were only asking for him because his game was recent.
    – Style Savvy character I would be fine with. Villager and Wii Fit Trainer’s reveal made me love shock WTF character ideas for Smash. I even have one of my own ideas for a “character who doesn’t fight” character.

    So really only two of these five characters would anger me with their inclusion, while one would kinda annoy me but I’d move on pretty quickly.

    MagcargoMan on December 28 |
    • Clearly the staff (at least the most prominent parts) on this site do not seem to understand why having so many FE characters is bad. *Sigh*

      I do understand the Lucina logic though, so I give them a pass with that. Roy on the other hand…they did declone him a bit and it is (or rather, was) good to see him back so I don’t know. Had they stopped with him it would have been okay since he can be passed off as bringing back veterans.

      Arthur 97 on December 29 |
  16. Ryoma I would be totally fine with if he got in, as he’s my favorite Fire Emblem Fates character (Not saying he will, or that it’s likely. I know it’s not likely).

    Thomas James on December 29 |
  17. No mention of Steve from Minecraft? He’d induce more salt than any character on this list based on what I have seen that is for sure

    Michael on December 29 |
  18. The Fire Emblem series gets a lot of hate because there are more reps in Smash bros and corrin’s inclusion was controversial, its weird how during smash dlc people were ranting about they shouldn’t add more Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon characters, then it took FE having 6 reps that everybody would rather have more Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon characters than another FE character, opinions have changed for awhile.

    Or back in Brawls days or smash 3ds/Wii U, people accused Sakurai of favoring Kid Icarus, or Kirby series characters being included because he created those series, not to mention Dark Pit, now people accuse him of favoring Fire Emblem over his own series, the salt level can change based on Sakurai’s choices.

    Vigilante 155 on December 29 |
    • “its weird how during smash dlc people were ranting about they shouldn’t add more Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon characters, then it took FE having 6 reps that everybody would rather have more Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon characters than another FE character”
      Because they are bigger than Fire Emblem. It’s not rocket science.

      And actually, where did you come up with that? I didn’t see much demand for Mario and Pokemon DLC characters at all.

      MagcargoMan on December 29 |
  19. We’ve been over this, characters aren’t chosen for Smash Bros based on “franchise reps”, we know from translations that Sakurai uses a completely different set of criteria for deciding the roster yet you still cling to this outdated ‘fan rule’.

    anonymous SG fan on December 29 |
    • Actually, the fact that Sakurai thought there were too many FE characters (which makes the fact that he went through with it anyway worse and not better) shows that series representation does in fact matter. In fact it is shown as a criteria for choosing by the Sourcegaming team. However, the series are certainly not “equally” represented, but the actual criteria for how many fighters a series gets is undetermined which means that fans go to the logical conclusion after seeing Mario, Pokemon, and Zelda’s reps that is relates to the size of the franchise. So this “fan rule” has a lot of that logic that you love so much behind it.

      Arthur 97 on December 29 |
      • Ignore him, he goes and defends the Fire Emblem representation on any article where it gets brought up. I’ve even mentioned that fact about Sakurai felt six was too much to him before but he flat-out ignores it.

        MagcargoMan on December 29 |
  20. ‘Actually, the fact that Sakurai thought there were too many FE characters (which makes the fact that he went through with it anyway worse and not better)shows that series representation does in fact matter.’

    You’re being entirely contradictory here. If anything Corrin getting into Smash shows that a character’s uniqueness and potential as a newcomer outweighed Sakurai’s concern for ‘too many FE characters’.

    The problem is that fans assumed that since Mario and Pokemon had more reps than smaller series, that there was some sort of causation between franchise size/sales and character representation. In reality these two factors are correlated by the fact that larger series have more viable characters to choose from.

    anonymous SG fan on December 29 |
    • He got into Smash because the dev team egged Sakurai on and Nintendo wants to push Fire Emblem.

      “In reality these two factors are correlated by the fact that larger series have more viable characters to choose from.”

      So what’s your excuse for series larger than Fire Emblem having less characters then?

      MagcargoMan on December 30 |
      • Can you not read? There is no causality between franchise size and playable character. Fire Emblem having one more playable character than another franchise is inherently coincidental.

        anonymous SG fan on December 30 |
        • “coincidental”

          Sure it is…

          MagcargoMan on December 31 |
          • Can you prove otherwise? I didn’t think so.

            Anonymous SG Fan on December 31 |
          • Yeah, it’s just a coincidence that Mario, Zelda and Pokemon have a lot of characters and smaller series only have one or two. Pure coincidence. Obviously.

            MagcargoMan on January 1 |
          • I can assure you that sarcasm is not doing you any favors.

            Anonymous SG Fan on January 1 |
  21. I’m kinda indifferent to Daisy, but I have the impression that the number of people who would get “salty” (I don’t like this word, lol) for Daisy not being included is almost the same number or more of people who would get angry at her inclusion, well, at least from what I’ve seen from the internet. Though I think most of the people would be like “um, oh okay”.

    There’s also for this list “Anyone Third-Party”, as it divides a lot of people and has fewer “spots”.

    Ar on December 30 |
    • Daisy fans are a very small vocal minority, don’t fool yourself into thinking otherwise.

      MagcargoMan on December 30 |
      • Saying that Daisy fans are a very small vocal minority is actually an understatement.

        Get it? Because she literally has only one single fan. :V

        TrinitroMan on January 23 |
  22. I’d honestly prefer Cranky over Dixie or K.Rool. Borrowing the Sakurai analogy, he’s just dancing much more powerfully in my head than the other two.

    Garo on December 30 |
  23. I’d say that third-party characters in general would generate a lot of salt, when the final DLC characters were announced people were upset due to the fact that a good amount of the DLC characters were third-party.

    NintenZ (@NintenZ) on December 31 |
  24. Not every Fire Emblem character. Chrom was the one & only character that should have been picked for Smash 4. Instead, we got 2 characters from one game, neither of which are even the main character, & that was followed up with another one-time character from a game that didn’t even release yet in the west. The series is not bad, just the director who is addicted to it.

    backup368 on December 31 |
    • Its pretty obvious why Robin was chosen over Chrom, his moveset potential was much higher and was the player’s character in Awakening. Marth and Roy weren’t released in the West either when Melee came out, I don’t see why thats such a big deal.

      Anonymous SG Fan on December 31 |
      • Robin is strictly optional throughout the entire campaign of FE:A.

        You needed to play Chrom in almost every chapter. If Chrom died, regardless of who else died, you get a game over. How is he not the main character?

        Robin, you don’t even have to use at all. Robin is an accomplice that is suppose to represent the player, but is by no means the most important character.

        As for “moveset potential”, there have been numerous characters that have only appeared in one game, that are unique but always overlooked, such as the 5 other bounty hunters in Metroid Prime Hunters. So it’s pretty obvious that the only reason why none of them have ever became playable characters is because the series does not matter to Sakurai. Those bounty hunters are obsolete, but so are Robin & Lucina. We clearly didn’t need more new characters from Fire Emblem, but Robin & Lucina have not made a lick of sense.

        backup368 on December 31 |
        • It has more to do with development times than anything else; Awakening was a top seller when Smash 4 was in development while Hunters had aged like milk.

          Anonymous SG Fan on December 31 |
          • & when Brawl was in development, the roles were reversed. Ike was chosen & he’s not appeared in a game in almost a decade.

            backup368 on December 31 |
          • Well, Brawl was released almost a decade ago…

            Anonymous SG Fan on January 1 |
          • Don’t you mean Smash 4, because when Brawl was in development Ike was relevant with Path of Radiance in 2005 and Radiant Dawn in 2007. If anything Ike reappearing in Smash 4 was likely to either be the guy’s last hurrah since he had an updated design, or because he contrasts Marth in swordplay.

            KL-Cobalt on January 8 |
    • Chrom is generic TRASH.

      At least Robin did justice with representing the uniqueness in Fire Emblem than Chrom can ever could! He just would’ve been a mashup of Ike and Marth. Screw that!

      Peridot Gem on December 31 |
      • Is it Chrom’s fault? Or is it rather because Sakurai has a blatant lack of creativity and imagination to make him play a lot differently from Ike & Marth?

        backup368 on December 31 |
        • If Chrom was brought in he would have no choice but to use his main weapon: a SWORD. Which a majority of lords wield. Robin is a main character. He’s a ton better and brought much more opportunities than Chrom. Even you have to admit that.

          Peridot Gem on December 31 |
          • What about his appearance in Project X Zone 2? That could be used as a basis for his moveset.

            NintenZ (@NintenZ) on December 31 |
          • That was made before Smash 4’s release…. and Robin’s still a ton more unique.

            Peridot Gem on December 31 |
          • No, I don’t. Chrom is not limited to just one weapon. He can use a lance as well as a shield and javelins. It’s Sakurai to blame that he can’t think of anything for swordsmen to do other than to do charge-up slashes and counters. Where did his head go? Because Luigi surely doesn’t perform the same as Mario today.

            Chrom is “generic trash”, but Lucina isn’t? Please explain.

            backup368 on December 31 |
          • Sure, he can use lances and javelins… but not in his ‘canon’ class. Magic is a lot more versatile to represent in a moveset, so I can understand why Robin was picked over Chrom. I guess it comes down to whether you’d prefer a sword user + magic or a sword user + lances.

            Anonymous SG Fan on January 1 |
          • Sure buddy… Keep telling yourself that.

            Even Lucina has more development then your perfect best friend Chrom,

            Lucina’s a clone and Chrom isn’t. So there’s that. Lucina wasn’t picked over Chrom. She was just an alt with the fortune to become a character lol.

            Peridot Gem on January 1 |
        • Its not that he couldn’t make a moveset for Chrom, its that Robin as both a sword and magic user had more options.

          Anonymous SG Fan on December 31 |
          • That was made after Smash 4’s release actually, and what difference does it make if Chrom and Robin are both in?

            NintenZ (@NintenZ) on December 31 |
          • Well it was one or the other. Robin had far more options and even more personality for an avatar lol. Chrom got nothin on Robin.

            Peridot Gem on January 1 |
      • Tell myself what, facts? Have you played Awakening?

        Clones are acceptable when you make a game in 1992 & don’t have enough data for more sets of animations. Sakurai decided to make clones to cut corners. While the directors of Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat, Tekken, & Dead or Alive are making games, Sakurai makes excuses.

        backup368 on January 1 |
        • If you consider Chrom being more unique than Robin you’re deluding yourself.

          You babies who complain over extra content added at the last second are the minority. Mexico players love Doc Mario for example coming from MK Leo. Selfish brat. The clones aren’t going anywhere so frankly no one cares about your crying.

          Peridot Gem on January 1 |
          • “I have no more points so I’m just gonna call him names.”

            In 2014, not many players consider a copy & paste of the director’s hand-picked favorites to be all that extra. Sakurai didn’t have time to fully flesh out one of those characters, but by god he needed only 8 weeks to get Bayonetta ready.

            backup368 on January 1 |
          • Deluding yourself some more. I’m not going to take you seriously since all you like to do is assume and act like your opinion is fact. Just because YOU don’t like Doc, Lucina and Dark Pit doesn’t mean others don’t.

            “Sakurai didn’t have time to fully flesh out one of those characters, but by god he needed only 8 weeks to get Bayonetta ready.” Baseless af.

            Peridot Gem on January 1 |
          • “In 2014, not many players consider a copy & paste of the director’s hand-picked favorites to be all that extra. ” It’s extra all the same.

            They weren’t meant to be fleshed out. Tough luck.

            Peridot Gem on January 1 |
          • “I have no more points so I’m just gonna call him names”

            Don’t worry about him. He always blindly defends Sakurai and calls anyone who disagrees with him names.

            MagcargoMan on January 2 |
    • Did you even play through Awakening? Chrom stops being the focus of the plot after Gangrel is defeated and he finds out Lucina is his daughter. After that Robin starts to become the focus, being directly tied to the rise of Grima. Chrom would have been yet another blue-haired, sword-lord; Robin was the right choice for the Awakening rep.

      MagcargoMan on January 1 |
  25. My thoughts on each of these (both personally and objectively):

    Fire Emblem: Well….you aren’t wrong. Kinda a shame too. Unless we get before 4 FE reps again, getting another FE rep will bring up bad blood for a long time coming. Honestly, Nintendo/Sakurai should have seen that coming at least to some degree, but oh well. Personally…..I agree we shouldn’t get another, but what’s done is done, and if they aren’t another sword user I’d be interested to see what else the series has to offer.

    Daisy: Honestly, I think the hatred for her is namely veiled in the hatred of her fanbase. I don’t really think most people would have a problem with her inclusion, even in the online boards world. Even comparing her to the characters you mentioned, I think the only fanbase that would be salty would be Waluigi’s. Paper Mario should have been included already and I think most people separate him from Mario’s other inclusions and don’t typically see other Mario characters taking his spot (I never saw backlash for no Paper Mario with Rosalina’s and/or Bowser Jr.’s reveals, but maybe that’s just me). Captain Toad, while probably the normal Mario character with the best odds (I don’t consider Paper Mario a “normal” Mario character), I feel his recency in Mario’s fairly long history could largely work against him, and I think his fans are a few Smash editions out from getting impatient for his inclusion. Geno fans have more to worry about and place their blame on. That just leaves Waluigi, who honestly has almost the exact same amount of notoriety as Daisy (53 appearances to 49 at my rough count with a quick wiki search, in favor of the wa), with the only reason Waluigi getting the edge is a more obviously unique moveset and a moderately bigger fan base. In this case however, I can’t see it being that bad in the long run. Personally, if they give her her sports outfit and a sports based moveset, I’d be quite interested in what she has to offer.

    Cranky Kong: Yeah….this one would have salt. I like to think there at least some mutual respect among the K Rool and Dixie fan bases, where if one gets in there will be begrudging congrats on the losing side and humble-ish winners, but if Cranky got in both sides would just feel jipped, and I wouldn’t really blame them. Unlike Daisy however, I really REALLY can’t see this happening. Dixie seems to have been considered for Brawl and Sakurai has shown that he knows K Rool’s fan base is out there. Sakurai can be unpredictable, but he’s not spiteful…..well, ok, he was spiteful to the competitive scene and created tripping, and spiteful towards Youtube and refused to do a second subspace, but he’s not spiteful for fans having enthusiasm, just his vision being destroyed, so I can’t see Cranky getting in at the very least before Dixie. Personally, I’d just feel annoyed at Sakurai on their behalf and feel bad for these fan bases if this actually happened.

    Krystal: Eh, I think her inclusion would be met with bewilderment more than anything else at this point, I mean, salt would definitely be present, but I think people are just tired of being wrong about Wolf at this point over anything else. If she came with Wolf or after Wolf though then I think she’d be met pretty favorably. I actually think Krystal fans would be saltier at Slippy’s inclusion than the other way around. Personally, I’d like to see her inclusion, partially to get a more consistent staff user on the roster.

    Shovel Knight: Interestingly, I think the salt would be greater in Japan than it would be here. From what I saw of their translated comments, they seem to think the west is starting to be favored over the east in terms of newcomers and nothing would say this louder than Shovel Knight’s inclusion. As for over hear, It’d be met would salt from more numerous directions than the previous three characters. Those who don’t feel an indie deserves to be in Smash along with a good number of Shantae supporters I’d think. Unlike Dixie and K Rool, where they’re racing to see who makes it into the game first, so there can be some chivalry between them, the argument/race between Shantae and Shovel Knight seems to conclude that we can only get one, due to the fact that even getting a single indie rep in Smash is a stretch to begin with. As a Shantae supporter myself, I can’t say I want to see Shovel Knight’s inclusion, but if we’re talking about a character to represent the Indie scene, there is no one better than Shovel Knight. Shantae’s history with Nintendo gives her an edge over Shovel Knight in one regard, and honestly gives her ok odds in the future, but her status as an indie hinders her odds instead of propelling them like the do for Shovel Knight. At the end of the day people would come to accept Shovel Knight and his salt would dissipate quickly enough, but it would definitely be there.

    Style Savvy: Um…..yeah…..this. Don’t do this.

    Anime9001 on January 1 |
    • Daisy was always unpopular, which one of the (many) reasons people tend to mock her fanbase. She’s the unpopular character whose fans act like is an important and well-liked Mario character.

      MagcargoMan on January 1 |
  26. Honestly, I think the only one I’d be salted by is Daisy and the for obvious reasons, honorable mention.

    In my opinion, I feel characters like King K.Rool and even Bandana Dee sadly don’t hold enough weight or much special in terms of gameplay to warrant a slot, so the very idea of Daisy getting in makes no sense.
    Rosalina got in because she’s far more influential, has an albeit annoying yet distinct gameplay style….

    ….and is the better Waifu imo.

    Meanwhile after Fire Emblem got 3 clones, bringing one back despite Smash already getting 2 other melee reps back, and having another character shoved in for advertising, I think it’s obvious that adding anymore characters to a series that is tied with Pokemon for the 2nd most characters in Smash 4 would induce all forms of salt.

    And even as someone who would be salted by another FE inclusion, I must say, it is sad considering some of the character ideas people have proposed are pretty cool, and I wouldn’t mind being in Smash, if you know, Roy AND Corrin didn’t fill DLC slots.

    aguchamp33 on January 1 |
    • “King K.Rool and even Bandana Dee sadly don’t hold enough weight or much special in terms of gameplay”

      What? How does K. Roll not have much special to offer in gameplay? Have you played the DKC games? K. Rool has plenty to work with.

      I’m not sure what’s more confusing here: That you think K. Rool doesn’t have anything going for him or that you think he has less potential than bloody Bandana Dee.

      MagcargoMan on January 1 |
  27. No Steve from Minecraft?

    Literally everyone hate the Minecraft fans that ask for him and they feel the Wii U Edition suddenly makes him feel likelier. Not like the Smash team would be dumb enough to give in to that type of pressure from Minecraft kiddos.

    takamaru64 on January 1 |
  28. Oh, and realistic third party characters are also characters that would rub people the wrong way. Especially from Nintendo purists. Most of the arguments against characters like Ryu Hayabusa or a Fatal Frame protagonist are that they are too realistic or “sticks out too much” yet no one seems to have a problem with Solid Snake in Brawl. Then there’s the arguments of Fatal Frame and Ninja Garden being too violent and scary to be represented in Smash.

    Gee, it’s not like we have a pole dancing voluptuous witch that kills angels in messy ways while sometimes going far as torturing them with an iron horse. And what she shares in coming with those two is that she also originates from an M rated franchise. How would a cool ninja and female exorcist with a camera be any worse?

    awesomeaussie27 on January 2 |
  29. Fire Emblem characters: Yeah, Fire Emblem have too many hates in the West now. Although I’m not a fan of it, but having Fire Emblem characters in Smash is something I really don’t mind, as long I don’t expect anything that’ll ruin my sanity as I hype responsibly. But seriously, if they didn’t bring Roy back as a Melee veteran, who could’ve brought back other than the Ice Climbers? Young Link was already replaced by Toon Link, and Pichu was terribly hated as unpopular due to his suicidal gimmicks. So Roy was the only candidate to that criteria since he was popular back then…well, in Japan on the other hand. So I can’t blame Sakurai for who he chose from the Melee veterans.

    Daisy: She could’ve been more unique if her movesets were more on the sporty side. But there are fears that she’ll still end up as Peach’s alt costume or a clone. However, even Mario franchise is the main head of Nintendo, too many Mario characters is something people are whining about. So her inclusion may be difficult at this moment.

    Cranky: He has become playable now these days, but being playable in Smash is a different story which I might agree on. Having an old guy fighting in Smash does look difficult to imagine, and hard to think what he can do. Sure his choice doesn’t sound bad, but its the mystery of how he’ll work in Smash…

    Krystal: I still remember how everybody was complaining badly about her rejection, even I couldn’t understand why she couldn’t join in. Her appearance doesn’t seem bad as we already have SEXY female fighters as its almost approved. She could’ve been more unique than becoming another Fox clone, like using the Krystal Staff and explosives than using blasters and (now too generic) Land Masters. But true, Star Fox series wasn’t doing well since then, which have rebooted to Star Fox Zero afterwards. Now the only problem which we’re wondering is…is she still alive or already dead in the reboot?

    Shovel Knight: In the beginning, I was being disagreeable on Shovel Knight’s entry. Not because I disliked him so badly, I never was. Back then, Shovel Knight wasn’t known in Japan, and many Japanese gamers didn’t even know who he was in the beginning either. Even his amiibo wouldn’t make any sense of proving he’ll join Smash because it was never been a case. However, as now Shovel Knight have been brought to Japan and many Japanese players have likened it according to the Japanese Miiverse, I can now accept his entry anytime. But even then, I could’ve accept more on Shantae because she’s more popular in Japan now.

    Style Savvy: This’ll make me laugh for sure, but it wouldn’t be too odd. Sakurai turned those non-fightable characters like the Villager, Wii Fit Trainer, even the Duck Hunt Duo to fightable players. Sakurai is even the master of imagination and the man who can make anything possible and overcome limits. So it wouldn’t be too odd if a character from Style Savvy join Smash. The game is actually popular in Japan, among female players actually, and using accessories, make ups, and some fashionable clothing as part of her movesets can make her unique if possible. Anything can happen, and I wouldn’t mind seeing her in Smash either if her movesets are interesting. But I would like to see somebody make a Dream Smasher article of hers if anybody’s interested making one.

    Overall, Fire Emblem will always have salt from every Western players than in Japan since the series is more beloved over there. I may be wrong though, but its how others respond to those characters who join Smash.

    zoniken on January 2 |
    • I don’t why Mewtwo doesn’t count as the Melee veteran.

      MagcargoMan on January 2 |
      • Because Mewtwo was (overall) the most wanted character in the freaking world! He deserved his own tier! … Even if this would eventually make Roy’s chances to return a lot easier xD

        Troy Kv on January 5 |
        • I don’t think being the most wanted character should invalidate representing the Smash game he debuted in.

          MagcargoMan on January 5 |
      • Simply because that’s not what they pegged him as when they promoted him.

        KL-Cobalt on January 8 |
  30. Salt will be there, regardless, as long as people hold in their self-inflicted rulesets that stress subjective “importance” to Nintendo and themselves.

    Pretty much all the characters formally listed could possibly intrigue, just as much as they would cause knee-jerk salt. If anything, I’d be more interested in why some characters were chosen and what Mr. Sakurai drew inspiration from to make them ‘dance’. He could pick characters that I won’t like all day, but if he crafts them uniquely enough for them to stand on their own… I can’t rage at much else about the choice, personally speaking. A Style Savvy avatar… To begin, how would he even conjure anything? Wouldn’t it end up being similar to Mii Fighters? What could he do to make that unique? That interests me more than causing salt.

    Despite being a “smaller” IP than a few others, Fire Emblem has more potential for unique characters than most. Unlike most franchises, the character mains aren’t the same ones per game. Presently, 5 very different FE games are represented, while other IPs can encompass all or a large chunk of its titles with its representatives.Any newcomer from FE would bring the salt, but it would be by the truckload if they weren’t unique enough. Unique being more than just differing sweet and sourspot properties of the same attack.

    I’m personally still on board with indie representation, as I feel they are just as important as the major devs. In some ways, I interpret them as more important, as they’re likely closer to typical gamers than most devs. Some embody the spirit of a dedicated gamer, particularly those who are one-person teams. That’d be a big display of honor, I’d think… To show that games and their characters are more than just things from a AAA studio, heralded by the spoiled. Shantae and Quote for the legacy factor, Shovel Knight for the popularity he built up… I’ll still support them, even if the chances are lower. Same with 3rd Party. I wonder how that will pan out for possible future games…

    chaseralias on January 2 |
  31. Well, Mewtwo was highly requested during production and before DLC was planned. I think Mewtwo was much of an experiment if the DLC would become successful. If not, he could’ve planned to stop there without adding anything more. Hey, eventually it was his first time making a DLC anyways.

    zoniken on January 3 |
  32. I know it’s a laughing joke with the Daisy amiibo’s caption, but that’s… Actually pretty accurate. Sure wave 2 of the Mario series isn’t flying off the shelves (because Nintendo has failed to capitalize on amiibo use aside from a few games) but Daisy IS the amiibo I see in stores with more stock than the others.

    To give an example: the Animal Crossing series, which is still selling at full price in some retailers (not Gamestop because they put them on clearance) is starting to dwindle in numbers whereas Daisy has seemingly started to become the peg warmer of amiibo. (Guess that New Leaf update helped after all)

    Yes, Lottie is selling better than Daisy. Not saying Daisy doesn’t have her fans, just… Daisy doesn’t seem to sell.

    KL-Cobalt on January 8 |
  33. I actually would like Cranky or Krystal, but for the rest, I don’t really have a strong opinion one way or the other (and I legitimately have no idea what Style Savvy is).

    (also holy hells this might be one of the most commented-on articles I’ve seen in a while, some of y’all probably wrote so much you could have made a full article out of it ;P)

    Spiral on January 9 |
    • Style Savvy is at its most basic like a “Tycoon” game – Only with Fashion. Own your own boutique, etc.

      KL-Cobalt on January 9 |