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December 2016 Review

If you haven’t read it, November 2016 Review is here.

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Videos and Podcasts (15):


Character Corner: Super Mario (Part 1)
Character Corner: Super Mario (Part 2)
Game & Fact – GiFTPiA


2 Smash Bros. Games for Switch Discussion


Is Melee HD Really Here?
The Legend of Zelda Game Awards – Discussion
Nintendo at Universal Studios: Our Hopes and Dreams
Game & Fact: Duck Tales
“Smash for Switch” and Controller Options
Smash Speculation 101
Character Corner: Sonic the Hedgehog


Game & Fact: Contra
Will “Smash for Switch” Have NEW Characters?
Game & Fact: Daze Before Christmas


Is Sakurai Coming Back to “Smash for Switch”?

Translations (2):


Pushing the Limit” Sakurai’s Famitsu Column Vol. 138


“The Substantial Barrier of AAA Games” Sakurai Col. 514

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