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What Pokémon Could Join “Smash for Switch”?


NantenJex and special guest, Delzethin discuss which Pokémon could join a Smash for Switch!

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  1. Why braixen in thumbnail….

    Mikael_Fernandes on January 6 |
    • I’m not sure, actually, especially considering we never mentioned Braixen in the cast. Chalk it up to a creative decision on the thumbnail designer’s part.

      delzethin on January 6 |
    • Probably because the Pokemon from Pokken have the best models to include in thumbnails, and they didn’t feel like using Sceptile for some reason (as he’s the only Pokemon newcomer even brought up in the discussion in Pokken).

      Anime9001 on January 7 |
  2. Do we even need more new Pokemon?

    Just bring back Squirtle, Ivysaur, and Pichu (with a brand new moveset).

    2071Johnny on January 6 |
  3. I feel that inevitably, as long as there are future Smash games, there will be a new Pokemon character on the Smash Bros roster. But if there is a Pokemon in ‘Smash For Switch’, then I think a Pokemon representing Sun and Moon would make for a promising newcomer.

    anonymous SG fan on January 7 |
  4. Personally, I’m hoping for Decidueye or Sceptile. I do have an idea for N, using his connection with Pokemon to fight directly alongside them and giving them power boosts or recovery should get grow tired, but I feel like that’s unlikely.

    Matt Bankey on January 7 |
  5. Inb4 No Incineroar because who needs an “ugly” bipedal Fire starter in the roster, right?

    Not even going to bother with the Decidueye bandwagon.

    takamaru64 on January 7 |
  6. If we ever see Pokemon Trainer again I feel they’re going to have to represent gen 3, unless he doesn’t represent the starters in general anymore. I don’t feel there’s another gen that gets even close to gen 1’s three starters’ popularity besides gen 3.

    Aside from that, I felt that this was a good and surprisingly in-depth discussion. The only thing I feel worth adding is I think Braixen would get in instead of Delphox, because if you’re right that they DID do primary work on a few other gen 6 possibilities, I can’t imagine they got much past concept phase, and I don’t believe Delphox could do much if anything in Smash that Braixen couldn’t do. Because of this, I think they’d just change Delphox to Braixen due to her popularity since the code already done for Delphox would basically be non-existent.

    Anime9001 on January 7 |
  7. If the Switch port will only provide 2 characters, then it’s pretty impossible to think there would be any new Pokemon fighters, unless if there could be more than 2 characters newly added, or if DLC will be involved. For the new Smash game, then there’s a possibility, but as a Switch port, I doubt it. But if there would be a new Pokemon fighter to be added, then here are my theoretical opinions…

    Pichu may be impossible due to its unpopularity (and some people rumor that today’s Pikachu is actually the evolved Pichu due to having its blue goggle palette and wall jump), while the Pokemon Trainer along with Squirtle and Ivysaur may not come back either as the trading (or transformation) system is temporarily removed. But eventually, bringing back the veterans only may not make any sense if the game’s trying to focus on bringing new characters as possible. If they’re gonna bring in new Pokemon fighters, then there are two things they might focus on. First is their generation: this time they should choose a generation that haven’t used in Smash yet, which they might choose somebody from gen 3 due to its popularity of ORAS, or gen 7 as promotion of SM. Second is their types: this time they might choose a type that haven’t used in Smash yet (removing Ivysaur’s for this case), which are Bug, Ghost, Grass, Ground, Ice, Poison, Rock, and Dragon. Grass is more mentioned upon fans as they want to reflect it with the Starter Pokemons, which Charizard represents Fire and Greninja represents Water. So which Grass type Pokemon from Gen 3 or 7 should be chosen?

    Sceptile: Before then, Blaziken was mostly requested by fans. But after ORAS was released, Blaziken was quickly rejected and replaced with Sceptile due to the reveal of its Mega Evolution. It even made it to Pokken Tournament as a playable fighter, appeared as Greninja’s rival in the Pokemon XYZ anime, and even Munomario777 made its Dream Smasher article with its possible movesets to this site. Sceptile’s popularity have overly grown since its return in ORAS, and its Mega Evolution can be its perfect Final Smash, which also being fast but heavy weighted fighter.

    Decidueye: As everybody says, Decidueye is the new Greninja. During the SM production, Rowlet became the most popular Alolan starter after the starter trailer was released, even its evolution through the leaked concept art made its popularity more stronger. Not to mention Ash even captured Rowlet in the SM anime, which might evolve to Decidueye in the end. It may make sense if they chose Decidueye as a promotion of Sun/Moon, and use its Z move as its Final Smash, while being light weighted but slow fighter. Plus Decidueye is also a Ghost type which still haven’t used in Smash, so this may count in additional if possible.

    I could’ve also added Serperior too, but since it’s not been mentioned by fans, I decided not to add it in, although I do want to see it in Smash in some form. But even then, it’s hard to think whether there would be new Pokemon joining as fighters. Ice Climbers are mostly requested as returning veteran, while the Inklings are more popular as new fighters, so I guess Pokemon won’t be fully involved as new fighters at this rate. Maybe as a DLC if planned, but can’t expect anything at this moment. If there’s no hope on it, then we’ll just wait until the next new Smash game in the future.

    zoniken on January 11 |