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What Characters Could be CUT in “Smash for Switch”?


PushDustIn and Spazzy discuss which characters could get axed in a “Smash for Switch” game.

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  1. As you guys and others have said, there will only cuts if Smash for Switch isn’t a port of Smash 4. There’s no way they’d cut someone in a port unless on of the third-party companies wants to be uncooperative.

    Instead of commenting here for opinions on the video, I’ll just comment on the Youtube video instead.

    MagcargoMan on January 8 |
  2. Like I’m said in Youtube, personally like many many many maaaaaaaaaany hardcore fans of smash, we wanna “cut” characters like Dr. Mario, Lucina and Dark Pit (the last one is maybe the most breaking character even in smash, you everyone hate him be just pit in black, i’m know unique final smash and b+fowards….. but still and biggest down character and he too know new compared pit or palutena)

    BUT!!!!!! but they would add them as costume slots of Mario, Marth and Pit but keep the special attributes that they have (like Dr. Mario’s down-b or Lucina’s no-tipper), just to have the same play-style if you main those characters, while not cluttering the css.

    If Project M can do with Dr. Mario as pallete of mario and still play different, WHY NOT SAKURAI CAN DO THIS???

    Kaminari on January 8 |
    • Waiiit…..Project M Dr. Mario was a costume with the Megavitamins, but the Megavitamins were only a cosmetic change. They followed the same trajectory and movement pattern of his Fireballs and did the same damage.

      MY BAD!!! MY ERROR!!!….. but i wanna something maybe even more further. Maybe we can use this mechanic in costumes character, give one specific unique

      Kaminari on January 8 |
    • If they still have different attributes, then they are still clones regardless of whether they have their own slot on the character select screen.

      MagcargoMan on January 8 |
  3. Hopefully none of them. I’m sick of unreasonable character cuts! Stuff can easily be solved by just adding characters and just NOT give FE anymore chars. Simply give series like Zelda and such more characters. No one needs to senselessly be cut. It would be stupid to erase the hard work like it’s nothing. Especially Corrin. A unique character. Screw the haters.

    Peridot Gem on January 8 |
    • “I’m sick of unreasonable character cuts!”

      Then you’ll love Brawl. Four out of five of the cuts in that were reasonable. 🙂

      MagcargoMan on January 9 |
      • Snake got taken out because of Konami. That wasn’t even Sakurai’s fault and you know it.

        The Pokemon Trainer got axed due to the limitations of the 3ds so it would make sense that he went by picking one of the three and going by the most popular one. It’s a shame but hopefully we can get Red and his crew back on the Switch.

        Wolf didn’t make it because of how Star Fox has been on a decline lately nothing but 64 remakes. At least back in the Brawl era there was actual original games. That’s likely the reason Wolf got in the first place: Star Fox’s success.

        You already know the deal with Ice Climbers.

        But really I want to see everyone return.

        Peridot Gem on January 9 |
        • I’m talking about the Melee characters cut from Brawl, ya dolt.

          MagcargoMan on January 9 |
          • A worthless joke character and an outdated Zelda clone who lost a battle of time. Pffft.

            Roy and Mew2 were going to be in the game but got scrapped so did Doc. There are traces of them and others in the forbidden 7 in the files, “ya dolt.”

            Peridot Gem on January 9 |
          • Can you read? I was saying they were good cuts. The only bad cut in Brawl was Mewtwo. The rest were crappy clones.

            MagcargoMan on January 9 |
          • Didn’t make it clear enough.

            Peridot Gem on January 9 |
          • I made it clear in my first post.

            MagcargoMan on January 9 |
          • Nah…. Or I would’ve had a different repose. It seemed like you were disagreeing not agreeing

            Peridot Gem on January 9 |
          • You’re never wrong about anything, are you?

            MagcargoMan on January 9 |
          • Fine I was confused. My bad.

            Peridot Gem on January 10 |
        • Do you dislike Star Fox. I won’t argue that the series is not what it was/could be, but you seem a little…against it. Maybe that’s just me.

          Arthur 97 on January 9 |
          • Nope. Just saying what it is….

            Peridot Gem on January 9 |
          • Still, calling it “nothing” might be going a little too far. In fact, Miyamoto has expressed a desire to increase its popularity (even if he is part of the problem) so we might be hearing more out of the franchise. Never rule it out.

            Arthur 97 on January 9 |
    • To be fair, Corrin does take some animations almost directly from Marth and Ike; just saying.

      Arthur 97 on January 9 |
      • That doesn’t make him a clone.

        Peridot Gem on January 9 |
        • No, but it does mean they cut corners when making them.

          Arthur 97 on January 9 |
          • Doesn’t matter

            Peridot Gem on January 9 |
          • It does kind of bring to question how hard they worked on them. Bayonetta also required almost no original moves to be made (neither did Ryu, but at least they had to program his special mechanics) so you can see some cut corners for the DLC. Even Cloud pulls a lot directly from the Dissidia or whatever its called.

            Arthur 97 on January 10 |
          • Corrin is STILL an original character wtf. So what if he has a shared move? That doesn’t make him a clone.

            Peridot Gem on January 10 |
  4. I don’t really get the point of this discussion. Before I listen to this discussion, a smash friend of mine and me were talking about the same topic. We came to the point that no cut in the roster would make sense, except Thirds obiviously.

    Dark Pit & Lucina:
    Since their games came out both characters are important faces of their series. I know DP is very new but he is basicly the other half of Pit now. It would be like cutting Ganondorf from the Zelda series. (Triforce balance)
    They may be clones, but they also HAVE TO be! Looking at their games. Lucina tries to be Marth and DP as I said before IS Pits Doppelgänger. Why should they play any different?

    Cutting clones is pointless. Making them takes almost no effort, but pleases a lot of fans. When they make a completly new game, all they have to do is copy paste Pit again. Why shouldn’t they do it again? There is no reason for not doing it. Cutting a character like Pichu made sense! He was relevant at Melee times. But not anymore because much more other Pokémon needed a spot. But DP will stay relevant. I don’t see much more KI games coming in the future. So he keeps his rival status within KI.
    Same for Fire Emblem. Every FE chara in Smash represents a different era of the series. If there were in every Metroid game a different protagonist, it would make sense to include more then twice the same one. Then it would make sense to include one from Mother NES, Super Metroid, Fusion and maybe Prime. But there IS only one protagonist: Samus. So we can be happy for even a second Samus. Fire Emblem has a dozen of games. With hundreds of playable characters. 6 representants are not that much of a deal!

    cedrickterrick on January 9 |
    • Neither actually have to be clones. There are more than enough weapons in Uprising to make Dark Pit unique, and Lucina could certainly be changed up (Look as LegacyXP for proof of concept). I think giving her a bow like Codename STEAM did would be a cool addition, but at this point Luigification is probably the most we can hope for.

      Arthur 97 on January 9 |
      • I should probably specify that in that mod she would still probably be considered a semi-clone.

        Arthur 97 on January 9 |
  5. No, Dark Pit isn’t even close to the “Ganondorf” of Kid Icarus. That would be Medusa. Dark Pit is small potatoes. Also Lucina didn’t even fight like Marth in Awakening. It’s pointed out in Chapter 4 that her fighting style is the same as Chrom’s, and we know Chrom doesn’t swing his sword like Marth. If a character doesn’t play different what’s the point in adding them in the first place?

    Cutting clones removes excess fat, tacky filler and lazy copy-paste, and quite frankly given how Dark Pit is the most unpopular character in Smash 4, I’d say his cut would please more fans that his addition ever did.

    How will Dark Pit stay relevant? There hasn’t even been anything new from the franchise since Uprising came out almost five years ago. The fact that there doesn’t seem much coming for Kid Icarus in the future proves the point that he was a flavour of the month addition that will be dated very soon.

    No, six Fire Emblem characters is too much. It has more characters than The Legend of Zelda and as many as Pokemon. I don’t understand how anybody can defend this even when Sakurai himself admitted that six was pushing it.

    MagcargoMan on January 9 |
    • Dark Pit: Dark Pit AND Medusa. But Medusa wouldn’t be that easy to make. You can’t just clone her out of Palutena. She doesn’t even have moveset as a boss.
      Dark Pit is the second half of the multiplayer, important to the story and fan favourite among KI fans. Also he represents the modern KI series.

      Lucina: It’s the same with Ganondorfs moveset in Smash. It doesn’t have to been taken out of the game. It just need to represent the personality of the character. Ganondorf may just have a few moves of his games in Smash but he has the same personality like beeing agressive, strong. Lucina has to be clony to make her Marth-like. When a Newcomer plays Smash and then starts FE Awakening he sees initially that Lucina is that guy who tries to be like Marth. That was literlly brought in to Smash. Maybe Sakurai gives her her Aether next game. 😉

      Why should anyone want “removing fat”? More fighters are better than less. Cutting clones doesn’t give you a complete new fighter. Having more fighters is always better. It’s a party game after all.

      The Zelda series: I’m currently a bit of a Hyrule Warriors Legends fanboy right know. I’m still playing it since release till now. I can tell you: There are absolutely no iconic Zelda characters, except: Link, Zelda and Ganondorf! They represent the series just as a character alone with their Triforce. Toon Link is in Smash because he represents Zelda I, II, ALttP, Awakening, Oracles, TWW, FSworts, Phantom Hour Glass, Spirit Tracks, ALbW and TFH. Shiek is the Jigglypuff of the Zelda series.
      Can you imagine of a important Zelda character that is important to the series-story? I’m looking at the HW roster. It has an All Star Cast. But none of them can really represent that series. They are usually NPCs that show up in one game or guys that are not really important overall. Seriously the only character I can imagine for Smash would be Tingle! Yeah, sounds weird. But he is the only one who was in a few games, like five i guess, and has his own games. Buthe would be a weird choice though.

      Fire Emblem has no iconic character like Samus or Link. It is represented by different characters because it has no solid main character. Marth is not able to represent all aspects of Fire Emblem alone. Marth represents the classic Era, Roy the GBA Era, Ike the GC/Wii Era, Lucina the modern Era and Robin & Corrin the mechanics of the game.

      cedrickterrick on January 9 |
      • Palutena pretty much reps modern KI since since literally everything about her is based on Uprising. Important to the story? He’s pretty much a Deus Ex Machina in his role, conveniently coming out of nowhere to save the day twice after he turns good. Hell, he didn’t have much effect on the plot before he turned good either.

        Ganondorf’s Smash moveset is awful. There is nothing defend here. Ganondorf does not suit being a slow Captain Falcon. And that’s a terrible reason for Lucina to fight like Marth. They shouldn’t base a character’s moveset on an assumption someone who’s barely played the game the character is from just made either.

        Quality over quantity. Less is more. There is nothing I am missing out on if clones weren’t in the game.

        It’s funny how you try to say only the most iconic characters matter for Zelda, but are okay with nobodies like Dark Pit. Impa and Tingle are characters who have appeared in multiple Zelda games.

        You don’t need to represent every single era of Fire Emblem. Also it’s ridiculous to say that you need Lucina to represent the modern era when Robin already does that,

        MagcargoMan on January 9 |
        • Seriously Palutena? She is the Zelda of KI. Of course she had to be in Smash. Well Dark Pit was in Brawl and made of that a Character in KI. So he was coming back to Smash first as costume and finally as a character because they could. I’m glad I have three KI amiibo instead of two. Are you happy now?

          I love Ganons moveset. I mained him in Brawl. It fits perfect the character. I don’t get why people complain. It shows how powerful he is and doesn’t make him overpowered at the same time. He can kill with a few moves. You can’t make him more “ganondorfy” without unbalance him or you have something like Cloud. The moveset fits to him better than to CF. CF has no moveset to be based on something.

          Zelda has more games than KI. It’s easier to say that Dark Pit is in most of the KI games and will be in every future KI game from now on. Say that about e.g. Ghirahim or Midna.
          Impa has aboslutely no moveset. Tingle has something but not much people want him.

          Why not representing as much FE eras as possible? And it’s not that complicated.
          Marth was considerd for 64.
          Roy was added at Melee times.
          Ike was added at Brawl times.
          Lucina and Robin added at SSB4 times. Because FEA is one of the most important FE titles of all time. Lucina originaly as a costume only.
          Roy was added as DLC because he was missed in Brawl. Why should you cut beloved Characters?

          cedrickterrick on January 11 |
          • Not really happy, no.

            Ganondorf is not a pugilist. He is warlock who uses swords and dark magic. He makes about as much as sense as making Zelda a Peach clone would be. If Ganondorf was never a clone, absolutely nobody would be saying “Gee, I wish he was a slow Captain Falcon clone instead!”.

            “Impa has aboslutely no moveset.”
            Yeah, because she isn’t in Smash. That’s an utterly stupid argument to make. She is a Sheikah. You now what the Sheikah are right? Warriors. She can use the Sheikah Slate from Breath of Wild, one of her weapons in Hyrule Warriors (preferably the Naginata), or have some dark magic attacks as a reference to how she is the Sage of Shadow in Ocarina of Time.

            Because you don’t need to represent every single thing, especially when most lords in Fire Emblem are irrelevant one-off characters who never had another game. Lucina was unnecessary; Robin was enough. Roy should have stayed cut. Irrelevant one-off lord who only got in for advertising and to be a clone.

            MagcargoMan on January 11 |
      • While not as “iconic” as the main three, Impa could be a debatable counterpoint to your Hyrule Warriors example. Her appearance drastically changes with each iteration, she has appeared in quite a number of games. 7 Games and a reference in TP, not counting Hyrule Warriors, is nothing to sneeze at when compared to other known characters in the franchise. Fans do recognize that she is Zelda’s Attendant/Bodyguard/Confidant, as well.

        chaseralias on January 10 |
        • Yeah I know, but there is no “generic” Impa. She is always a completly different character. Impas Bigoron Sword is based on a Goron weapon of Link and the Naginata is based on a Gerudo weapon.
          It doesn’t make sense to include her only for “making the Zelda representation bigger”.

          cedrickterrick on January 11 |
          • I don’t think that’d be a big issue, though. Like how Sakurai approached the ‘avatar’ characters, he can take design cues from the most popular style and craft a ‘Smash Bros. version’. We’d still know who she is and where she comes from, in the long run. Sakurai doesn’t mind taking creative liberties, as well.

            My response is only to provide a possible counterpoint to your claim of the series not having any other iconic characters around, not really advocating to make the Zelda representation bigger. If there was a direct intent to expand the Zelda Universe characters by the devs, it’ll happen.

            chaseralias on January 11 |