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Rumor Betting: Switch Event

With lots of rumours floating around regarding Nintendo’s next console, we thought we’d add in our own predictions. Feel free to respond to each rumour with your own thoughts in the comments section below!


Rumour: Melee is coming on VC for the Switch.
Ersatz: Semi-plausible. I could see it if there’s a Gamecube VC.
LIQUID12A: No real stance on this one. On one hand, it’s Melee, but on the other hand it seems a bit jarring to possibly throw it on a VC when there’s a heavily rumored Smash Switch port coming along.
Voyager: 90% positive, It could be a great way to catch a lot of eyes at day one.
Nirbion: Very likely. If GameCube VC is going to be a thing, then Melee is almost guaranteed. Melee is the poster child of the GameCube after all.
PushDustIn: If GameCube VC is a thing, I think Melee will absolutely be on it.
TheAnvil: If the Gamecube Virtual Console does end up materialising I don’t think it’ll be as comprehensive as I’d like it to be, regardless Melee would be one of the first games I could see appearing alongside Mario Sunshine and Luigi’s Mansion.
Epicmartin7: Seems plausible. Hopefully the switch can handle Gamecube emulation.
ConnorEatsPants: If it doesn’t happen, prepare for the national headlines to read “Man dies after drowning in his own tears”. Actually, that might happen either way.

Rumour: Smash for Switch will be an enhanced port, with limited amount of content.
Ersatz: Unlikely. Sakurai is already working on another project, and Nintendo wouldn’t change a game without his consent. Will Sakurai consent? Probably not.
LIQUID12A: It’s not uncommon to see game directors look over several projects at one; I personally think that if a Smash Switch were to get some new content, it wouldn’t be too much of a hassle to supervise over said limited content without taking time away from whatever he’s working on now.
Voyager: It would be a first time for Nintendo and Sakurai, but it could be a good chance to profit a little more with the huge amount of work that they put on Smash 3DS/WiiU.
Nirbion: It’s a new to Sakurai, so I can see him taking that challenge for a change. I know he really despite working on “a slightly improved” version of his games, but this might be his chance to “change the game”.
PushDustIn: I think we’ll end up getting more content than what my source has told me, but we’ll find out. It really depends on if Sakurai is coming back, and how much of a focus it is for Bandai Namco. Since it’s a new Smash game, I think it should get a lot of focus as it’s a major IP.
TheAnvil: I’m pretty certain a Smash for Switch Port is on its way, and everything seems to indicate additional content. It’s not out of the question that Sakurai could oversee a port with new content in addition to another project.
IntelliHeath: I completely understand people would rather to believe in the rumors that we are going to get low amounts of contents because it’s way better to set our expectation low for the franchise we love so we wouldn’t get disappointed at the end. See what would happens if people really have high expectations then it would led themselves into meltdown or/and being childish about things they didn’t get. we are entering into new territory with Smash for Switch speculation because of the rumors and lack of information we have. Hypothetically Smash for Switch might see like 12-16 months development if we predicted correctly. Please keep it in your mind that they would have to focus on other contents, other than characters. They probably have to port some contents from Smash for 3DS to Switch, along with Smash for Wii U such as stages, trophies, Smash Run, etc. In other hand, it’s still plausible they could create new single player contents to be featured in Smash for Switch. Also they probably have to make more contents for DLC characters (Palutena’s Guidance, Custom Moves, etc.) Basically everything is possibilities for Smash Bros. for Switch since we have nothing to go with but rumors.

My gut feeling is telling me that we are going to get more contents than what rumors claimed because I don’t really feel that it was Sakurai-ish to not outdone himself with the franchise which he considered as his baby. Also Sakurai was against the idea of Nintendo going with Melee port with online mode being only addition in the past which led him to work on Super Smash Bros Brawl. It’s really tough to predict what’s going on with Sakurai and Nintendo right now.  I would like to point out there is a chance that the source probably have a limited knowledge on what’s going with. You could take a look at Gematsu Leak, and notice that the source wasn’t even in know with Duck Hunt and Bowser Jr being playable characters, along with Chrom and Chorus Men being cut. I do think it’s best for all of us to set our expectation low as possible.

Expect for the Worst, but Hope for the Best
ConnorEatsPants: Yeah man it’ll happen

Rumour: Pokemon Stars for the Switch
Ersatz: Probable. Pokemon for Switch will happen but this soon may be up in the air. I expect “Stars” for 3DS.
LIQUID12A: Later on, probably not at the Switch presentation next week. Would seem very early to announce a third version when the previous titles are barely under 2 months old.
Voyager: The Switch is, in some way, the new Nintendo handheld system, I would prefer a brand new game instead of a enhanced version, but an enhanced version of Sun/Moon would be nice. But I don’t expect them to show it on this presentation, maybe on E3.
Nirbion: Not on this event. I even doubt it’s happening this year. But on the other hand, this is usually the time-window where GameFreak announces their Pokémon projects. So it’s more a 50:50 from me.
PushDustIn: I believe this rumor, a lot of Pokemon Sun/Moon seems like it was designed around one screen.
TheAnvil: The ‘Stars’ subtitle sounds rather made up, but we already know a Pokemon game is going to appear on the Switch eventually.
ConnorEatsPants: Definitely am betting on this. The “follower pokemon” data-mine in Sun and Moon confirmed it for me.

Rumour: Strong Ubisoft support for the Switch
Ersatz: If “strong” means Just Dance and another port, I’d say yes.
LIQUID12A: Ports I can see, but full on support, not likely.
Voyager: If “strong” means other than ports of existing games… I hope so.
Nirbion: I disagree. Let’s not forget how Ubisoft tried to support the Wii U and their games-output was strong with Rayman, Assassin’s Creed and even Watch Dogs, which turned out to be a pretty good version. They dropped the Wii U when they realised there’s no money to make with Wii U-games, but compared to other 3rd-Party-Developers, it’s a lot. So I think we will see a strong Ubisoft presence here.
PushDustIn: I think we’ll get a lot of ports initially, and if they do well, then we’ll see actually support.
TheAnvil: People like to give Ubisoft flack for their ‘abandonment’ of Nintendo following the failure of the Wii U, but the truth is that Ubisoft released over a dozen games for the system. I have absolutely no doubt that Ubisoft will support the Switch.
ConnorEatsPants: They’ll support it for as long as the system sells, like everyone else.

Rumour: Share button to Record Gameplay
Ersatz: Probable, if only because of my thoughts on the rumor below.
LIQUID12A: The Switch seems like a good candidate for this type of feature and I’d be willing to back this rumor.
Voyager: As much as a good as it might sound, I don’t think they would allow to share the videos on Youtube without trying to monetizing it themselves.
Nirbion: Likely, but under a totally different name. I don’t see Nintendo accepted established featured features from their competitors without giving it their own twist. Maybe more a “Miiverse Button”, which opens the Miiverse Interface instantly?
PushDustIn: It makes sense. All other modern consoles have it. Hopefully Nintendo can also fix their YouTube policies.
TheAnvil: Absolutely, other systems have this feature.
ConnorEatsPants: Makes it easier for Nintendo to claim people’s content. So I fully believe it.

Rumour: Miiverse is not coming back
Ersatz: Absolutely not. There’s no way that Miiverse isn’t returning in some form. I can see some changes to streamline it, but there’s no way Nintendo would retire Miiverse.
LIQUID12A: Uh, no. Miiverse is pretty well established at this point, so at worst it’d get retooled from the mess that it is.
Voyager: No way, they could expand it, but not cut it.
Nirbion: Like written above, I can see Miiverse getting retooled to fit better the “Share Button”. I agree that Miiverse is way too integrated in Nintendo’s system-environment so I rather think we will see a “revival of Miiverse”, maybe even with a new name.
PushDustIn: I think it’ll be Miiverse+. It’ll function in similar ways to Miiverse, but it’ll be a different take. Maybe they will expand upon Miitomo?
TheAnvil: As everyone else has suggested, it’ll probably be retooled rather than cut.
Epicmartin7: Yeah. It makes me wonder its not coming back if Nintendo hasn’t really been moderating Miiverse that well lately. We’ll see what it does get replaced with.
IntelliHeath: I’m not even surprised when I heard about the rumor. I’m pretty sure that they probably going to implement brand new “Miiverse” but much better.
ConnorEatsPants: It’s probably “gone” in a sense but replaced with a very similar concept.

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  1. I could be wrong but I don’t believe Sakurai gets a say in a port happening or not Ersatz. I thought that was up to Kimishima. Sakurai decides content that goes in the game. But if his contract ended they could do it without him couldn’t they?

    The key reason I am beginning to believe this rumour has credence is the lack of news on when Cloud, Corrin and Bayonetta amiibos hit the shelves. The only reason I can think they’d be holding them off like this is if there are others in the line as well that they haven’t announced.

    Not sure about Ubisoft but Miiverse would likely remain in tact.

    haruhisailormars on January 9 |
  2. Nintendo had begun production on 2 Smash Bros. games without Sakurai.

    backup368 on January 9 |
  3. Unless Nintendo pumps out more games for the series they have made, revitalize old forgotten IPs (Where’s my 3rd Dillon game?) and introduce new IPs, I can’t see a New Smash be made so early, and would think a slightly enhanced port of the Wii U version with a few additions like characters and stages (as well as Smash Run) would be a more optimized idea at the moment.

    I kinda hope that Ubisoft gives Assassin’s Creed a bit more of a chance with the Switch, the remastered Ezio Collection that was released in November would work out being ported over because those are objectively the best games of the series all bundled into one. I liked playing AC3 and Black Flag on the Wii U (when I could actually find Black Flag on Wii U on release day…) and I’ve gone back to play the previous titles on PC and got invested into every entry since. So the Wii U releases made me into a fan of the series.

    As far as Pokemon Stars is concerned… Eh… In all honesty it seems too good to be true. 7th Gen just started and before the Sun/Moon were even released we get a rumor that the Switch would be getting the ‘3rd entry’ – something Pokemon hasn’t really done for the past two generations now. Not to mention that this ‘Pokemon Stars’ would be the same generation going onto a new system, which would not only be a first but Pokemon typically waits a while before going onto the new system. Black2 & White2 were DS games when the 3DS was already out and gaining steam, and it took them a while before making X & Y.

    And can we call the virtual console release of Melee “Melee VC”? I know it doesn’t have the ‘oomph’ that Melee HD would mean but the game isn’t going to be remastered in HD, just emulated on the system – it’ll still be in standard definition.

    I also want Kirby Air Ride for GCN VC – which would be incredibly plausible, and Kirby in the enhanced Mario Kart 8.

    KL-Cobalt on January 9 |
  4. Yeah, Sakurai doesn’t own Smash, so long as there is no contract preventing it for 4, Nintendo can do what they want.

    Arthur 97 on January 10 |
  5. Here are my comments on each of the rumors…

    1. I guess having Gamecube as VC does make sense. Nintendo have provided many consoles as VCs in the past, even having Wii games for the Wii U. Gamecube still didn’t have its VC yet, so bringing it to Switch may make sense due to having more power. Plus, not to mention the USB port was found on its console, so using the Gamecube controller port on Switch may work perfectly for the VC Gamecube games. But what if nobody have the Gamecube controller port? Well…that’s their problem.

    2. I don’t know if Sakurai would return to Smash. People do say he shouldn’t return as many HATES him for so many reasons, but there may be possibilities that he may not return due to his condition and future plannings. We’re not quite sure what this new project that he referred before really is, but possibility is that it might not be Smash related. If he doesn’t return and let somebody be his replacement, then using the Switch port can be its best starting point or a test by adding things on its own or Sakurai’s advice. I do respect Sakurai while others don’t, but maybe this would be the time to take a break from Smash and do something new instead. But eventually, although the Switch port may sound promising, I won’t take any expectations at this moment as I wanna hype responsibly.

    3. Gamestop seemed to have leaked that the Pokemon game will be playable for Switch, so maybe the rumored Stars version is probably plausible. But even then it might be released as part of a launch game since Sun/Moon has released recently two months ago, so I wouldn’t expect anything that’s Pokemon related for this trailer. But releasing in the holiday season may be possible as that’s how most of the Pokemon games are, but not quite sure what new things they’ll add into the game. Will the Pokemon companion system return as they’ve found it through data mining? Will there be more new Pokemon and Alolan forms? Anything can be possible, but can’t really expect anything yet.

    4. Although I’m not a fan of Ubisoft, I think its possible. Just to know what the word “strong” really mean anyways. But one thing I still doubt the most…why are they making a Mario RPG crossover of Rabids? I mean, WHY RABIDS? I could understand if it was Rayman, but WHY RABIDS!? I don’t think they’re even that popular or iconic in the gaming society, not even in Japan either. I’ve showed the Rabids pics to one of my friends in Japan through chat, and commented “WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING!?” That’s how they responded as Rabids aren’t really familiar in Japan. I don’t know why they thought it was a good idea, but I do have a feeling that it’ll be simply western exclusive…

    5. Nintendo have a strong connection with Youtube and Nico Nico Douga, so using this content does make sense. Even then, I hardly record gameplays and present to public since I’m no pro.

    6. I’d say that’s a fake rumor. There’s no such thing that Nintendo will remove Miiverse. Miiverse is the only Nintendo community site where players can share screenshots and information (while sharing friend codes to trade Yo-kais in Yo-kai Watch 3 is actually illegal). Removing such reliable and enjoyable site is meaningless for Nintendo, if there wasn’t any trouble caused by other players. But sure, we don’t even know how to draw pictures through Switch, but I think there would be an update for Miiverse to make it compatible to Switch in the future.

    zoniken on January 11 |
    • Actually it isn’t because they hate Sakurai. We all know his contribution to the series. Most want him to go because he is getting tired of producing the series and they want to see what a new producer would do with the series.

      Sakurai getting sick of the series could negatively affect it because he could start making very bad decisions. I personally want to see a new producer because I feel these two games have been the high point and Sakurai won’t be able to top them. Also I think that eventually it does get to the point where he has to give it up and trust somebody else.

      haruhisailormars on January 12 |
  6. I think the first one is a guarantee if the Switch does indeed have Gamecube games on the Virtual Console. There’s no way they wouldn’t have a game as popular as Melee missing from the line-up.

    I’ve come to accept that Smash for Switch will more than likely be a Smash 4 port. Just hope the new content features enough that I want to make me feel better about buying this game for the third time.

    Pokemon Stars is definitely gonna happen, what with the data-mining pointing towards it. The real question is whether we’ll see it at launch.

    Ubisoft will support the Switch, but we’re gonna see a lot of ports from them first besides Just Dance 2017. I don’t think they’ll jump ship as they did with the Wii U because the Switch seems “safer”, for lack of a better word.

    For the share button, I don’t see why not. The PS4 has it. It’s not like it’s some foreign concept nobody has ever done before.

    There’s no way they’ll drop Miiverse. They might change it up a little, but they will definitely not axe such a feature for no good reason.

    MagcargoMan on January 11 |