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SG Choice: Most Wanted Switch Game

most-wanted-switchThe Nintendo Switch approaches ever nearer and we couldn’t be more excited to see what it has in store for us! Before the day of reckoning, we decided to each ponder a game we’d like to see launched for the Switch in the future.

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I really want to see a new
WarioWare title on the Switch. WarioWare seemingly skipped the Wii U (Yes, there was Game and Wario but that doesn’t really count as a true WarioWare game. The new game could utilize the various new features of the Switch in a lot of unique ways. Sliding the controller in and out, docking the system, using the rumored NFC reader…all of these could be made into unique mini-games.

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I think I say this every generation but I would really like a new game in
the Mysterious Murasame Castle series. Now more than ever I feel like this is more likely with Takamaru finally getting some recognition outside of Japan. He appeared as an Assist, Trophy in Smash, a mini-game in Nintendo Land and his first title got released on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. With comments from Platinum Games Kamiya showing interest in the series, there is the possibility of Platinum and Nintendo teaming up to bring this series back from the dead. There’s also Sakurai who brought Kid Icarus back after 25 years. Maybe he could do the same with another forgotten franchise? Only time will tell.

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I’m with PushDustin and also want a new WarioWare. But depending on the quality of the touchscreen (or if there’s a touchscreen at all), I don’t want the “typcial” WarioWare we know and love: I want a true successor to WarioWare: D.I.Y.! I love so much the DS-game and creating your own Microgames was a blast. Now imagine a D.I.Y.-sequel with more creator-options and expanded online-sharing. This would be such an amazing game and I always wanted a WarioWare D.I.Y. 2 for Wii U. Don’t miss the chance again and make it for Switch, Nintendo!

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Anyone who doesn’t think my most wanted Switch game is another
Metroid (Prime) title evidently doesn’t know me well enough. The signs that point to it being a possibility are all out there regardless of what certain fans may think about the franchise being dead after Federation Force. Sure, I’m skeptical as well and I keep my expectations in check, but there’s something to legitimately look out for.


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Like NantenJex, I also want revivals for old games, like Mach Rider, probably in the form of a post-apocalyptic open world exploring third person shooter in a similar vein to the Mad Max game from 2015, but with more emphasis in the relationship of the Rider and the world, not being enclosed to a desert, but to a world with more distinct areas, with a varied scale of positive and antagonistic NPCs, in which you, as the player, have more choices than just make them explode for cans of dog food. This kind of revival worked for Kid Icarus, and as Nan said, it could work for Murasame Castle. I hope to get a surprise next week.

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Honestly, I really just want a new series. A
Kid Icarus: Uprising type of revival for one of their obscure properties would be great (and now that I think of it, so would a sequel to Uprising), but for all Nintendo’s criticized for milking their mainline titles, they’re generally great when they jump into a new series. They seem uncomfortable creating new properties without them being drastically different from their old standbys, if not everything else on the market. That’s exciting, because it means you have a project from Nintendo’s incredibly talented staff working on something not beholden to nostalgia, fan demands, or ideas about what the game “should” be, especially with drastically different sequels like Adventure of Link or Mario Sunshine struggling to capture the same kind of love as their predecessors. People often forget how hated Luigi’s Mansion or Wind Waker were – and those used the history and tropes of their series to powerful effect – but games like Splatoon, The Wonderful 101, Pikmin, Wii Sports, Elite Beat Agents, or even something like Rusty’s Real-Deal Baseball simply won’t have that internal or external baggage. I guess really, what I’d love to see most is the new Endless Ocean, the new Chibi-Robo, the new “thing” that brings out that so-called “Nintendo magic.”

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Everyone already knows this, but the Virtual Console re-release of Super Smash Bros. Melee. The moment I see Melee again on any sort of Nintendo media will make me happier than a kid on Christmas morning. I’d love to get some sort of confirmation that they are doing this for the competitive community, and that the game will be exactly like we remember it with zero lag. The cherry on top would be upgrading the game to truly be “Melee HD”, adding online support, or anything else that Melee players would appreciate.
Tafo actually lays out a pretty solid wishlist for the Melee port in this video on Yahoo Esports.

Instead of a new game developed specifically for the Switch, I’d like to see the new
Professor Layton game make it to the Switch. The game is being designed for smartphones, so a single screen shouldn’t be an issue. This would also rectify the approach of having the best of both console and handheld games on one platform. Who doesn’t love some brainteasers?

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I’d really love to see a new compilation of the past 3D Mario games remastered from the ground-up on the Switch. It’d really freshen up the original 3D games quite a lot and give them a stunning makeover.

Anyone who knows me will know the games my heart truly pines for. Furthermore, anyone in the know will also know that those games will never materialize into tangible, purchasable products. So, instead, I’ll suggest something that’s comparatively within reason: I want Rosalina to inherit the
Super Mario Galaxy formula. We know Mario is going in a different direction with his next adventure, and I always enjoy it when Nintendo lets supporting characters have a game in the limelight. Plus, she’s become synonymous with Galaxy’s iconography and we’ve seen her utilize Galaxy-themed mechanics in Smash and Super Mario 3D World. Alternatively, a game revolving around the Luma akin to the Chao Gardens from both Sonic Adventure games could be fun. Or, perhaps it’s finally time for the Birdo dating sim we’ve all secretly wanted.

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It’s no secret that I have been a big advocate for Star Fox: Zero, it was my game of the year choice for 2016 after all. Above all else I’d really like to see Nintendo finally tackle a true sequel to that story. 

What game do you want to see above all others for the Nintendo Switch? Let us know in the comments. 

  1. Great choices, I actually like most for them to happen.

    But if there’s one game I really want to happen, it would be a Senran Kagura 3.

    awesomeaussie27 on January 10 |
  2. Other than Smash Bros with new characters and the new Zelda, a Metroid game is at the very top of my wishlist. I’m personally hoping for Metroid Prime 4.

    Link on January 10 |
  3. I agree that Star Fox needs more attention. I new real Metroid (2D) would be nice too, but I doubt that will happen.

    Arthur 97 on January 10 |
  4. WarioWare for sure! I was surprised it didn’t make use of all the features the 3DS had to offer…

    While they’re at it, I hope a new Advance Wars comes around…

    xkan on January 10 |
  5. A sequel of Star Fox Zero can be interesting, which I really need to know Krystal’s whereabouts so far. But as a Sonic fan, I do hope to see more Sonic games on Switch. I’m definitely looking forward for Project 2017, while I don’t know if Sonic Mania will even come either, but although it’s impossible, I do wish to have a Switch port version of Sonic Generations. While I’ve played the 3DS version, I wasn’t able to touch the home console version since I don’t play both Playstation and Xbox games. For a Nintendo player and a Sonic fan, I would think it’ll be a great idea to bring Sonic Generation to Switch since it can handle the same graphic power. I just wanna experience its speed that 3DS doesn’t…

    zoniken on January 12 |
  6. Kirby. Kirby above all. I’d prefer a Mario + Kirby Crossover game in the future, but with Kirby’s 25th this year, I want SOMETHING for my little pink puff. I’m a big Mario fanboy and Kirby fanboy, make this my year Nintendo.

    Other than that, 3rd parties are nice. I’d like The Ezio Collection to make it to Switch – those are pretty much the best Assassin’s Creed games. And two games I wanted are confirmed already so I’ll voice my opinion there.

    KL-Cobalt on January 13 |