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Road to Switch: An Update Before the Storm

Last May, back when we only knew the Switch by its codename ‘NX’, I wrote a series of articles that analyzed each of Nintendo’s developers past and present titles to get an idea of what they might be making in the future. Specifically, I was looking for what games the Nintendo NX might have in 2017 and beyond. Since then we have gotten a lot more information on what some of these games might be, both from official and unofficial sources. With the big blow-out presentation coming up so soon I thought now was the perfect time to update this list.

Not every developer has announced something new since May and so of course not all of it needs changing. For those developers whose status is still unknown you can find a list at the bottom of this article with a link to the original analysis I did for them. Just like those prior articles the same rules still apply: firstly, it is impossible to predict if a new IP is on the way and secondly, Nintendo reshuffled all of their internal 1st party developers so some of these specific teams may not exist in the same way as they once did (specifically Nintendo EAD & SPD).

With that introduction out of the way, let us take a look at each of the developers who needed this update.


Nintendo EAD: Software Development Group No. 1

In my original analysis I said this team was working on an entirely new Mario Kart for Nintendo Switch, and possibly one for mobile devices. In the Switch reveal trailer, and from various sources, we now know an enhanced port of Mario Kart 8 with new content is coming out instead. So while I was right in saying Mario Kart was coming in 2017 I was expecting something more original. Depending on how much content this port has, the team could be making something else alongside it, possibly still a mobile title. Of course, that could also be something else like a new IP or another Nintendogs game, but I would only expect this port from them next year.nintendoead1


Nintendo EAD: Software Development Group No. 5

Originally I said Project Giant Robot, Miyamoto’s other personal project, would get released as a small Wii U game in February. While it still appears on Nintendo’s list of games, I’m predicting it probably has been cancelled. There is a possibility that the game is just going through a massive overhaul, however, or that it will be ported to the Switch instead.nintendoead5


Nintendo EAD: Tokyo Software Development Group No. 1

Originally I said a HD remake for the Nintendo Switch that would not launch until early 2018. I still think this is the case, but I am less certain the game I proposed, an HD remake of Super Mario Sunshine (as the team previously worked on Super Mario 64 DS), is the case. GameCube Virtual Console games, with Sunshine at launch, have been rumored, so a HD remake seems pointless. So, which game might it be now? Now I’m thinking the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. So far, it’s the only 3D Zelda game yet to be remade. This studio also remade both Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask with Grezzo so the experience is there. Lastly, if the Joy-cons have good motion controls included in them then Nintendo can be assured that everyone can play Skyward Sword, unlike with the Wii U.nintendoeadtokyo


Nintendo SPD: Production Group No. 1

Originally I predicted new WarioWare and Tomodachi Life titles would both come out on the Switch, the latter even being a launch title. However, rumours now suggest that we could actually see a new Metroid game instead. It is unlikely to be a Prime game with Federation Force just launching, which means Yoshio Sakamoto and Nintendo SPD are the most likely developers of it (as Tanabe exclusively handles the Prime series). This development could either be alone or in collaboration with an external third party developer.nintendospd


1-Up Studios

While we haven’t heard of any specific game from them, we do know they are going to the Switch event. This likely means nothing. Some people have suggested it is a sign Mother 3 on the Virtual Console will be there but from my understanding, that is all Nintendo of Europe. it’s most likely they have been helping to make some Switch titles with Nintendo as co-development is their “thing.”1upstudios


Intelligent System

Originally I predicted they were making a new puzzle game and something from the team behind Codename S.T.E.A.M., possibly a sequel. Recent information has suggested they were working on another Pushmo puzzle title for the Wii U, but it got cancelled to focus on Switch instead. So, it seems unlikely we will get a puzzle title now, or at least one from the Pushmo series. WIth the success of Fire Emblem Fates and that property growing in significance since then it actually seems more likely that they are focusing on getting a new Fire Emblem game out. Kensuke Tanabe has also hinted at another Paper Mario title for the future, so they might have started that. I still don’t think we’ll get a new game from them until 2018, though (excluding the mobile Fire Emblem game with DeNA).intelligentsystem


Monolith Soft (Kyoto & Tokyo)

First a correction. In my old analysis I said their Kyoto studio makes the new games and their Tokyo one co-develops with Nintendo. I was wrong, it’s the other way around. Originally I said a new game in the Xenoblade series was in development for Switch, and rumours seem to indicated this is indeed the case. They are working on a new game and not a port of X. Information has also appeared that both studios were helping development of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, so I guess that is a game they worked on that comes out next year.monolith



Originally I suggested that 2017 would see the next entry in the Mario Party series for the Nintendo Switch. Since then Mario Party: Star Rush for 3DS was revealed and released which makes another one next year too soon. We should probably expect one in 2018 instead.ndcube


HAL Laboratories

This I got  correct. I said a third BoxBoy game for Nintendo 3DS would be announced, andlo and behold, Sayonara! BoxBoy! for the 3DS was announced for 2017. However, I failed to realize that this year is Kirby’s 25th anniversary, and they have confirmed they’d be celebrating it. This doesn’t necessarily mean a game announcement, but maybe we will get something whether a compilation like the 20th Anniversary, a HD port of the two 3DS titles, or something new altogether.hal



I originally said they were helping Mistwalker with a port of Terra Battle, a mobile game they had previously assisted with. This might still be true, but we got the reveal of a 3DS Pikmin title for 2017 they are developing. It will not be coming to Switch.arzest


Camelot Software Planning

Originally I said they were making a new Mario Golf game for the Nintendo Switch, coming off the heels of Ultra Smash. Turns out I was kinda correct. They are co-creating Mario Sports Superstars with Bandai Namco, specifically the golfing and tennis portions of the game. It has currently been announced for 3DS but there are rumours of a Switch port coming later down the line.camelot


Curve Studios

Originally I guessed they were making  a new entry in their own Stealth series. However, since then I discovered that they have merged with another company and seem to just be focused on porting other games from PC to consoles. The latest game by them was announced just recently, called The Flame in the Flood for PS4.curvestudios



Since my last analysis, this studio announced and released Super Mario Run for iOS devices. Mobile is still their focus, with Fire Emblem, Animal Crossing, and two other project coming later down the line. However, we also know they are working on Switch’s Online system, including MyNintendo integration.dena


Game Freak

Originally I predicted a third game for Pokémon Sun & Moon much in the vein of past titles like Crystal, Emerald, and Platinum. Rumours suggest this may very well be the case thanks to the rumoured Pokémon Stars for Switch. However, I expected it for the Nintendo 3DS based on past trends, so I may be a little wrong on that one.gamefreak



Originally I said a 2D platformer for Switch that we wouldn’t see for some time. This is most likely still true, but they have also done a port of Yoshi’s Woolly World for 3DS since my last analysis.goodfeel



As this studio was 90% focused on Zelda I was expecting Grezzo to be assisting with Breath of the Wild. This might have been true still, but we now know they have their own brand new IP coming out in 2017 called Ever Oasis. The title is currently only for 3DS, but a Switch port might be possible as well.grezzo


Grounding Inc.

Originally I said they would be working on their own game for 3DS. However, in September they announced Space Channel 5 VR: Ukiuki Viewing Show for PS4. We need to see some VR for the Switch before expecting this one.grounding


Monster Games

Originally, rumours of a racing game and their history with Nintendo made me believe a new ExciteTruck for Switch would be happening. Since then they have announced and released NASCAR Heat Evolution instead. They might be working on a Switch title now, but it won’t be coming out next year unless they do the rumoured port of Xenoblade Chronicles X (they did the port of the original game, so they have the experience). This job could also be given to Tantalus, though, who ported The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess to Wii



Originally I said I was unsure about this silent developer. However, now we know the recently released Tank Troopers for Nintendo 3DS was made by them..vintei

Before I conclude this analysis, I do want to briefly talk about third party studios collaborating with Nintendo. All of this is rumour so far, but we have seen the big list of third party studios who are interested in the Switch, which is a good sign.

Firstly, Tecmo-Koei are working on another Nintendo-branded Warriors game, not a sequel to Hyrule Warriors. A report has suggested it is not Star Fox related. In my view it is most likely going to be based on Fire Emblem, but the devs have shown interest in both Mario and Pokémon in the past. Rumours surrounding Ubisoft point to a Rabbids and Mario crossover title the next sign that Nintendo is still willing to lend their IP out for crossovers. This means we can still see other crossovers coming, such as the rumoured Hyrule Fantasy from Square-Enix or a fighting crossover with Capcom (NOTE: not actually rumoured, just an example). Finally there are rumours of PlatinumGames making another exclusive for Nintendo. Considering their good relationship with the Wii U, this is not really that surprising, and now that Scalebound for Xbox One has been unfortunately cancelled their focus can shift elsewhere.

For every other studio here is the list:

And with that, I have covered every studio we know about who works diligently under or with Nintendo. Hopefully this knowledge will help to better prepare you for this week’s big Switch blow-out event, and for the months to follow. I’m eager to find out how much I’ve gotten right and wrong with these predictions.


  1. Wait, Hyrule Fantasy is actually rumored to be a thing? I thought that was just something people wanted? It would be cool if they did, though if they do it I think they should use the active battle system since Zelda is already free combat.

    Arthur 97 on January 11 |
  2. As a longtime pikmin fan who takes in every detail, I have to say you got one thing wrong: Arzest was never confirmed to be developing Pikmin 3DS. It looked similar to Yoshi’s New Island, so many reporters made assumptions that only self-perpetuated the idea.

    Cake on January 12 |
  3. Can We get an update after the storm too now that we know what some of the teams have been up to?
    EAD 4 still seems largely unaccounted for, but for some of the others we have a little better idea.
    I’ve also read on another source that 1 2 Switch and miitopia were made by the same team, but couldn’t place them anywhere in your list.

    SuperNova on January 16 |
  4. Why mention Camelot without the thing which established their reputation in the first place. RPGS!!! Most importantly Golden Sun

    Isaac: Venus Adept on January 31 |
    • As far as I know, there’s been no news from them about Golden Sun in a long while, so unfortunately it probably wasn’t worth mentioning here. There were no signs of them working on a new Golden Sun when this was posted, and there haven’t been any since.

      Spiral on February 6 |