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Join Source Gaming for the Nintendo Switch Presentation!

Today, Nintendo is hosting their own presentation for the Nintendo Switch. Not only does this mean we’ll get more info on the console itself, but also a blowout on the games in development for this thing. Suffice to say, this event has been a year in the making (ever since Nintendo announced the NX codename last year) and is something all of us have been looking forward too.

To celebrate all of this, Source Gaming is hosting a special livestream tonight where we give our last-minute predictions and react to the entire presentation with a post-show at the end.

Joining us is Source Gaming members epicmartin7 and Spazzy as well as patreon supporter Tris from WiiHii!

So what are the times of the presentation you may ask? They are…

  • P.T/L.A (U.S) – 20:00 / 8 PM (January 12th)
  • Mountain (U.S) – 21:00 / 9 PM (January 12th)
  • Central (U.S) – 22:00 / 10 PM (January 12th)
  • Mexico City (MX) – 22:00 / 10 PM (January 12th)
  • E.T/N.Y (U.S) – 23:00 / 11 PM (January 12th)
  • Manaus (BR) – 00:00 / 12 AM (January 13th)
  • Argentina (AR) – 01:00 / 1 AM (January 13th)
  • Brasilia (BR) – 02:00 / 2 AM (January 13th)
  • Lisbon/London (EU) – 04:00 / 04 AM (January 13th)
  • Paris/Madrid (EU) – 05:00 / 05 AM (January 13th)
  • Hong Kong (HK) – 12:00 / 12 PM (January 13th)
  • Tokyo (JP) – 13:00 / 1 PM (January 13th)
  • Sydney (AU) – 15:00 / 3 PM (January 13th)
  • Wellington (NZ) – 17:00 / 5 PM (January 13th)

You can join the stream at:

If you want more details for the presentation, we highly recommend you checkout this thread on /r/NintendoSwitch which gives you the rundown on what you need! Which is also the source of the times above!

We hope you guys are looking forward to the presentation as we are!



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