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Why Wasn’t Smash Shown?

Why Wasn't Smash Shown-H

PushDustIn discusses possible explanations on why Smash wasn’t shown.
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  1. Another thing I really thought they would announce but didn’t was the 3 remaining amiibo. I wouldn’t be surprised if they really are holding them back to reveal alongside Smash down the road. An E3 reveal is a good guess, especially if the rumor is true that it’s planned to release within the first 6 months. If not then maybe in a direct. Or I suppose they could be holding the amiibo back because of other unknown circumstances.

    Link on January 14 |
    • I think part of that point is, if they’re going to be showcasing new characters in Smash Switch, they would need to make amiibo for those characters as well – assuming this is a port.

      Another point on that is if they showcased the three amiibo, what game would they be showcasing them for? It’d be pretty dumb to showcase amiibo designed for a game that’s on Wii U when the focus is on the Switch in and of itself – They got away with showcasing new Breath of The Wild amiibo, but that was because the game is also on the Switch and compatible with amiibo. (Although the showcase there was not in the presentation.)

      KL-Cobalt on January 14 |
  2. Probably the same reason that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe wasn’t shown in the actual presentation, instead getting a trailer afterwards – It’s a Wii U game that has already been released and would be getting a remaster on the Switch.

    Looking at the audience, most of them look to be mainly investors – I don’t know anything about Japanese business, but I would think it wouldn’t be a good idea to be showing off remasters of your previous system’s games – especially when said system despite having great games is considered a failure – when you’re trying to promote the newer system and get investors on the ball.

    Aside from Skyrim, which was shown to showcase Nintendo’s deal with getting Bethesda’s support, most of the games showcased were new titles that were in development, and not already released. Sure, Breath of the Wild is a Wii U title, but it hasn’t been released yet so giving it highlight as a Switch title would help with the presentation.

    The only other thing I could think of is that it’s simply just not ready.

    I WOULDN’T assume they’re going for a new game. Smash is a celebration of Nintendo’s history, and I’m not sure if the two years between Smash 4’s release and now would be enough to have characters with interesting qualities to become fighters – not unless they look back.

    KL-Cobalt on January 14 |
  3. What do you think are the chances that there isn’t a new Smash in the works at all? By the sound of the video you seem to think it’s still coming no matter what, so I’m just curious.

    Anime9001 on January 15 |
  4. I could agree that the presentation was mainly focused upon the console itself, and that would make sense why many game titles were less introduced. Nintendo’s Damon Baker later answered that there would be more titles upcoming that hasn’t been introduced yet (, so maybe we can expect more on launch date if possible. For Smash for Switch’s case, I think Mr. Link’s comment above is more plausible. E3 reveal does make sense for a surprise on stage, and I do remember they did the same thing from Smash for 3DS/Wii U’s time, so its plausible. Plus creating a new fighter takes for months, and if only two characters be added newly, and if this was in production after the last patch was updated last year, then I think the game should be ready in the first six months.

    But still, this whole Smash for Switch case is still on its rumor stage, so we can’t find out if the rumor is true or false. But only thing we can do so far is to hype responsibly.

    zoniken on January 15 |
  5. It could be because Laura Kate Dale and company are full of ****.

    Just a theory.

    Burb on January 15 |
    • That may not be possible. Laura Kate Dale is the actual gaming journalist, while Dr. Serkan Toto is the CEO of the gaming company in Japan. They’re not like anybody who spread “leaks” through any site like 4chan, which anybody is free enough to post fake infos if they’re rotten (seriously, trolls will always win in the internet freakin’ world). Instead, this info was posted on Twitter, which can be solid. Sure we don’t know where the source is, but if they did lie about it, that’ll damage their reputation for sure. Beside, there’s no record of them lying on certain information before, so they may be quite sure about the information they’ve heard so far.

      Also, if the rumor was true during that time, then it should’ve been on the planning stage when they revealed it. When it come with a planning stage, it can change direction unexpectedly through discussions. Which means, it can cancel the production if something went wrong. But that doesn’t mean they were lying, its just they didn’t know it happened in the sudden. But of course it will be their responsibility for bringing the rumor, but even then, its the creator’s decision of what they’re doing, while the informers receives an update later on. Much more, the informers are aware with their information they’ve received from their unknown sources, and they won’t risk their reputation on what they present if they are sure. Rumors aren’t meant to be promising as it deal with true or false, but it’s something we should take a credit on and look forward on how it’ll go in the end.

      zoniken on January 16 |
      • The actual Switch presentation was leaked by a random person on 4chan. LKD and Tamaki both claimed it was fake.

        Literal randoms on 4chan have more credibility than Laura Kate Dale.

        Burb on January 19 |
  6. Smash Bros is a very good game to draw people’s attention. But at the same time, if Nintendo showed off too many WiiU ports, there would be the worry that there’s not much original titles in the Switch’s lineup. In effect, they seemed to focus on more original titles launching close to launch like Zelda, 1-2 Switch, Arms, and Splatoon2.

    There’s also the matter that the only latter 2017 title that Nintendo showed off with a semi-solid release date was Super Mario Odyssey. A lot of people don’t seem to notice that when the Switch launches, it’ll only be about 3 months until E3. That’s when I suspect that Nintendo will unveil the rest of their 2017 lineup (and some early 2018) alongside Smash 4 Switch.

    Javadoze 2017 (@Javadoze) on January 16 |