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Stray Thoughts – Fire Emblem January Direct

NantenJex shares his thoughts on the upcoming Fire Emblem Direct.

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  1. Always nice to hear NantenJex’s thoughts. Moderate, reasonable, and not clouded by hype.

    xkan on January 17 |
  2. Three games with half the plot of one normal game (sold separately)!

    Time to brace for a deluge of Fates characters to overwhelm us.

    Arthur 97 on January 17 |
    • The sad part is that isn’t even hyperbole. Literally three out of five of the swords in the teaser trailer were from Fates. Get ready for Fire Emblem Awakening X Fates Warriors: Guest Starring Marth.

      MagcargoMan on January 17 |
      • I’m not even the biggest fan of the older ones, but I still want to see characters like Hector, Ephraim, and Eirika. Shame. Especially considering what a dumpster fire Fates’ plot was. Awakening may have had flaws, but at least it was one concise story that wasn’t blocked behind DLC walls.

        Arthur 97 on January 17 |
  3. Now Sakurai is going to endlessly brag about how he thinks he drew an audience to Fire Emblem. 4 Fire Emblem games in development is overboard, considering it’s not mainstream. I want to play them all, but I’m not sure if the consumer base will grow.

    backup368 on January 19 |