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Challenger Approaching #8: Bandana Dee! – Delzethin

Source Gaming Guest Poster Delzethin discusses the possibility of Bandana Dee being in Super Smash Bros. and how he could work within the game! Make sure to check out his video down below, as well as his Twitter, and let us know what you think!

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  1. Was this inspired by Bandanna Dee’s appearance in SSF2?

    Biff Manley on January 24 |
  2. Oh geez, I’m really sorry to hear about your health situation… I’ll definitely share this video around as much as I can! Hopefully more people will start following you and even maybe contribute to your Patreon! I’d do it myself but I’m not exactly in the best of financial situations, either… Still, I’ll do what I can, you deserve it!

    “Had a hand in creating”… Well yeah, I guess Sakurai didn’t completely make Kirby’s Dream Land himself, even though he was the director of that game and it was his idea to make a simple game that anyone can play. It’s sad to think he’s not with HAL anymore and the Kirby series is continuing without him… I think he left after Kirby Air Ride, fed up with people complaining about video game sequels and exasperated by how people can be so dismissive of the hard work that goes into making a game, regardless of the quality of it. Or something like that.

    Honestly, I haven’t seen THAT much “bias” on Kirby in Smash Bros., nor have I seen that many people complaining about it. I mean, it wasn’t until Brawl that we got King Dedede and Meta Knight, and those are the only new characters we’ve gotten since. There have been new stages, items, and songs from the series, but honestly, it’s nothing compared to what Mario and Pokemon get. The style’s similar to Kirby Super Star, but hey, that’s just how Sakurai makes games. Kid Icarus Uprising is the same way, it just FEELS like a Sakurai game, right down to the sound effects, health items, figures, and a grid of achievements, among many other things. Heck, I’d almost say that Sakurai has made a conscious effort not to let Kirby crowd out everyone else, but then again, all 3 Kirby characters get major roles in the Subspace Emissary, Kirby and Kind Dedede in particular get two of the most important roles int he story. I mean, maybe I’m a little biased because I’ve wanted King Dedede since Melee, but then again, I’m not too wild over Meta Knight either, so I consider myself fairly grounded when it comes to Kirby at least…

    Bandana Dee/Bandana Waddle Dee is one of the characters I’d really like to see, if only to round out the Kirby cast nicely. Weird thing is, though, people might try to claim Kirby-bias on Sakurai, but is the Waddle Dee we know now his own true creation? Sure, Waddle Dees have been there since the beginning, and Bandana Dee in particular made his first appearance in the Megaton Punch mini-game in Kirby Super Star, but the character WE know now as Bandana Dee didn’t start solidifying himself until Kirby Super Star Ultra, Kirby Super Star’s remake, particularly the “Revenge of the King” segment of that game. Then came Kirby’s Return to Dream Land where he was one of the 4 main playable characters, and things pretty much kicked off from there… The problem with all this is, this all happened AFTER Sakurai left HAL Laboratory and thus was no longer involved in the Kirby series. Would Sakurai really acknowledge the creation and concept of a character from his series that had no involvement from him? It’s an interesting situation should Bandana Dee ever find himself playable in Smash Bros., to say the least… On a side note, I like to think that the Waddle Dee in Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards (which also had minimal involvement from Sakurai) was the Waddle Dee that eventually became Bandana Dee, since that particular one was shown to have a close relationship with King Dedede even then.

    “it’s like saying Captain Toad is just another Toad, or Little Mac is just another boxer, or Corrin is just another anime swordsman.” Ugh, I’ve been there before. As much as I didn’t care for Corrin’s inclusion in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U, I am sick to death of that dumbass “anime” argument from people who can’t stand to see one particularly style/design in their characters.

    Sometimes I forget that Sakurai adds extra details to characters he includes… That makes it tricky to think of how a character would look should they get included… Dedede’s emblem on Bandana Dee’s bandana is actually a pretty clever idea! Though I wonder if Sakurai would actually go for it…

    “He’d be endearing because of how hard he tries to prove his worth, kind of like Luigi.” Yeah, kind of hard to get that side of Luigi’s personality in Smash Bros., since Sakurai basically made him weird in that series instead…

    I was hoping you’d bring up the Parasols other Waddle Dees use! That’s something I hope will be part of Bandana Dee’s moveset if he actually gets chosen! I mean, the spear is cool and it’s Bandana Dee’s primary weapon, but that doesn’t mean it’s the only think he could use! I’d like to see things that Waddle Dees do as a whole in his moveset! By the way, your idea for the Megaton Punch is way better than the one I had.

    Also, I’ve never played Super Smash Flash or it’s sequel. I’m not big into fan games, and I REALLY don’t care for ones that throw in anime/non-video-game characters in along with the others. Still, it’s neat to see them come up with these kinds of potential ideas!

    I follow Smash 4 and I have no idea who the guy you just mentioned was… ._.

    Now that I’ve actually caught up with these, it’ll be fun to guess who your new character is going to be. Let’s see… Someone shafted by their lack of invites… Someone who would have been in the base version of Smash 4 but didn’t… …Ridley? 😛 Yeah, if only… Krystal? Eh, probably not… A Rhythm Heaven character? OH, I hope you do one, like have Tibby be the character, with Marshal, Cam, Ribbon, a Chorus Kid, and the Samurai Drummer be alternate costumes! …Just a thought. Anyway, good luck with your next video!

    Matt Bankey on February 2 |