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This article looks at comments made from January 27th- January Remember, don’t insult other posters. If you insult other posters, your post that you might have spent so much time on might not get approved, and thrown in the trash. Stay classy!  

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I’ll just leave the comment of next week here now Push. What do you make of the new amiibo certificate Nintendo recently filed? I’ll break it down for you. Certificates filed ??? ? AA?? are for the Smash Bros line. On the 18th Nintendo filed these. One is AACK (for Cloud, Corrin or Bayonetta not sure yet). The second one filed was AACN. I’ll list the amiibos based on the order the characters were announced (though I’m not sure if its correct but bear with me). AACK = Cloud AACL = Corrin AACM = Bayonetta AACN = ?????? Hang on a minute…… By golly this can only mean one thing. Alph is getting an amiibo! ? Or is it for something else? From:  Featured Comments
Too early to draw conclusions IMO. If anything, it’s probably Corrin getting two amiibo as the female alt is insanely popular. I’m not sure if they would give Alph an amiibo (as much as I’d like that).
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All the names are spoilered this time. Cryptic! It seems I hit the mark with that first (well, two in one) comment. I’m glad you agree. I didn’t bring up Little Mac being based on the arcade game though, that was KL-Cobalt that did. As for whether the Wii game influenced his inclusion, I’d say… maybe. He probably would have made it into Smash as a retro character even if the Wii game never existed but I think getting a new game gave him a little boost in priority. As for a second Wario character, I dunno if a new game is what will drive Sakurai to include a second; he seemed to acknowledge Ashley a fair bit in this game with both the Assist Trophy and Mii Fighter costume. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see her in Smash 5, though I’d much rather Captain Syrup. I just assumed Shadow was the Sonic AT because he was popular. As for the KI thing, I agree that without Dark Pit the KI roster would be fair, but I still think maybe it could have done with a few less items (some of them are annoying anyway), Smash Run enemies (most of them are very annoying to fight). Really though, my main point of contention with the KI content besides Dark Pit is stages. I mean, I’m not against it having a new stage in both the Wii U and 3DS versions, but I don’t think it’s right how it did when plenty of bigger series only got one new stage across the two versions. I expected Uprising would give KI a boost in content, and it should, I just think he should have went a little easier on it given how at the end of the day it is niche series with only three games under it’s belt in over 25 years. Yeah it’s the best choice out of the three Mii Fighters to choose from; what I’m saying is that he’s a character that couldn’t be done an justice with a costume at all. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say many K. Rool fans would have rather no Mii Costume of him at all. Also was that last part about Corrin’s inclusion referring to Spring Man? Because I was saying I was in favour of Spring Man’s inclusion. He has reasons to get in that still exist even if his game came out years ago, mainly representing a new IP (think Olimar in Brawl) and would have some pretty interesting moves with his insane range. From:  Featured Comments
I either messed up the formatting somewhere, or an update broke the functionality. I’ll try to look into it! Ashley seems to make the most sense as a second Wario rep, just because as you mentioned the Mii Fighter costume, the Assist Trophy…she’s also VERY popular in Badge Arcade. I don’t understand the mantality of rather not having the costume, than having it. If I’m not interested in the Mii Costume (which there are plently of), then I just don’t buy it. Spring Man could be very interested, but it might be hard to balance as it’d have to be very week in close range.
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There’s a difference between Japan-only online polls and getting feedback from fans all over the world. What’s popular in one area might be obscure in another. From:  New Content Approaching: Bayonetta
I really agree with this. When doing the Perception of Japanese DLC in Japan (and Redux) I found some characters were slightly more popular than others in various regions. It’s all about hitting a balance for the worldwide audience.
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“These people going on about “reps” are missing the point.” And what point is that exactly? That people aren’t allow to what whatever characters they want for whatever reasons they consider important? “Thing is, that’s not how the developers look at it.” Sakurai has outright stated that “Distribution among the franchises is also taken into consideration” when deciding the roster: He’s also mentioned being worried about Fire Emblem being over-repped in Smash 4 and not wanting to over-rep Kirby as early as Melee, in addition to deciding Smash 4 should have a Pokemon rep from X&Y before having any specific Poekmon in mind. Anyone who thinks series representation is a non-factor in character choices is deluding themselves. From:  Featured Comments
I’m not sure about Kirby being overepped in Melee is a real quote. I need to check the sources and see if that’s a true statement. I think that belief comes from the NeoGaf post which as we all know, is false. Besides that, yes, distribution is one of the 4 “rules” Sakurai has outright stated.
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Not to be that guy, but isn’t a little hard to justify voting with your wallet when Super Bomberman R has a $50 price tag? I’d love to support a return to form, but unless there’s WAY more than the eShop title’s worth of content there appears to be, I may have to pass for a while. From:  Don’t #FucKonami
I’ve seen this a lot, so I’m going to copy and paste Spazzy’s response as I agree with him: I heard it contains over a 100 levels and a full co-op story mode (most of the digital versions of the game only had vs-multiplayer modes). That’s enough for me, but your mileage will obviously vary. I do think $30-$40 would probably have been a more natural price point, though. It seems less like what I would expect from an eShop title and more like what I would expect from a 3DS title to me, so that pricing structure would make a bit more sense.
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I want to love Bomberman, but I’m hesitant about the series’ future in the hands of Konami… After all, if a certain Konami rep at the Nintendo Switch event is to be believed, Super Bomberman R came about because of a collaboration between Konami and Nintendo, and even then, the game is said to look lackluster and run at 30 fps, which for a game that’s being sold on a brand-new console for $60, feels a touch unreasonable… I’ll still get it, though, it looks like a fun title, but I don’t expect things to go anywhere regardless of how good the sales are. If there’s one company to completely mismange its properties regardless of their success, it’s Konami. From:  Don’t #FucKonami
If Nintendo wasn’t working on it, I might be more concerned. However, since it’s a joint project and they got some of the original developers, I have more faith.
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How did he go against his word? It’s not like he intentionally kept a DLC spot sitting there all warmed up for the moment a new Fire Emblem game would be announced just so he can add the character to Smash Bros and fulfill some childish obsession with the Fire Emblem series – all the while denouncing any other series. We all know how it went down, Intelligent Systems approached Sakurai and talked to him about adding Corrin. Sakurai initially felt like the five FE characters he had was enough, but decided to add Corrin in because the Dragon powers set him/her apart from the other sword-wielding characters. It’s not like Corrin was sitting on some designated spot on the roster that another character “deserved” because Sakurai likes Fire Emblem, if Corrin wasn’t added to the roster, we could have had another character, or we could not have had a spot added at all – honestly, I would take having a character over the idea that they might not add a character. From:  Featured Comments
Sakurai wanted a character to represent a new series…probably because by the end of the DLC the roster started to feel a bit…dated (even with the addition of the new DLC). Corrin became that promotional rep. However, like you mention it was Corrin’s unique abilities that drew Sakurai to them.
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“Amiibos” Ack! As a trainer of these things, it’s killing me every time I see “amiibos” – The plural of “amiibo” is “amiibo” It’s like Moose – There’s no “Mooses” or “Meeses” Anyway, if that’s a legit case right there, we might be seeing a Smash port on Switch sooner than later. If I’m a betting man, I say our mystery amiibo is either Ice Climbers or Inkling – Ice Climbers because they were working on Wii U so bringing them back wouldn’t take much time, Inkling because they’re relevant and it might be a while *if* we get Smash 5 (Or Smash 6, if we’re going by that thing about one version being 4 and the other being 5.) Or… We could be seeing yet another set of amiibo for a completely different series – Maybe ARMS? Or Splatoon 2? From:  Featured Comments
Actually the plural of amiibo is amiibo figures.

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To add to my point, When I mean “action role” – I don’t mean that for Impa to fit in Smash, that she has to have some sort of moveset based on her more action-oriented roles – but what I mean is that in most games, she’s usually never noted for anything more: She’ll give Link directions, instructions, exposition, etc – that’s what she’s known for. And it may be me, but I find it very hard to imagine a character who is mostly known for being an info box to be a fighter unless they have some quality about them that could make them seem to base a moveset around. Rosalina is a perfect example: Despite being essentially the same kind of character Impa is in the Mario series, Rosalina’s character also involves the Lumas and galaxies, which could be represented as both fighting moves and in the flow of Smash’s controls. Sure, Impa has some roles where she has more to her than exposition, but whenever the series wants to put her in those kind of roles, they give her a younger physically-able body to fulfill said roles, instead of showcasing the more elderly Impa in the same state – giving her an ‘old martial arts master’ vibe which I think could work well for Smash. From:  Featured Comments
This is exactly my personal issue with Impa. Sometimes she plays an important role, sometimes she doesn’t. If I ignore Hyrule Warriors, I can’t really imagine a moveset for her.


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Yeah no. Corporations aren’t your friend, they aren’t happy go lucky, misunderstood underdogs. All evidence points to Konami being a toxic environment that abuses its workers, screws over creative people, and actively antagonizes people who take them to task for their behavior. Maybe SOMEDAY, when we hear stories about Konami having improved work working conditions, that they respect creativity, are open to criticism, and when they release more actual, complete videogames, THEN we can let the phrase die.

But until they show actual signs of true, genuine change, I say we have every right to say #FucKonami.

From:Don’t #FucKonami

I can understand this mindset as well. Right now, since we know Nintendo and old Bomberman staff are working on it, I’m willing to give Super Bomberman R a chance.

Spoiler title

Sakurai casually mentioned that he is working on a game with that Vifam comment. Either that gun is a reference to use for a character in a new game, or for a Smash character *cough* that one Inkling from the Splatoon 2 trailer between 1:11 and 1:13 …. *cough*

From:Sakurai’s Surprising Storage Skills [pt. 2]

This is the timing that Link is talking about.

What do you guys think?

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I hate to say it, but Minecraft Steve would be a great Indie rep. Even though technically he may not Indie anymore he still started Indie. Minecraft is a true Cinderella Story in both the game and real life, starting from nothing and working all the way up to the top. It’s one of the best selling games of all time, has spawned countless letsplay channels on youtube, and has even been featured in South Park. Plus there are already skins of Nintendo characters in the Wii U version, so Nintendo seems to have taken a liking to it.

From:Indie Representation in Smash Bros.

Yeah, I think Steve would make an ideal indie rep. I just worry about the stuff James and I talked about in the discussion: communication, desire to advertise Japanese games, etc.

Spoiler title

I really don’t know if Indies can be acceptable in any form for Smash in the future, but it can be interesting to see one to join Smash, not for the Switch port, but possibly the next future Smash game. It may be plausible the maybe the company or several directors that Sakurai dealt with in the past can accept their characters to join Smash, but I’d rather think the game that was released globally is important as for popularity. I don’t know about Touhou Project because that really depend whether the western viewers know them or not (in my case I know them but not interested in them), and I don’t know if we can call Minecraft an Indie game at this moment because it now belongs to Microsoft, but that wouldn’t mean Minecraft or any Microsoft characters aren’t acceptable (but please don’t bring any FNaF stuff to this topic). I don’t know much about Gunvolt, but sadly I doubt Mighty No.9 would join in due to its failed results… So far, Shantae and Shovel Knight being more popular in the Indie industry, and since both games have been released globally, I do see players are enjoying the game throughout Miiverse as being popular as well. I could accept Shovel Knight, but I’d rather choose Shantae due to her long history in the gaming industry.

From:Indie Representation in Smash Bros.

As mentioned above, Steve probably makes the most sense as a indie rep, as Minecraft is a global game…and a very popular one at that. Though, I could see a lot of Smashers being salty about his inclusion.

  1. “I’m not sure about Kirby being overepped in Melee is a real quote.”

    Don’t have a source for it off the top of my head, I could easily be misinformed on that one. I guess I never really questioned it after hearing it so much and it not really seeming like something noteworthy enough to start a rumor about.

    Mettaur on January 30 |
  2. That’s good to hear, regarding Bomberman. I’ll probably give it a go when I can get it for about $30. Hopefully Konami can differentiate between consumers rejecting a high price and any supposed disinterest in the series.

    Igiulaw on January 30 |
  3. If they make two Corrin amiibos, then they should do it for all of the alt characters, and, given the koopalings would be very expensive to do (and buy) individually, it seems unlikely.

    Arthur 97 on January 30 |
    • Being able to get the koopalings and other alts would be very tempting, but you have a point about the price

      Link on January 30 |
    • Unlikely is an understatement. Not only because all the Koopalings would register as Bowser Jr. (They ARE nothing more than alts in Smash) but all the amiibo would have to be registered under different SKUs, there’s limited shelf space (As it is, my local shops carry mostly Animal Crossing amiibo, and Daisy – unless they have restocks left over.)

      The only exception that we’ve seen is R.O.B., and that’s because R.O.B.’s Famicom colors are its default in the Japanese release of Smash 4 as opposed to the western release. I’d say other character’s alts would’ve been likely had they been instead chosen to represent the character on the CSS as opposed to the ones we’ve seen.

      KL-Cobalt on February 1 |
  4. Never get into an argument with me about amiibo Push – You’re not going to win.

    “A10: The plural of amiibo is amiibo, whether you have one or 12, or 18, or… #amiiboQuestions -BL”

    KL-Cobalt on February 1 |
  5. I STILL see Touhou Project being a stronger choice for Indie representation – Sure the general gaming public might not know who Reimu or Marisa or Sakuya or Youmu or Sanae or… Pretty much any Touhou character is, but Touhou Project does have a long history as far as games are concerned and it still kinda ticks all the boxes that was said in the Indie discussion video.

    I do recall the article ‘The case for Reimu Hakurei’ here on the site, and while I’ve yet to recall the contents, Touhou Project does seem to have some sense of ‘games’ coming stateside. I say ‘games’ because none of them are the official games – they seem to be all fangames that got picked up and licensed. I actually own one and pre-ordered another (I even recognize the group working on it.) plus there was the Taiko Drum Master 3DS game in Japan that featured some characters (Also featured Kirby, Youkai Watch, Monster Hunter, and Phoenix Wright as well…) (

    Who knows… But if I want to place a bet, it’d be with Touhou Project.

    KL-Cobalt on February 1 |
  6. “I don’t understand the mantality of rather not having the costume, than having it.”

    To put things simply I think a good comparison would be Street Fighter X Tekken. Mega Man Legends 3 and Mega Man Universe have both been cancelled, and fans are already feeling betrayed by Capcom… so when Bad Box Art Mega Man shows up (yes, I know it was planned before Inafune left), it just seems like it’s spitting in their faces and putting salt in the wound. They would have rather no Mega Man than Bad Box Art Mega Man. Likewise, I would have rather no costume instead of some half-hearted “Well here’s your K. Rool, now stop asking me.”

    I don’t really see how this logic is quite hard to understand. I mean Sakurai himself said if couldn’t use Pac-Man’s classic design he wouldn’t have had him in at all. I think you can understand the reasoning behind that.

    MagcargoMan on February 10 |