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This article looks at comments made from January 27th- January

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Spoiler title

That little diatribe at the beginning of the video, going on about Super Smash Bros. character support and speculation, is all too true. Take it from me: I’m a huge supporter of Ridley from the Metroid series in Super Smash Bros., and you will never convince me that he can’t be made playable, at least not with the reasons people keep giving, reasons that are contradicted by the presence of other characters with similar issues in Super Smash Bros. “he’s too big” Bowser’s big, yet he’s playable. “being big is part of his character” So is being small for Olimar, yet that didn’t stop Sakurai from growing him up and making him playable. “He’d be too awkward” R.O.B.’s an awkward character too, but they still made him work! Really, the only TRUE reason I see for Ridley not being playable is Sakurai seemingly being stubborn with his views on Ridley, thinking he NEEDS to be big, forgetting that he made Ridley the same size as Samus in the intro to Super Smash Bros. Melee! This is the same guy who said the Villager and Miis wouldn’t be playable, since their games are more peaceful and having them in a fighting game would go against the theme of their respective series, yet here they are no, in Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS/Wii U in all their playable glory. Because of him constantly going back and forth on what he says, I feel it’s only a matter of time before he either wises up, or finally gives in to fan demand… The funny thing is, I honestly never thought Ridley’s inclusion was that big a deal. To me, Ridley’s size was never a factor, because size is so inconsistent in Super Smash Bros. already, and I never thought that being humongous was essential to Ridley’s character in the main series in the first place… But apparently I’m in the minority there. Not to mention, the fact that Ridley KEEPS getting denied has only made my resolve stronger; Ridley wasn’t even much of a passion in Melee or Brawl, yet now the intense fighting on BOTH sides of his debates has only made my resolve grow stronger, seeking out fellow Ridley fans, fighting potential movesets and design specs and any kind of ammo I can use to finally debunk the claims against him!

…But really, why do desired characters need to turn discussions into battlezones? Why do people need to silence others or even shame them for picking certain characters? I’ll admit, I’ve shamed people who insist on Goku or a non-video game character in Super Smash Bros. because I’m PRETTY sure Sakurai said he wouldn’t include such characters both in Brawl AND on the Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot, not to mention doing so would kind of ruin the whole point of Super Smash Bros. (in my opinion), but when I come across a character I either don’t think should be in Super Smash Bros., or whose chances are unlikely, I at least try to explain why I don’t think they’ll be in, and I try my best NOT to come off like I’m attacking the person for wanting this character. Just trying to put things in perspective, you know? Either way, though, I remember Ridley vs. Geno was a big thing on Smashboards during Brawl’s speculation and I don’t see why that is? I want both Ridley AND Geno. Heck, can’t we want more than one character? Why do we need to draw lines in the sand with the characters we choose? This kind of speculation’s supposed to be fun, right? …Guess not. Because Super Smash Bros. is SERIOUS BUSINESS!!! …And that’s why people say the Smash Bros. community is cancer. How unfortunate.

ANYWAY, this video’s character, Elma… Well, given that Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was recently announced, I think her potential may have lessened a bit, but then again, it was JUST announced this year, and we barely know anything about the protagonist or what he/she/they can do. So perhaps Elma still has a chance. Though since I haven’t played Xenoblade Chronnicles X, I don’t know anything about her or what she can do, and I’m not even sure if there are that many connections between X and the first Xenoblade Chronicles, so would the Monado even be an appropriate symbol for her? …Then again, the Falchion is the symbol for Fire Emblem and that’s only in Marth’s games, and even in Awakening the Falchion takes on a completely different form, so I suppose it’s all good. Also, it’s interesting how Elma’s the true main character and your character’s just a blank slate avatar; I have a friend who’s a HUGE fan of Xenoblade Chronicles and it’s story and characters, and he was really disappointed to find out that X is more on exploration and sidequests than story, and that your character has minimal involvement in the plot. If Elma WAS chosen, it’d be almost the opposite of the case with Chrom and Robin… almost, given that, as you’ve said, Robin has a personality and plays as much a major role in FEA’s story as Chrom.

Also I can’t help but but think Delzethin’s little message at the end is less about Super Smash Bros. and more about a certain someone getting elected president. ?

From: Challenger Approaching #4: Elma! – Delzethin

I get a little tired of the back and forth argument over some character’s chances in Smash from time to time. In the end, support who you want but don’t treat people badly because they have a different opinion than yours. There’s obvious some characters that I think are more likely than others (after all, we spent several weeks going back and forth on Impa) but I try to give equal weight to both sides of the argument before deciding how I feel. The issue with character representation is that a lot of people see it as zero-sum game. “If A gets in, then B automatically won’t get in!” While it’s true that a character’s development takes time and energy, it doesn’t mean that just because of character A, that character B didn’t get in. There’s been some cases of that (Peach over Wario in Melee), but it’s not always the situation.

Spoiler title

I think the Zelda series is pretty well represented in terms of stages (or at least about as well as it could be being such a big series with the number of stages its given). In addition to rarely double dipping as far a game representation, it also reps a pretty diverse set of locations across its series, not putting an extreme emphasis on one type of environment like DK and Metroid.

The focus on the 3D titles kinda seems to reflect the outlook of the series proper post-OoT, with the 3D games getting considerably more promotion than the 2D games. Its a shame LttP ended up getting past over because of this but I feel a stage from ALBW could potentially also serve as LttP representation provided its based on an area appearing in both games, so it might have a chance.

From: Representation of Zelda games with Stages in Smash pt. 2

A ALBW/ LTTP stage could be really interesting. There’s a lot of Zelda games that Smash could pull from, I hope to see more variety in the next Smash!

Spoiler title

Well, it was Kimishima’s first conference, and it was probably more geared at a Japanese audience. The Switch is nothing if not modular, so I don’t think reshaping PR and marketing as needed is a herculean task. Is it a home console? Is it a handheld? Is it a new hybrid category? The answer is yes. Unfortunately, that also means there are lots of ways people can misinterpret and outright mislead by comparing apples to oranges.

From: Nintendo’s PR Problem

Yeah, it’s a somewhat difficult concept to market…but Nintendo nailed the initial reveal. It was the actual presentation that lacked focus and being well organized.


Where to begin?

“A large portion of the conference focused on motion control, “HD rumble,” and other capabilities of the JoyCons, like they were chasing the Wii’s success.”

Of course. This is the first we get to see the console in greater detail & they announced 2 games that demonstrated the console’s features. Nothing’s wrong with that.

“and their launch lineup was five games (only three of which were specified during the presentation)?”

Almost every person that’s going to buy the Switch is going to get Zelda, so that’s at least 2 million consumers spending $360, & they might not have the money to get another game. The more games that are released at launch, the more competition your creating, and Zelda is going to outsell just about any other game that is available.

“SEGA and Suda51 got on stage just to say they were making games for the Switch, with nothing but an illustration of Travis Touchdown. For all the claims about the different companies supporting the Switch, Nintendo flew in the president of EA to say that FIFA (unnumbered) would be coming to Switch…and nothing else?”

How is Nintendo to blame for what third parties are planning or lack thereof?

“But for a company that felt like it was in hibernation for two years, preparing for this launch…it doesn’t feel that amazing.”

That’s because it was only an hour long presentation that was supposed to be focused on the hardware & only the key games. It was a tacky presentation full of botches, but an hour is all they wanted to give considering it was for Japanese investors and more than just the hardcore gamers.

“It’s the Zelda game we were promised with the Wii U, a 3D Mario we saw months ago, and two enhanced ports. Games that seem barely playable, either with no date or nebulous release periods.”

Splatoon 2 a port? What could have been changed to make it an official sequel really?

“The accessories seem exorbitantly priced.”

The cost of a pair of Joy Con are the same price as 2 Wiimotes in 2006. Paying the same price for controllers that can do much more is far from a bad thing.

“1, 2 Switch isn’t a pack-in, but is another $50?”

Many people aren’t high on 1 2 Switch. Remember the XBox One launch? They had a $500 version that included Kinect. Expensive & unappealing is a terrible combination. Why pack in a game to raise the price when you could just pick your game?

“Voice chat through your smartphone? This is the new Nintendo?”

Does voice chat really make playing games better? It’s hardly going to make an impact on me, because I don’t use voice chat at all. But I’d rather wait and see about what they have to offer with voice chat before bringing light to problems that don’t exist.

“Meanwhile, Nintendo treats Fire Emblem like it’s a core franchise of theirs now, which is why…they announced the next Fire Emblem game for the Switch on a Direct that had ⅓ of the viewers the Switch conference did, without even a unique logo, not even a single original piece of concept art or footage– literally just the Fire Emblem logo. At that point, wouldn’t it have been better to just save that announcement for E3?”

Fire Emblem has gone through about 3 or 4 different logos. The current logo is simple, slanted, & black. I’m not certain on how saving the announcement until E3 would have done. 2 Fire Emblem games are coming out in the next 4 months.

From: Nintendo’s PR Problem

It made sense to save Zelda for the end of the presentation, but that doesn’t mean the actual presentation had to be lacking. Honestly, if they just cut 10 minutes from the presentation, then maybe it wouldn’t have felt like it dragged in the middle.

Nintendo is to blame because if they couldn’t sell third parties on the Switch early enough, if they didn’t give them access to it, then how can the third parties make games for the console’s launch?

I will agree with you on Splatoon 2 being a sequel.

In some cases, 2 Joy Cons are 2 Wiimotes. In other cases, they are just the Wiimote and Nunchuck. I think the accessories are decently priced for the tech they have in them, but they could’ve offered a different bundle.

“It’s hardly going to make an impact on me” doesn’t make it not important. It’s odd that gamers are going to need to have one headphone in their left ear for their voice chat…and another in their right ear to actually hear the game. That’s not an elegant solution.

Spoiler title

Never get into an argument with me about amiibo Push – You’re not going to win.

“A10: The plural of amiibo is amiibo, whether you have one or 12, or 18, or… #amiiboQuestions -BL”

From:  Featured Comments

This is from their amiibo fact sheet, which was sent to press sites:

The amiibo figures can interact with compatible games when players tap them to the Wii U GamePad controller, reading character data into games, saving data to the figure or activating special in-game bonuses. A player’s Mii character can be registered and saved to the amiibo figure, making each one unique to the player

Then on their FAQ:

Do all amiibo figures work with all compatible games?

Some amiibo figures may work across more amiibo-compatible games than others.

Spoiler title

This guy gets it. And now, without further ado, here’s my case for Reimu.

From:  Featured Comments

It’s a well written article, I highly suggest those who haven’t read it, to read it!

Spoiler title

They learned from their mistakes just by calling it Switch. It amazes how many people don’t realize the damage calling it Wii U did with the marketing. The masses (and even store workers in some cases) didn’t know it was a new console. They thought it was a tablet controller for the Wii and didn’t see what was so unique about it.

From:  The Holiday is the Switch’s REAL Launch

Yeah, especially when Ubisoft came out with a tablet for the Wii, it really looked like the Wii U gamepad could work with the Wii. I hope Nintendo stops calling things “new” next.

Spoiler title

So here’s a question worth asking:

If Petey was planned to be a stage boss…what (likely scrapped) stage was he going to appear in?

From: Unused Petey Piranha Animations Found in Smash for Wii U

No idea =/. He could’ve been used for testing, for a scrapped mode, for a scrapped map, for an old map…it’s very difficult to tell.

Spoiler title

So, this is speculation, but is it possible that the boss could have been Dino Piranha from Good Egg Galaxy? ‘Pakkun’ refers to Piranha Plants in general. Take a look here to see the boss:

From: Unused Petey Piranha Animations Found in Smash for Wii U

Probably not as the animations from Smash don’t really match up with Dino Piranha’s attacks.

Spoiler title

Maybe it could have been meant for a scrapped boss battles mode or something? I mean, there were voice clips about something similar in the code. And there aren’t exactly any stages in the game I can see a Petey Piranha boss working in. So perhaps boss battles was meant to return from the original game, or an adventure mode esque deal was planned before Sakurai and co changed their mind about it?

From:  Unused Petey Piranha Animations Found in Smash for Wii U

Scrapped boss battle mode might be left over from Brawl. I think there isn’t any evidence that new voice clips were recorded. That being said, it’s something they could have worked on at one point or something.

Spoiler title

Favorite Wii U memory: Miiverse. ALL OF IT!

From: SG Choice: Our Favorite Wii U Memories

Miiverse had some real gems in it. It’s a real shame it’s going.

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