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SG Choice: Let’s go Shipping!

Love is in the air! Even if you don’t have a special someone in your life right now, you can always look to your favorite characters for inspiration. Today, the Source Gaming team has decided to play cupid and tell the world who they would like to see together.

Let us know in the comments if you agree or disagree!

Wario x Bayonetta.

Wait, wait. Here me out. Wario and Bayonetta are THE perfect match for each other. Bayonetta is seemingly into being a dominatrix, and Wario can take a bunch of hits (After all for a lot of his games, he was invincible!). Bayonetta would hover over Wario as Wario is pretty short. Bayonetta is also well groomed and stylized, while Wario comes off as brash and unkempt. However, they aren’t complete opposites. Both Bayonetta and Wario act like they don’t care about other people when they do. Wario is driven by pure greed in his games, while Bayonetta wants to regain her memories/ fight angels. In a way, both Wario and Bayonetta are fixated on the end goal, instead of the journey. Wario is probably the bigger jerk, and would cause some issues in their relationship. Overall, I could see both Wario and Bayonetta, if ever met up, would treat each other with indifference at first but fall into a deep passion for each other.


Link Link x Link Link

In life, you should always love those around you but it is important for true happiness that you also love yourself. Or, if you meet an alternative version of you from another timeline then loving them is just as good. This is the advantage Link has with three timelines to cherry pick from but, in-game, the many incarnations of the hero never get to meet. Zelda may have got time-reversal down but inter-dimensional hopping? Not really a mechanic of the series yet. That is, except for one element in the latest Zelda game, Breath of the Wild. With the power of amiibo, you can finally bring together two Links with BotW’s incarnation and Twilight Princess’ incarnation. Sure he might only appear as a wolf at the moment, and I’m not saying this will be interspecies, (unless you want it to, I’m not judging) but we all know there’s a Hylian hunk hidden under that fur. All it might take is some wacky Sheikah magic to make TP-Link go from man’s best friend to man’s best man and we might have a real thing on our hands. Move over Zelda, as cute as you are you know your connection with Link Link isn’t as strong as the link that links Link Link and Link Link together.

Even Nintendo ships it!

Bowser x Peach

Let’s not kid ourselves here, this gaming pairing has existed since before time began (not really). The ultimate case of an obsessed lover with a gal that might not be into it but the former doesn’t give a damn. Bowser will do anything to have Peach by his side, including but not limited to conquering kingdoms, repeatedly kidnapping the damsel, working with other villains, turning a population into bricks, destroying galaxies and lord knows how many other things over the past few decades. He’s so into her for whatever reason that he lied to his own son that Peach was his mother (except not really). He’s so into her that he’ll call Ganondorf at 2 AM for relationship advice. And he’s so into her that despite Mario constantly denying him his (questionable) love, he’ll try and try again like a true determinator. The feeling likely isn’t mutual, but you can’t deny that Bowser’s got his heart locked into one person and one person only.

(Also Nintendo is weird for pushing a turtle wanting to marry a human but who cares)

Popple x Birdo

If you’ve played Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga, then you’re bound to remember the true power couple of the game: Popple and Birdo. Late into the game, Mario and Luigi encounter their rival once again: Popple, this time joined by a new companion, Birdo. The relationship is a bit one-sided, with Birdo lusting for the power of love to shine through and lead their partnership to victory.  If Popple was less bent on beating his enemies, he would realize that Birdo was not only a valuable ally, but a chance at true love. Her passion for him? If Popple falls in battle, Birdo swoops in with extra strength filled with vengeance. That’s some strong passion. Should Popple become invested in the relationship, he could steal all the best jewelry (which he’d probably already be after), which would only please Birdo further! On top of that, both are rather determined fighters, wanting to win their fights and prove their strength. This is obviously better than Popple going solo (like his third battle, as well as his reappearance in M&L: Dream Team). This is also loads better than Birdo chasing after Yoshi or Bowser!

Nintendo x Mobile

Nintendo should totally hook up with mobile gaming! Imagine! Mario 1-Ups behind a paywall! Link now has to buy bombs with real money! You have to spend real cash to roll for a new Fire Emblem character that you pray will stand a chance against Takumi! The possibilities are endless. Another feature of this ship is the Nintendo phone. Yes, everything you love about Nintendo condensed into a controllerless, HD haptic feedback, lightweight phone that won’t shatter if you drop it off Mount Everest. Hey, it sounds like a match made in every investor’s greatest dreams!

Kyle Hyde x Rachel

I tried to come up with a comedic answer, but I failed to do so. Instead, let’s discuss Kyle and Rachel from Hotel Dusk: Room 215 and Last Window: The Secret of Case West. Kyle presents himself as gruff, disinterested, and sarcastic, and (especially in Hotel Dusk) he struggles to open up to people. Rachel is patient with him, even when she herself is kept in the dark, and it shows Kyle’s character development when he unloads his past to her in Hotel Dusk. Furthermore, Rachel is Kyle’s go-to source for digging up intel. Kyle needs to know the history of a defunct art gallery? He needs to know Rex’s history? Kyle’s mysteries required a lot of research for him to solve, and his girl was always there to do it for him. This all remained true in Last Window, even when Kyle becomes estranged from their mutual boss, Ed. In a universe where everyone seems to harbor secrets, it’s nice to know there’s someone who’ll unconditionally support Kyle.


  1. Well, this article legitimately just made my day. But what about Tetra and her Pirate crew? After all, They’re the perfect ship.

    Goont on February 14 |
  2. For me, it’s more of a fanservice what if shipping, Chrom from Fire Emblem Awakening & Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia, never thought Project x zone 2 Prologue 5 you Have TOV x FE Awakening in one chapter especially with Lucina & Estelle having a bonding conversation, Chrom & Yuri need a s-rank bromance.
    Tales of Series x Fire Emblem Series is still a possibility someday.

    vigilante 155 on February 14 |
  3. Too easy:

    -Mario x Peach
    -Donkey Kong x Candy Kong
    -Diddy Kong x Dixie Kong
    -Cranky x Wrinkly
    -Yoshi x Birdo (in an entire species, there are a few females)
    -Toad x Toadette
    -Geno x Rosalina
    -Stanley x Pauline
    -Link x Zelda
    -Kirby x Ribbon
    -Olimar x His Wife
    -Marth x Caeda/Sheeda
    -Roy x Lillina
    -Chrom x Sumia
    -Robin x Lissa
    -Lucina x Gerome
    -Fox x Krystal
    -Ninten x Anna
    -Ness x Paula
    -Shulk x Fiora
    -Ai x Yu (Animal Crossing Movie)
    -Ash Ketchum x Anabel

    2071Johnny on February 15 |
    • Thx for doing Robin x Lissa! <3

      cedrickterrick on February 15 |
      • Ah… There are more Robin X Lissa fans than I thought.

        KL-Cobalt on February 16 |
  4. Mario X Peach
    Link X Zelda
    Robin X Lissa
    Rosalina X Meta Knight
    Olimar X Olimar’s Wife

    KL-Cobalt on February 16 |