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Mimikyu – Dream Smashers

In every single edition of Super Smash Bros., we always get a Pokémon based on the latest part in the series. Due to this many fans have speculated that we will get a Pokémon from Sun & Moon in the next Smash title. The popular opinion is Decidueye as he is showing many signs of being the next Greninja. I myself have already done a mock Dream Smasher for Decidueye over on Cjszero’s channel which you should check out if you haven’t already. Rather than just repeat that video in article form I decided it would be better to present a different take for a gen 7 Pokémon in Smash. Teaming up with fellow writer Frostwraith, we decided to focus on Japan’s favourite of the new generation of monsters being Mimikyu, the shy Ghost/Fairy type who just wants to be loved.

Who is Mimikyu?

Credit to TheRealHeroOfWinds

Mimikyu is Pokémon number 778 in the Pokédex. He/She is a unique type being both a Ghost and Fairy type Pokemon although its real dream is to be an Electric type. If you couldn’t tell by its appearance and name, Mimikyu dreams of being a Pikachu. Why? Because everyone loves Pikachu and all Mimikyu really wants is someone to love him. This simple motivation along with its design easily shot Mimikyu up to a fan favourite Pokémon of this new generation.


Importance to Series/Nintendo?

Being part of the latest generation, Mimikyu has only appeared in one set of games so far being the latest mainline titles, Pokémon Sun & Moon. In these games, Mimikyu serves as the Totem Pokémon for the Ghost trial on Ula’ula Island. It can also be caught in this same location. Where Mimikyu’s presence really shines is the Pokémon anime and through the ways the Pokémon Company chose to market it on the build-up to Sun & Moon’s release (such as giving it it’s own song). The Pokémon anime has always been an important factor for deciding Pokémon reps (every single Pokémon aside from the Trainer has been important in the anime so far) and is one of the reasons people push for Dedcidueye as Ash has a Rowlett. Well in the Sun & Moon anime Jessie has a Mimikyu whose dark persona has definitely helped it stand next to Rowlet & Bewear as an important generation 7 Pokémon.


How would they play?

Original by TheAnvil

Niche: A spooky ghost
Gimmick: Disguise

First of all, regarding Mimikyu’s alts the color of the disguise will always change while the dark shadow underneath stays black. The Pokémon have infamously had very awkward alts with only slight variations in color or with a hat. Mimikyu will not be any different but will also try and copy Pikachu. With a reddish-yellow, yellowish-green and, orange leading the pack. The next two will be a bright yellow, that better matches Pikachu, and a purplish-yellow alt to show off the ghost type of Mimikyu. The final two are a little more unique with one alt based on Mimikyu’s shiny form and another being white, based on the idea of someone wearing a ghost costume.

Now onto the stats:

  • Can they crawl: No
  • Can they wall jump: Yes
  • How many jumps do they have: 2
  • Is there any exclusive abilities they have*: No
  • Weight Class: E
  • Height Class: E
  • Speed Class: B
  • Are they mirrored when they face left: Yes
*i.e. Peach’s float
(for a more detailed look at the stats check this link here)

Mimikyu’s main gimmick and signature ability is its Disguise mechanic. Disguise acts as a shield for Mimikyu, absorbing some damage until it eventually breaks down. This is brought into Smash in the same way. When attacks hit the upper part of Mimikyu’s body he still takes damage however Super Armour is activated allowing him to tank through attacks. However, if you hit Mimikyu’s lower body you actually hit around the disguise and Mimikyu will take knockback like everyone else. This hitbox is very small and low to the ground, though, so most attacks will likely hit the disguise.

After taking a certain amount of damage (about 30% currently but could change) to the disguise Mimikyu will enter its busted form. This form only recovers once Mimikyu has been KO’d and comes back. While in busted mode the head slumps over and Mimikyu becomes slightly lighter and, of course, more susceptible to knockback.

As a side note I have heard the argument that Mimikyu doesn’t have any hadns so how can he hold items or grab opponents. The answer is that he does have hands, two actually, you just rarely see them because they are under his disguise.

Kirby’s Mimikyu hat looks like his Pikachu hat but is obviously one of Mimikyu. 

Move Name & Action Description
Entrance Mimikyu comes out of a Poké Ball much like the other Pokémon characters.




Mimikyu has the same animation as his idle in Sun & Moon. Both for when the dummy is up and when it is down.

Idle 2 If up, Mimikyu’s dummy head flops forward and Mimikyu has to reposition it. If down, Mimikyu tries to reposition it but gives up.
Idel 3 Mimikyu lifts up the bottom of the disguise and we briefly see his eyes looking left & right before he goes back under.
Walking Mimikyu moves forward making sure to try and stay upright
Running Mimkyu breaks into a dash while the fake head flails behind. He makes sure not to be seen from underneath the disguise.
Jump It has a similar animation to his run.
Falling Animation The fake head flaps in the wind as Mimikyu falls.
Damage When taking damage Mimikyu falls backwards and the eyes on its stomach look upset.
Neutral/Jabs Mimikyu swipes in front of him with both of his hands (starting with the left) before trying to headbutt the opponent with dark magic.
F-Tilt Mimikyu spins and tries to smack opponents with it’s ‘tail’.
Up-Tilt Mimikyu headbutts upwards really fast. The head is not the hitbox, however, and instead Mimikyu uses Dark Magic for the attack. Useful for juggling opponents.

Mimikyu slaps in front of him with Shadow Claw.

Dash Attack Mimikyu dives forward like with Pikachu’s dash attack.
Forward Smash Mimikyu uses its Shadow Claw to punch forward. The recoil pulls Mimkyu forward as well. With each Smash attack its eyes shine.
Up Smash Mimikyu swipes above him with his Shadow Claw.
Down Smash Mimikyu spins around while his Shadow Claw sweeps all around him.
N-air Mimikyu spins around as if trying to copy Pikachu.
F-air Mimikyu copies Pikachu but is surrounded by Dark Magic.
B-air Mimikyu slaps behind himself with his Shadow Claw.
U-air Very similar to Mimikyu’s up-tilt.
D-air Mimikyu goes upside down and dives toward the ground, surrounded in Dark Magic.
Grab Mimikyu grabs with his shadow hand.
Pummel Mimikyu uses fairy magic to pummel opponents.
F-throw Mimikyu throws the opponents up and uses Dazzling Gleam to send them flying forward.
B-throw Mimikyu spins around and throws opponents away.
U-throw Mimikyu throws opponents skyward and uses Shadow Ball to knock them up.
D-throw Mimikyu throws opponents underneath him and uses Play Rough to pummel them.
Neutral Special 1: Shadow Ball

Mimikyu fires a Shadow Ball at the ground unlike Mewtwo who fires it straight ahead. The attack bounces along the ground in a similar style to Pikachu’s but it gets smaller with each bounce and doesn’t stick to the platform.

Neutral Special 2: Classic Shadow Ball

For this one Mimikyu doesn’t attempt to copy Pikachu and instead fires the Shadow Ball forward. There is no charge and it gets smaller the further it goes.

Neutral Special 3: ThunderBolt

This one acts more like Pikachu’s neutral special however it still doesn’t stick to the ground. It does shock people though.

Side Special 1: Astonish Mimikyu spins around and scares the opponent. This causes the opponent to spin around like with Mario’s cape and it does damage. It can’t reflect projectiles though.
Side Special 2: Wil-O-Wisp Rather than spin opponents around it burns them causing them to be knocked-back with a fire effect.
Side Special 3: Thunder Wave With this custom Mimikyu stuns the opponent so he can go in for the hit.
Up Special 1: Fling In an attempt to copy Pikachu’s agility, Mimikyu uses his arm to push himself off the ground and fling himself into the air. He can do it twice like Pikachu however he doesn’t move in a straight line, rather his trajectory is curved like Rosalina’s Up special.
Up Special 2: Power Fling

Mimikyu travels further but can no longer do an additional move. More like Rosalina’s up-special.

Up Special 3: Quick Attack

Mimikyu moves in a straight line like Pikachu, but not as far.

Down Special 1: Wood Hammer Mimikyu hits with its fake tail (that grows in size). It has a short range and is slow but it can be charged. Like Roy’s standard special, at full charge it will recoil back to Mimikyu for 5%.
Down Special 2: Burying Hammer This version isn’t as strong but at a full charge it buries opponents in the ground.
Down Special 3: Thunder

This special acts like Pikachu’s down special but it happens in front of Mimikyu and is much smaller. Still, the guy is making progress!

Final Smash: Never-Ending Nightmare

A cutscene Final Smash (like Falcon or Corrin). Mimikyu unleashes an aura of darkness around it, sucking nearby foes into it. The foes are taken to a spooky place, in which the original Ghost-type Z-Move scene is recreated, with the foes being consumed by multiple hands made of darkness.

Up Taunt

Mimikyu hops up and down like his really happy animation from Pokemon Refresh.

Side Taunt Mimikyu does his regular happy animation from Pokemon Refresh.
Down Taunt Mimikyu looks towards the ground and Dark Magic surround him.
Victory animation 1 The camera looks left to right and then when it goes back to the left Mimikyu is there and the camera jolts back. Mimics how you find him in his trial.
Victory animation 2 Mimikyu hops up and down in glee but nearly knocks his costume off causing him to stop.
Victory animation 3  The camera zooms in on Mimikyu from behind as he is surrounded by Dark Magic. Before it gets too close he suddenly turns his head and jolts the camera back. This causes him to stop and look embarrassed.

Finally, Mimikyu shares the same fanfare as the rest of the Pokémon cast.

And with that Mimikyu is done. I hope that with this article I have done a good job of showing you all that Decidueye isn’t the be-all, end-all for Pokémon reps in the Super Smash Bros. series. Once again I would like to thank Frostwraith for the initial idea to do Mimikyu as well as his input. As for everyone else let me know in the comments below your thoughts on Mimikyu in a future Smash title as well as how you might’ve done a moveset for him.

  1. I’m angry at myself for not considering Mimikyu before now. The meta-narrative about it joining Smash because Pikachu is there and it wants to be loved is just too perfect.

    Needs more Fairy-type though. Maybe Play Rough can act like the Sable Prince assist trophy.

    Igiulaw on February 17 |
  2. Nice article! It would certainly be interesting to see. : )

    For me it was Mimikyu’s song that made it memorable, since I made a literal translation of the song but then challenged readers to come up with a flowing translation, and then eventually one that fits with the melody too!

    Needless to say I was impressed by what they did : ) But that’s off topic now xD When I got to the Pokemon in the game itself, it was a little underwhelming after all that build up…

    xkan on February 17 |
  3. You know, Mimikyu could have the advantage of taking less damage from any physical attacks that have no extras to them since it’s a Ghost type.

    Bob on February 17 |
  4. Now this is the odd choice I’ve ever seen. Mimikyu is definitely popular since then. Being the most adorable being in the game as representing its feelings that it wanna be a Pikachu to be loved and making friends, while the anime is simply a demon who mysteriously hate Pikachu and just simply wanna kill everybody around it, and became an urban legend that it’s gotta be the long lost Porygon from the “Pokemon Shock incident”. While Decidueye can be the best choice for the next Smash, having Mimikyu in it can be interesting, even with its gimmick can be very strategic for defense. I can also imagine they’ll add the Mimikyu song in some Pokemon stage as special occasion.

    Anyways, great article!

    zoniken on February 19 |
  5. I like the idea! I feel like some of the specials (Neutral and Side) could be better, but everything else is fine.

    reallyersatz on February 20 |