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Februrary 9th – Februrary 17th

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Wow, Spoiler Tag sure got a lot of comments featured.

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WordPress broke the add-on 🙁 There’s been a lot of errors lately because of the newest update.

I’ll concede on that, but have you ever actually heard Nintendo use that plural form in their advertisements?

From: Featured Comments

I think Nintendo only uses “amiibo” in their ads.


“I don’t understand the mantality of rather not having the costume, than having it.”

To put things simply I think a good comparison would be Street Fighter X Tekken. Mega Man Legends 3 and Mega Man Universe have both been cancelled, and fans are already feeling betrayed by Capcom… so when Bad Box Art Mega Man shows up (yes, I know it was planned before Inafune left), it just seems like it’s spitting in their faces and putting salt in the wound. They would have rather no Mega Man than Bad Box Art Mega Man. Likewise, I would have rather no costume instead of some half-hearted “Well here’s your K. Rool, now stop asking me.”

I don’t really see how this logic is quite hard to understand. I mean Sakurai himself said if couldn’t use Pac-Man’s classic design he wouldn’t have had him in at all. I think you can understand the reasoning behind that.

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Ahh, okay. I can understand that thought process then. With me, my most wanted character is so unlikely (9-Volt from WarioWare), that I’d personally be thrilled with a costume.

Arthur 97
I still think it might be a good idea to have someone with an opinion opposite of Push’s to also be involved with these responses.

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Replied inline:
I can ask the other staff if they want to take over a week or something. I end up doing it as staff members don’t usually have the time to do it.

vigilante 155
If Sakurai was surprised by the Switch, then he might have not start developing another game or a smash port, not saying we won’t get a Switch port of Smash bros but right now we just have to wait until the smash for Switch rumor gets confirmation whether it’s a port or a brand new Smash game or no Smash bros game until more years pass by.

From: Sakurai’s Thoughts on the Switch


Yeah, that’s actually our concerns!

Mine is trivial compared to the rest, really, but I do wish we weren’t charged again for VC titles… xD

From: SG Choice: What Disappointed us the Most About the Wii U?

That’s not trivial! It’d be nice if those purchases actually carried over.


I think the short range of the Game Pad’s connectivity was its biggest disappointment. I wanted to be able to play in the bathroom, bedroom, out even just the next room if someone was watching the TV. I felt that was the killer feature, but the band and power were not designed for anything more than line of sight.

The second biggest disappointment was its speed on internal applications. Miiverse and Nintendo TVii were very unresponsive and cumbersome to use: it was worse than a web browser, despite basically being just that.

From: SG Choice: What Disappointed us the Most About the Wii U?

That’s another issue 🙁

Well, this article legitimately just made my day. But what about Tetra and her Pirate crew? After all, They’re the perfect ship.

From: SG Choice: Let’s go Shipping!

I’m not sure about the perfect ship, but they are pretty good!

Matt Bankey

Alright, let me just get my two cents on the matter off my chest:

I didn’t see why this was that big a deal at first. So long as it’s not Day 1 DLC, I don’t have much of an issue with DLC as a whole. As for the season pass stuff… Well, technically, season passes were used with Hyrule Warriors, but then again, Koei-Tecmo and Omega Force are used to that kind of thing and were able to make good use of said passes. This is Nintendo’s first run with this kind of thing on their own, and admittedly, they PROBABLY shouldn’t have announced this before the game was released. But even then, the only downside I see to doing this is the backlash, which, let’s be honest, will die by the time the game is released, and ESPECIALLY when the DLC is finally made available. Regardless of whether or not your upset with this, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild HAS gone gold, the finished version WILL be released March 3rd, and they will begin working on DLC AFTER it’s released. The fact that they’re charging for bonus content is nothing new for Nintendo, and honestly, Nintendo hasn’t gone crazy with DLC the way many other video game companies do, so I see no reason to be suddenly paranoid about this case. As for not the DLC will be worth the price of the season pass, well, if Nintendo really does deliver on what they’re promising (and I see no reason for why they wouldn’t), I’d say $20 is a fair price for the whole kitten-caboodle.

I see people claiming Nintendo’s being greedy with this, and please, if Nintendo wanted money they’d PROPERLY STOCK STORES WITH NES CLASSICS!!! Seriously, Nintendo may be incompetent with this kind of stuff, but greedy is hardly the word I’d use to describe this behavior, so please, people, take a chill pill. It’s not like you HAVE to buy the DLC to get the full experience of Breath of the Wild, anyway; be grateful that Nintendo isn’t one of those companies who hide half of their game’s content behind DLC!

From: DLC Announced for Breath of the Wild – Discussion

That’s true. I think with the lack of stock, I think Nintendo is trying to avoid overstock issues. However, because of that a lot of their products are understocked.

“Are you developing any games for the Switch? 54% -Yes”
“Will you release a game on Switch at some point? 46% – Yes.”

From: Developer Survey on the Switch by Famitsu

That means some of those titles are probably being developed in an engine for multiplatform, and the developer isn’t 100% sure that the game will be released on the Switch.

In the article where Sakurai explains why the Ice Climbers were cut. He mentions that the Pokemon Trainer was impossible to work on the 3DS version. Would the Pokemon Trainer be on this list or was Sakurai just giving an example?

From: The Definitive List of Unused Fighters in Smash

Hmmm that’s a good point. There’s no evidence that the Pokemon Trainer was worked on for Smash for Wii U/3DS so I’d be reluctant to add them to the list, unless it was under “considered”. I’ll try to Soma about it and she what he thinks. 


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