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A New Unused Item Found in Melee!

An unused item was found by crashandcortex.

You may remember him from being behind the Petey Pirahna animation find, as well as other unused animations from Smash for Wii U. He discovered that Timed Mines, from Goldeneye (N64) are still in Melee‘s files.

Here is our video on his findings (Article below).


(Proximity Mines, used are left. Timed Mines, unused are right.)


The Timed Mines strongly resemble the Mines from Goldeneye:

There is also a sound effect that goes along with this item (it’s a clicking sound!)

Speculation below:

There might have been a copyright issue with using Goldeneye content (As Sakurai has stated for Bond himself). More than likely though, the Timed Mines were removed after the Proximity Mines were altered in the Western release of Melee.


After Sakurai discovered that having content from Perfect Dark in Melee would automatically raise the age ratings in the US (Discussed here), he decided to alter the Proximity Mines to fit Goldeneye Style.  Therefore it’s possible that they were removed to avoid confusion by players (as having two mines that look near identical would be confusing in the heat of the battle).


Let us know what you think in the comments below!

  1. I remember back in the day seeing those proximity mines in Smash 64 and waiting to see James Bond show up… didn’t happen but at the time it seemed like any character was possible.

    Link on February 18 |
  2. It’s always amazing that even now new things are found in these games. The concept alone is fascinating : )

    xkan on February 18 |
  3. What? How was that.. Not found yet..? Incredible.

    I never noticed until I saw that motion-sensor bomb evolution image, is the one from Smash64 already from Goldeneye?

    Ar on February 18 |