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Does Smash for Switch Even Exist?!? – Discussion

epicmartin7 and TheRealHeroofWinds discuss if the rumored Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch even exists and what it could mean for the Nintendo Switch going forward.

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  1. At this point, it probably could be a Smash Bros 5 or a Smash Bros 4 version 2.0. Nintendo wants Smash Bros. early in the console’s life cycle & it’s been enough time since Smash Bros. for Wii U for there to be a whole new game in the works.

    backup368 on February 19 |
    • Why should they make a new Smash? It’s expensive.

      The Switch needs a Smash for Christmas. A Port is the obvious option. I have no doubt they anounce it at E3. It’s the best game Nintendo can anounce at E3 at all. It generates more hype than Mario and Zelda. They can’t put out a Mega Man joins the battle trailer. For the release they have Zelda. Then MK and Splatoon, they’ll sell great but I doubt they generate new hype. It just makes so much sense to have Smash, Fire Emblem Warriors and Super Mario Odyseey for Christmas.

      cedrickterrick on February 19 |
    • “it’s been enough time since Smash Bros. for Wii U for there to be a whole new game in the works.”

      Except… Not really… It’s been technically two years since Smash’s release – it was released in late 2014 and received updates and new characters until around this time last year – for something like that it’s safe to say that while the game has received some time to settle in, it’s still considered recent.

      On top of that, characters are the biggest appeal of Smash – most of the new characters added to Smash 4 have been in recent releases or have been relevant to the series they came from – bare that in mind, what would this theoretical Smash 5 get in terms of newcomers? 2015 and 2016 have really not seen anything out there to add aside from Splatoon – and that same time period showcased Corrin who definitely was added to Smash 4 instead of kept out for ‘the next game’

      Out of “Major” releases, we had a new Kirby, and new Star Fox, a new Metroid, a new Fire Emblem, a new Xenoblade, and a new Mario in the form of Paper Mario. Not counting them we have the late to the party Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze which got nothing but a song in Smash 4.

      And I’ll be frank, aside from Wolf none of the other series showcased in that time period have a character that could stand out enough for a new game to come out and showcase – in Wolf’s case he isn’t new because he’d just be a returning vet.

      This is why a Smash 4 port makes more sense because Splatoon is really the only IP (I guess aside from ARMs) that has brought new content to the table that could be used as a newcomer. It makes more sense for the team to add Inkling in instead of basically rewriting the game over again – especially since they still promised us three amiibo for Smash Bros.

      KL-Cobalt on February 24 |
  2. For every Nintendo console since N64, there has been at least one Smash game released. I would be surprised if Smash for Switch does not get announced. If it does, I would bet on an updated version of Smash 4 announced in at least a year from now.

    Globallink99 on February 19 |
  3. The Smash for Switch rumor have become really suspicious now these days, but obviously this rumor isn’t something that you mostly see from those untrustworthy sites like 4chan. The rumor has came from gaming related professionals through Twitter, and definitely they weren’t risking their reputation for posting such information from the beginning as their info was sure. Sure it wasn’t known to be a launch title, but things could’ve changed around through plannings. Some rumors say that the game may release in the first 6 months after the Switch release, but I do think releasing it in 6 months after the E3 event may make sense, since Nintendo and Sakurai mostly released the first new Smash trailer at E3 in the past, and 6 months after E3 is a holiday season, which is the best timing for Nintendo to give out tons of Switches for the holiday sales. Plus we still have the missing Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta amiibo standing by, so I think their release will be the evidence of Smash port to be released for Switch.

    Eventually, rumors aren’t something that we should be trusting on until the officials reveals something. But since the info was confirmed by the professionals from the gaming industry, maybe we can take a credit upon it. We just need to look forward for it and hype responsibly, which I prefer not to expect anything at this moment to avoid disappointment.

    By the way, sorry to bring out the different story, but I’ve read this article about Suda51 saying he wants Travis Touchdown to be in the next Smash ( Seriously, I don’t know much about this character, but what do you think about this? Do you think Travis Touchdown would join the next Smash, or is it simply impossible? Can anybody even think of a Dream Smasher of it?

    zoniken on February 20 |
  4. Not sure, hopefully it exists. I’d like to think Serkan Toto and Emily Rogers do have sources and are correct on their Smash rumors.

    Link on February 20 |
  5. I yet still to this day say that Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo Switch is going to exist and have additional content. The reason I say this is because there’s not even close to being enough time for Super Smash Bros. 5 to be made anytime soon. And based on the rumors, It might be released alongside the Amiibo of Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta. And about the new characters rumor, It does say 2 but we might end up getting more than that because characters take months to be developed. And alot of people say that it’s gonna be revealed at E3 2017 but I have a feeling that it might be announced a little earlier than that but who knows? Keep up the good work guys.

    Ryan Hines-Kazama on February 24 |
    • To be honest the whole “It’s going to be revealed at E3” reminds me way too much of people saying the same thing about the amiibo of Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta… “They’re going to be revealed at E3” “They’re going to be revealed at Comicon” “They’re going to be revealed at PAX”

      Yeah, I agree – if anything Smash would be revealed a little bit earlier – the question is when will the game be released? Because a holiday release might interfere with Mario Odyssey, and 2018 would be a long wait for a port.

      KL-Cobalt on February 24 |
  6. I’m not entirely sure if they would add Spring Man to Smash to be honest – frankly because the last time Smash could have been used to ‘advertise’ a new IP, they didn’t it: of course I’m talking about Inkling.

    Same deal with an old IP that really needed the exposure from Smash: Chibi-Robo.

    KL-Cobalt on February 24 |