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Smash Speculation: Post-Switch Presentation Edition – Delzethin

Source Gaming Guest Poster Delzethin discusses how Smash Speculation changed after the Nintendo Switch Presentation! Make sure to check out his video down below, as well as his Twitter, and let us know what you think!

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  1. I still feel like Impa or Tingle should be the next new The Legend of Zelda character, but I DO love these three new characters from Breath of the Wild… Still, we don’t know what kind of role they’ll play in the game, nor do we know if Sakurai has any personal preference towards any of them, so who knows…

    I DO know that ARMS is still too new to really be considered, even if Sakurai did somehow get some insight into that game’s development. On a similar note, it’s unlikely Rex will get in as well, since again, we don’t know how much access Sakurai has to a game and it’s characters to truly create a moveset that best represents its characters. And I might not know that much about Alm, Celica, or Fire Emblem Gaiden, but judging from what I’ve seen, I don’t think there’s enough going for either of them to get into Smash, and like you said, Sakurai might be a bit hesitant on including even MORE Fire Emblem characters after the response to Corrin.

    Inklings are pretty much a shoe-in at this point, and I will be absolutely dumbfounded if they somehow don’t get in with this new game. And I personally don’t think it’s a coincidence that Konami suddenly decided to revive Bomberman here and now, especially given how apathetic they are to their own IP (and Bomberman wasn’t even originally their’s!). I read that Nintendo specifically reached out to them regarding this, which to ME says they have something in store planned for Bomberman… should Konami be willing to cooperate.

    Matt Bankey on February 19 |
  2. Some say bringing them would be a good timing for advertisement, but I wouldn’t think Sakurai would ever choose them for such reason. Although there were few characters who were represented as advertisements, which were mostly Fire Emblem characters, I can hardly say Sakurai would only focus upon that reason for choosing characters.

    Some people say they should replace Little Mac with ARMS, but for the rumored Smash port, I wouldn’t think that’ll be necessary. Besides, Little Mac and Spring Man/Ribbon Girl’s gimmicks are perfectly different, which Little Mac is weak in air but ARMS aren’t, so replacement doesn’t make sense for such case. Besides, I don’t think they’ll appear in the port version either. Maybe they will for the DLC if its planned, but maybe they’ll appear in the NEW Smash game, if they’re planning.

    Splatoon is a definite, but I think they’ll focus on their first version than the second. Mario Kart 8 DX brought the Inkling from the first game since its design is more iconic, so I think they’ll focus on the first version style rather than the second since they have too many varieties of styles and not iconic yet. But seriously, Splatoon is the Wii U’s savior; I wouldn’t think they’ll ignore them for the next Smash.

    Bomber Man is an interesting third party. Konami may have problems entirely, but they’re trying their best to do something right this time, which bringing several Hudson games back in form. Although Bomber Man’s inclusion is difficult, I really do like to see him join Smash in some form. I don’t know about Snake’s return, which is up to our Mr. Kojima-san’s decision.

    I don’t know about Fire Emblem Gaiden’s inclusion. Fire Emblem is Nintendo’s biggest franchise alongside Mario, Zelda, and Pokemon, but the popularity towards Smash is negatively different than expected. Many complained too many FE characters and they’re still bashing about it today, and Sakurai was aware of adding too many of them, which he doesn’t seem to have a same hesitation with other major titles. I wouldn’t think they’ll bring another FE character due to having too many sword fighters and Marth clones at this moment, it feels impossible.

    Xenoblade 2 can be another interesting title for this topic, but some fans might prefer Xenoblade X’s Elma instead, since she’s not another sword fighter or Monado user. But if Rex can fight really differently from Shulk, then I think it’ll have a chance. But it’s really hard to tell at this moment. We’ll just wait and see.

    And finally, BotW…I don’t think they’ll bring anybody from that game. Having BotW Link’s costume as an alternate costume palette and its world being a battle stage might make sense, but at this rate, I think its impossible. I’d rather prefer Impa for the Zelda rep, it might be difficult at this rate.

    But this was an interesting article to discuss about. Thanks for sharing it!

    zoniken on February 20 |