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What Makes a Source Reliable?

CM30 and PushDustIn discuss what makes a source reliable.

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  1. Hey, I’m part of a discussion video on Source Gaming!

    Either way, hope others here enjoyed watching it, and I hope people finally start being a bit more discerning about which sources they trust in future.

    CM30 on February 22 |
  2. (If this comes off as stream of conscious-y, it’s because I’m typing it as I listen along)

    Quite a timely video after what you told me about the way people reacted to your translation/revelation about the Rito in BotW…

    Agreed –corrections don’t carry anywhere near as widely as the original…huge pressure if you’re trying to translate carefully… more risks if someone unreliable (and aiming for clicks) does it first. We do not consider it a race for our own gain, but a race to make sure people get the most accurate information… and so can become stressful for sure. (Especially on twitter with no “edit” button…) Top it off with this being voluntary on our part, and we start getting larger sites stacked against us.

    Sites like ours only really have our reputation, as small as they may be, and sometimes it can be hard to convince people as a result… something you or I may translate accurately a few days later gets ignored for the rushed earlier translation. Likewise, if we do translate something first, it may get ignored simply because our sites are so small…

    Granted, I’ve seen my works used a few times as sources on other sites, once making it up to IGN and Kotaku, but that’s pretty rare, and not many have been clicking the “source” button at the bottom. But as long as people get informed, that’s what’s important to me. The only reason I desire an increased reputation and larger audience is simply so I know this information is reaching more people, if that makes sense!

    Fortunately for me, Fire Emblem is still (relatively) niche, though increasing in popularity lately so I’ll be pushed aside soon… I can stick with the obscure things in older games, but probably can’t keep up with those who do it full time!

    I suffer from people preferring vids to text and pics, but I shall be text forever xD

    Yes, I stick with not using ads or patreon to avoid money reliance. The downside is, again, using my free time for no gain, but donation is really the best way for me, I think, simply people giving what they want to give and not making me reliant… I think it helps keep everything pure and passionate.

    Great discussion guys! And love the title pic for this article, by the way. xD

    xkan on February 22 |