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SG Choice: What Character Should be Added to Hyrule Warriors?

Hyrule Warriors has been quite the success for Nintendo. Even on the underwhelming Wii U, Hyrule Warriors managed to shift over a million copies. It soon saw an influx of Downloadable characters added to the game that helped fill much of the missing pieces of the original game’s puzzle. But who else should enter the fray? Keep reading to find out!

Hyrule Warriors has already covered a huge number of games from the series, be it as part of the main game or as DLC. While the characters most clamored for are Groose from Skyward Sword and Vaati from Minish Cap, I actually have a different character in mind. As a huge fan or the Oracle games, I may be in the minority when I say I’d like to see Ralph from Oracle of Ages. His ties to Nayru could allow him to wield the Harp of Ages, perhaps even combined with the signature item of Oracle of Seasons, the Rod of Seasons. Attacking with both times and seasons would be rather unique for the game, while also fitting with the wacky nature of many fighters.

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The Postman seems like such an obvious choice to add to
Hyrule Warriors. The Postman has been a recurring character in the series, and is very well known. Link has a Postman costume in both versions, but an actual Postman character could use his high speed letter delivery to attack enemies. Since the character is such an iconic aspect of the 3D Zeldas, it’s really surprising that he isn’t in. Quill, from Wind Waker could also fill this role, but the human version is probably more iconic.

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It is very rare that we get to play as another character aside from Link in a mainline Zelda game but in Majora’s Mask we got just that with the cursed man, Kafei. The Anju & Kafei sidequest was the most memorable mission in the entire game and it made Kafei a fan favourite in the Zelda community. So how would he play? When we play as him in Majora’s Mask all he ever does is push blocks. He has no attacks. Well, I had a different idea and it involved masks. Young Link has already been added but the only masks he uses are the Keaton mask (that he got from Kafei) and the Fierce Deity Mask. So, I was thinking Kafei could utilize the rest of Link’s masks to full effect. The Blast Mask can be used to blow up opponents; the Great Fairy Mask to command an army of fairies; the Bunny Hood would allow Kafei to plow through foes, and with the Giant’s Mask Kafei can grow big and crush opponents for a musou attack. As a side-note, Darmani, Mikau and the Deku Princess would make great adopters of Links other transformations in that game.


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The character that I really miss are Saria, and Vaati. Saria being one of the few Sages from Ocarina of Time that aren’t in the game. I kinda understand that having all the Sages could have been an overkill, but Saria and Nabooru could have represented their own races, the Kokiri and Gerudo, and Rauru could even transform himself into Kaepora Gaeobora. Saria could “fight” with Kokiri items, like the Slingshot, Deku nuts and the Deku staff (the one that Lana uses, it’s really cool, but it would be better in the hands of Saria). Vaati on his side has everything to be a cool villain character for a sequel game, relying on Magic beams, Lighting bolts and flying eyes, lots of flying eyes.
-TheAnvil: I wholeheartedly agree with Voyager here. Saria and Vaati are the two biggest missing characters.

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Ooh, this is a toughie. By the time I downloaded Ravio and Yuga in my copy of
Hyrule Warriors, I felt like this was pretty much it. I mean, we’ve got representation for every major Zelda game, or at least the ones with specific characters beyond “helpful old man.” I first considered Beedle and Kaepora Gaebora, but they’d most likely be less exciting versions of Ravio and Medli. Another of the Ocarina sages would be neat, but I’m a little less excited for them; Lana’s stick almost feels like a leftover plan for Saria, and while I’m sure Nabooru would be fun, we’ve already seen multiple dual wielding fighters.

But then I thought about how none of the villains use the Light or Water attributes, and that line of thought led me to Twinrova. Koume and Kotake’s combined form could be an absolutely insane character, one who could break the mold of what a “fighter” could be. Instead of just being Fire or Water (via her ice attacks), she’d alternate on the fly using the Combo Button. I’m not imagining something as intense as her having a whole different moveset, but the elemental change could allow for all sorts of unique strategies when dealing with enemies. I’m also unsure of whether she’d spend any time as both witches, though I definitely think that would be great for special and focus attacks.

What character would you like to see in Hyrule Warriors? Let us know in the comments below!

  1. Ocarina of Time’s Ingo complete with pitchfork and high pitched shrieking, The Resistance – Twilight Princess, Maple – Oracle of Seasons, and Link’s Uncle – A Link to the Past. Also I agree with Tris, Ralph would be an excellent choice.

    Link on February 25 |
  2. Agahnim and Byrne. Maybe Dethl, Twinrova, and any newcomber in BotW. Due to Capcom copyright reasons we already have Nayru/Din/Farore (Lana), Veran (Cia), Onox (Volga), and Vaati (Wizzro).

    And to those advocating for Groose in Hyrule Warriors, keep one thing on mind:

    What would he do? The Groosinator is already a stage mechanic in Sealed Grounds.

    AMan FromDeclan on February 25 |
  3. They are all likely just going to be the main characters from each game.

    backup368 on February 26 |
  4. As Koei-Tecmo is now working on Fire Emblem Warriors, I doubt there would be another Hyrule Warriors port for Switch. It’ll be interesting if there was a sequel, but don’t know the possibilities. But even then, imagining the characters for the game is something I really enjoy about, so here are my list of choices for the Hyrule Warriors.

    -Groose: Taking care of the first one first, Groose is definitely the most popular choice since then. It is disappointing why he didn’t added in as the new representative for the Skyward Sword roster other than Fi and Girahim. His entry may have made sense if each series could hold up to three character slots (which is obviously a fan-made rule but…), so I don’t know why he was ignored all the way to the end. I guess his choice of weapon may have been the difficult part, but what can he do? Sure, as AMan FromDeclan commented above, Groosinator is already been a stage mechanic, but maybe we can change that into a bazooka like weapon for Groose, since he’s pretty good at mechanics. I mean, if a crossbow was acceptable, then a bazooka should’ve been too.

    -Saria & Nabooru: I definitely agree with Voyager above. Beside Nabooru, Saria was meant to be a popular character since then. It was odd why she and Nabooru didn’t join the game. If the whole concept (and possible rule) of three character slots for one series each is true, then I could understand their inclusion was impossible since the Ocarina of Time representative already had Shiek, Darnia, and Ruto. But even then, as part of the 7 sages (excluding Rauru since he didn’t have enough role), Saria and Nabooru should’ve joined in. Saria could’ve used the ocarina which differs Skullkid, and Nabooru should’ve used saber which differs Tetra’s cutlass.

    -Maple: I’ve read the Oracles of Season manga before, and that has been my favorite since the characters in there was very unique. Maple was even more unique as she was really active, and bringing her in the game should’ve been an interesting one. She could use a broom as her main weapon, while using magic to defeat her enemies. She could’ve summoned one of the bosses from that game as her special if possible.

    -Ricky: Another character that I read from Oracles of Season manga, Ricky has been my favorite alongside Maple. I think it could’ve been an interesting choice to bring a kangaroo in this game, which he can use his boxing gloves as his main weapon. There’s already a glove, but that mainly focused on the mace, so I wouldn’t think that’ll count. Hey, if they made a kangaroo playable in Streets of Rage 3, then they should do the same too!

    -Byrne: Seriously, he could’ve joined as a Spirit Tracks representative if they used Phantom for Toon Zelda. I do think he was popular at some point too, but probably declined due to his choice of weapon. I think his glove might’ve become the same weapon as Link’s, but could’ve rearranged it into something more different.

    -Makar: May be really impossible, but I think we need this adorable Korok a chance. Medli had lots of love, while that poor little plant dude hardly even existed. I think using the violin as a weapon can be interesting, since we do see instruments being used as weapons in the game. Makar needs some love.

    -Styla: Yes, this is the weirdest choice ever, but I do think that weirdness is something Hyrule Warriors should have, like they added Tingle in the game. As a Triforce Heroes representative, although she may not be fitted in fighting, the fashion ability is something that made that game unique. She can use that fashion as her weapon, which she can change into various dresses or costumes to use various abilities, such as water element moves by wearing a Zora costume, or fire based ability by Goron costume. She can be an interesting choice if fashion can be her ultimate weapon of choice.

    zoniken on February 27 |
  5. Linebeck. Seriously, he was the greatest partner from any Zelda game. It was insulting enough that the original release of Hyrule Warriors ignored Wind Waker (easily my favorite Zelda), but then forgetting Linebeck? Looks like someone at Koei Techmo wasn’t a fan of Toon Link…

    SuperPooper on February 28 |
  6. I have a few suggestions that I think would be cool to see. I’ll skip over Groose and Vaati, because they’ve been talked about plenty, and what Tris had for Ralph was better than any ideas I had for him. These are a few of the other ideas I’ve had that I like best:

    Igos du Ikana: He would be able to summon the undead hordes of Ikana to fight for him. He could also detach his head to have it attack on its own, and maybe create a statue of himself with the Elegy of Emptiness, though I’m not sure how that could impact the battle.
    Rosa: Would fight with her magic key. She could also use the Fools’ Ore, though it would be more useful than it was in Oracle of Ages, and could also do something with the Subrosian dance.
    Makar: He has his violin that he could use. Also, as in the game, he could plant seeds that sprout into trees, and fly with his propeller. He could also use other Deku-themed items, though I guess Lana already does that.
    Ezlo: He would appear in his humanoid Minish form. While Vaati could use wind-based attacks, Ezlo would be able to shrink down in size. Offhand, I’m not sure how that would help in this game, but I bet something could work.
    Oshus: I think Linebeck would be cool, but I don’t have any ideas on how he’d fight. Oshus, on the other hand, could use Ciela, Leaf and Neri. He could switch between them and they would give him different abilities, like they did with Link in Phantom Hourglass. He would also be able to transform into his whale form to attack.
    Scrapper: Over the course of all the sidequests, there are many things that Scrapper helps carry. He could use these to fight, like by splashing hot pumpkin soup, blowing enemies away with the pinwheel, or using Mogma to attack. He could also use Ancient Robot artifacts like the timeshift stones.
    Sir Combsly: I wasn’t sure who to pick for this one. I just needed someone from Triforce Heroes. Another character, like Madame Couture or Princess Styla or someone could use the fashion and changing outfits aspect, but His gimmick would be the use of Doppels. He could position them around the battlefield strategically, attacking with them, or swapping into them as the situation required. There would probably have to be some limits on this, like how far away the doppels can be, but if done right, it could be an interesting mechanic.

    I’ve had a few other ideas, like the Deku King and/or Princess, and like the idea mentioned above for Maple, but don’t have any other ideas I’ve thought out to any great extent.

    John on March 1 |