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February 17th – February 23rd

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Nice article! It would certainly be interesting to see. : )

For me it was Mimikyu’s song that made it memorable, since I made a literal translation of the song but then challenged readers to come up with a flowing translation, and then eventually one that fits with the melody too!

Needless to say I was impressed by what they did : ) But that’s off topic now xD When I got to the Pokemon in the game itself, it was a little underwhelming after all that build up…

From: Mimikyu – Dream Smashers

I absolutely adore Mimikyu’s song! Your translation is great as well!

Somebody needs to tell me about the figures on page 116!

From: Sakurai’s GDC 2008 Presentation Slides

Yeah, we should translate that…:P

Since there seems to be name for each animation, are these like the names of the normal moves given in a nintendo power guide for Melee?

From: UNUSED Playable Character Animations in Smash Wii U – crashandcortex

No, the animation names are usually descriptive of what’s happening and are used by the programmers. Here are some animation names:

FinalAirSwingMiss, Attack12,AttackS4S. 

The names are very different in English and Japanese.

What? How was that.. Not found yet..? Incredible.

I never noticed until I saw that motion-sensor bomb evolution image, is the one from Smash64 already from Goldeneye?

From: A New Unused Item Found in Melee!

Yeah! Sakurai really liked Goldeneye. There’s a bunch of Smash 64 reader responses that discuss Goldeneye. One or two are was Sakurai giving tips on how to complete Goldeneye.


The Smash for Switch rumor have become really suspicious now these days, but obviously this rumor isn’t something that you mostly see from those untrustworthy sites like 4chan. The rumor has came from gaming related professionals through Twitter, and definitely they weren’t risking their reputation for posting such information from the beginning as their info was sure. Sure it wasn’t known to be a launch title, but things could’ve changed around through plannings. Some rumors say that the game may release in the first 6 months after the Switch release, but I do think releasing it in 6 months after the E3 event may make sense, since Nintendo and Sakurai mostly released the first new Smash trailer at E3 in the past, and 6 months after E3 is a holiday season, which is the best timing for Nintendo to give out tons of Switches for the holiday sales. Plus we still have the missing Cloud, Corrin, and Bayonetta amiibo standing by, so I think their release will be the evidence of Smash port to be released for Switch.

Eventually, rumors aren’t something that we should be trusting on until the officials reveals something. But since the info was confirmed by the professionals from the gaming industry, maybe we can take a credit upon it. We just need to look forward for it and hype responsibly, which I prefer not to expect anything at this moment to avoid disappointment.

By the way, sorry to bring out the different story, but I’ve read this article about Suda51 saying he wants Travis Touchdown to be in the next Smash ( Seriously, I don’t know much about this character, but what do you think about this? Do you think Travis Touchdown would join the next Smash, or is it simply impossible? Can anybody even think of a Dream Smasher of it?

From: Does Smash for Switch Even Exist?!? – Discussion

I think the amiibo missing is definitely suspect myself.

I was discussing this on the SG Discord the other day. I’d say Travis is a bit lower than Bayonetta in terms of reputation and “iconicness”. That being said, Suda is good friends with Sakurai (Suda got a special thanks in Brawl), and Travis is somewhat popular with Nintendo fans. So, while I don’t think it’s likely I don’t think he’s impossible.


(If this comes off as stream of conscious-y, it’s because I’m typing it as I listen along)

Quite a timely video after what you told me about the way people reacted to your translation/revelation about the Rito in BotW…

Agreed –corrections don’t carry anywhere near as widely as the original…huge pressure if you’re trying to translate carefully… more risks if someone unreliable (and aiming for clicks) does it first. We do not consider it a race for our own gain, but a race to make sure people get the most accurate information… and so can become stressful for sure. (Especially on twitter with no “edit” button…) Top it off with this being voluntary on our part, and we start getting larger sites stacked against us.

Sites like ours only really have our reputation, as small as they may be, and sometimes it can be hard to convince people as a result… something you or I may translate accurately a few days later gets ignored for the rushed earlier translation. Likewise, if we do translate something first, it may get ignored simply because our sites are so small…

Granted, I’ve seen my works used a few times as sources on other sites, once making it up to IGN and Kotaku, but that’s pretty rare, and not many have been clicking the “source” button at the bottom. But as long as people get informed, that’s what’s important to me. The only reason I desire an increased reputation and larger audience is simply so I know this information is reaching more people, if that makes sense!

Fortunately for me, Fire Emblem is still (relatively) niche, though increasing in popularity lately so I’ll be pushed aside soon… I can stick with the obscure things in older games, but probably can’t keep up with those who do it full time!

I suffer from people preferring vids to text and pics, but I shall be text forever xD

Yes, I stick with not using ads or patreon to avoid money reliance. The downside is, again, using my free time for no gain, but donation is really the best way for me, I think, simply people giving what they want to give and not making me reliant… I think it helps keep everything pure and passionate.

Great discussion guys! And love the title pic for this article, by the way. xD

From: What Makes a Source Reliable?

The art was done by Voyager! SG is very lucky to have Voyager and Nirbion as they constantly provide amazing art for us.

I thought I was going to be text forever, but I think in order to reach the bigger audience you need to do videos. Actually this week, our YouTube subscribers surpassed our Twitter followers.

You really hit the nail on the head.

One issue that I’ve found is that a lot of people have read our information and translations…but they read it on other sites. I was compiling a list of sites that have referenced SG in one way or another over the past three years…and we’ve hit almost every major video game news outlet one way or another. However, despite that a lot of people don’t realize it was us, or care so despite breaking so much news, we don’t have a huge following. I agree with you — the main reason I was a bigger following is so if we break something more people will be exposed to the correct information. Even this week when I reported on a third add-on for the N64, many sites mistakenly reported that the N1’s evidence was a patent. It wasn’t — it was a tariff ruling. It’s not something that’s a HUGE deal, but it’s just misinformation.

I’ve been trying to think of ways bigger sites/channels can help our smallers ones. I don’t have any concerete answers, but I think Level Up Club is a step in the right direction.

Avoiding money reliance is something I agree with you. However, lately I feel that I can’t expand SG unless I turn it into an actual business. I worry that I would lose my passion and desire to work on SG though.


  1. Exactly. Small things like that, even if minor inaccuracies, are still inaccuracies or can eventually distort a greater truth.

    Yes, I think Level-Up Club is definitely a nice step. Just need to let it grow until it manages to expand by word of mouth.

    Indeed, it gets tricky. If expanded into an actual business, you would have to dedicate more time (and money) to it while working your current job. You may be able to quit your current job if it becomes sustainable enough, but in order to do that need an even larger base and reliable money flow… which may not happen for awhile, meaning you would likely have to spend your savings for a time until you break even. It would take even more endurance, and that would certainly test your passion and dedication… and in the end will then become something you NEED people to see or else you starve. A slippery slope for sure… but one that at the same time is needed if you want to see it grow.

    Of course one way around that may be to find a reliable sponsor, which in this case Patreon could do with a large enough base… that would still avoid the ads issue and your own money for a time. It’s certainly complicated…

    xkan on February 26 |
  2. Do MYNinyrndoNews and other game blogs/websites contact you before running your stories?

    If they are manipulating information from your website (be it by accident or intentionally) you have the right to call them on it.

    haruhisailormars on February 26 |
  3. I’d honestly be tempted to make a Dream Smasher article for Travis Touchdown, though I’d have to replay the games first.

    I’ve never done something like that before (the closest I got was writing up an in-depth move-set for Dante from Devil May Cry, but I never took height, weight, walk speed, etc. into account), but I’m a huge No More Heroes fan, so I’d be willing to give it a shot.

    Megadoomer on February 26 |