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February 2017 Review

It’s time for another monthly review! With the Switch coming so soon, things have really been ramping up in the past few weeks. Before we get our hands on the Switch, let’s review this month!

I wanted to quickly draw attention to a Tweet I made a couple days ago.

This one:

Lately, I’ve been thinking of how to better prepare SG for the future. A lot of our fanbase is in SmashSmash is a topic we are very, very comfortable talking about. I remember a lot of the translations, and articles that we’ve produced as if they were my dear children. However, we need to expand out of just Smash, and we’ve been trying. Even on the actual site, our non Smash content just doesn’t do as well as the Smash content. Our view count for February took a huge hit. It was down by almost 50% on the actual site. However, our view count at YouTube has almost doubled. I think it’s obvious with the last two months that we’ve been transitioning more and more to YouTube. The reason is because we receive a lot more support on YouTube. Despite SG existing for over three years, we have 93 people who follow us through e-mail subscription, or WordPress. On YouTube, we are almost at 4,000 in less than a year. I’ll be talking with the SG staff in the coming weeks (we’ll probably have a serious discussion once we get a handle on the Switch). Let us know what kind of content you like to see from us. What kind of content do you not care for? This feedback will be very important! Lastly, before we begin the normal Monthly Review, I want to draw attention to another Tweet I made.

This is so important. Without people sharing, there’s a real risk that people will get burnt out. I’m looking for ways to bring exposure to other, smaller content creators as well. After all, SG is small, but it’s not that small. I think helping niche creators find their audience will help those creators continue to make great content.

With that out of the way, let’s resume the normal monthly review.

If you haven’t read it, January 2016 Review is here.

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