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Dream Smasher Spongebob Squarepants

This article was made by SlowDragon. She and her team make a mod for Smash For called Phoenix that can be found here.

Way back in the year of 1999, a marine biologist-turned-cartoonist named Stephen Hillenburg was finally able to show his and his team’s creation to the world, and the world hasn’t been quite the same since. On May 1st of that year, Spongebob Squarepants launched on Nickelodeon during the Kids’ Choice Awards to critical acclaim. The show was unique, to say the least, focusing on an objectively annoying character going about his days with his friends in the wacky undersea world of Bikini Bottom.

Who is Spongebob Squarepants?

Splash card made (poorly) by SlowDragon

Spongebob is a bit of an oddity, as he’s said to be a natural sea sponge, but has all of the characteristics of a common dish sponge. He lives in his iconic pineapple under the sea (as his theme song states) and works at a local fast food restaurant called the Krusty Krab, where he is the head fry cook. He is also an avid jellyfisher, bubble enthusiast, reef blower technician, inceptionist, and Employee of the Month for 374 consecutive months, all while still being legally unable to drive.


Importance to Nintendo/Series?

Spongebob is the main character of his show, as well as the most recurring cast member. Along with that, he’s arguably the most recognisable cartoon character of all time, easily eclipsing that wannabe Mickey Mouse. There could really be no other choice for an inclusion. As for his importance to Nintendo, Spongebob has made many appearances on Nintendo hardware, with his first appearance in a video game being Nicktoons Racing on Gameboy Color. He also saw critical acclaim on the GameCube with the release of Battle for Bikini Bottom in 2003. Spongebob also carries a unique trait, being one of the very, very few characters to be directly outlawed from Super Smash Bros. by Sakurai himself.


How will they play?

Spongebob, much like Mega Man, became oversaturated relatively quickly compared to similar properties. His show still runs to this day, with heavily varied quality, but many still look back on his first few years fondly. For Smash, I decided to design him around his portrayal in the glory days, using minimal references to post movie content. Due to being made of sponge, he is very light in comparison to fighters of a similar size.

Palette swaps:

  1. Default: Classic Spongebob
  2. Ripped Pants
  3. Kuddly Krab Uniform
  4. Astronaut Costume
  5. Pirate Costume
  6. Mermaid Man Costume
  7. Patrick Star Costume
  8. Hash Slinging Slasher Costume

Kirby hat: Krusty Krab uniform.


  • Can they crawl: No.
  • Can they wall jump: Yes.
  • Can they wall cling: No.
  • Do they have a tether: No.
  • How many jumps do they have: 2.
  • Is there any exclusive abilities they have: No.
  • Weight Class: D
  • Height Class: C-
  • Speed Class: B
  • Are they mirrored when they face left: Yes.


  • About as tall as Ness.


  • 80

Walk speed:

  • 1.2

Dash speed:

  • 2.0

Air speed:

  • 1.2

Jump height:

  • The first jump is average, second is extended like Ness’s and Lucas’s

Falling speed:

  • Max: 1.3
  • Fast: 2.34

Universe: Spongebob Squarepants

Series icon: Sea Flower


Move Description
Entry Spongebob is dropped on the stage by Hans, who quickly disappears to the right.
Idle Stance Spongebob stands in place with his arms swinging side to side.
Idle Pose 1 Spongebob adjusts his tie.
Idle Pose 2 Spongebob does some quick callisthenics.
KO Scream Spongebob yells “My Leg!”
Jab Spongebob does a three hit karate combo, which makes his karate gloves appear.

First, he does an overhand chop.

Then, a jump kick.

He has a rapid jab, which is his Spin Technique.

Finally, an uppercut.

Dash Attack Spongebob slides on his tongue, headbutting opponents.
Forward Tilt Spongebob does a pelvic thrust.
Up Tilt Spongebob spins a piece of paper overhead like a helicopter.
Down Tilt Spongebob uses his spatula to flip opponents like a Krabby Patty! Pops them up, allowing for combos to be built from it.
Forward Smash The Bubble Bowl from BfBB, Spongebob rolls a Bowling Ball-shaped bubble forward, which goes further when charged.
Up Smash The Bubble Bash from BfBB, Spongebob uses a Viking Helmet-shaped bubble to smash into upward foes.
Down Smash Spongebob draws a Sea Bear Circle with a piece of chalk.
Neutral Aerial The Bubble Spin from BfBB, Spongebob spins in a circle with his bubble wand extended.
Forward Aerial Spongebob uses his spatula to knock opponents upwards.
Back Aerial Spongebob does a dropkick with his Squeaky Boots on.
Up Aerial Spongebob uses his Hydrodynamic Spatula, which hits multiple times and can kill pretty well.
Down Aerial The Bubble Bounce from BfBB, Spongebob uses Shoe-shaped bubbles to meteor opponents that are beneath him, and bounce off of them akin to Greninja’s Down Air.
Grab Spongebob’s Fishing Net, he occasionally says “Firmly grasp them!”
Pummel Spongebob shakes the net.
Forward Throw Spongebob catapults them forward.
Back Throw Spongebob flings them over his head.
Up Throw Spongebob tosses them upwards by ‘being the marble’.
Down Throw Spongebob uses the net like a spatula, flipping them over and pressing them into the ground.
Ledge Attack Spongebob karate chops across the ledge.
Getup Attack (Front) Spongebob does a quick breakdance.
Getup Attack (Back) Spongebob kicks and jumps back onto his feet.
Trip Attack Spongebob does a quick Spin Technique.
Forward Roll Spongebob dives forward.
Back Roll Spongebob does a backflip.
Spot Dodge Spongebob trips, and falls onto his butt.
Air Dodge Spongebob does an evasive manoeuvre like Mario.
Neutral Special (Default) Cruise Bubble – Spongebob blows a bubble in the shape of a torpedo. The player can use the control stick to control the bubble like a PK Thunder. The bubble will explode if it hits an opponent, part of the stage, or a projectile. Usually, to get a bubble trick like this, it’d cost 25¢.
Neutral Special

(Custom 1)

Super Bubble – The bubble functions mostly the same, but is now twice as large, much slower, and has a more powerful blast.
Neutral Special (Custom 2) Jellyfish Bubble – The bubble’s turns are now much faster, and paralyses opponents upon exploding, ala Zero Suit Samus’s Neutral Special. Buzz buzz.
Side Special (Default) Reef Blower – Spongebob equips his Reef Blower and gains a powerful forward wind box. He can angle the blast up or downward. In the air, Spongebob will be blown in the opposite direction than he is facing, and can be used to recover.
You’d be surprised how much fun you can have with an oversized hair dryer.
Side Special (Custom 1) Precision Blower – The Reef Blower’s range is now much thinner, making it less easy to hit opponents. However, its recovery capabilities are much improved due to easier manoeuvring.
Side Special (Custom 2) Power Blower – The Reef Blower’s gust now does damage, but doesn’t stretch nearly as far. Unfortunately, its short distance also makes it much slower for movement.
Up Special (Default)

RocketPants – SpongeBob retracts his arms and legs into his body, and spews fire from his empty pant legs, rocketing him upwards. As he ascends, his pants will fall off, acting as a projectile and leaving Spongebob in his underwear. He will regain his pants upon landing, similar to Bowser Jr. and his Koopa Clown Car.

Up Special (Custom 1) Inflatable Pants – Spongebob’s pants puff up as they fly off, making them almost three times the size, and even more powerful upon hitting an opponent. Unfortunately, those ginormous duds must weigh him down since he doesn’t fly as high into the air. What a dumb idea.
Up Special (Custom 2) Ripped Pants – Due to their aerodynamic hole-filled design, Spongebob is able to launch himself upward a distance that would even make Clamu jealous, and his pants even split apart to create two smaller projectiles on the way up too!
Down Special (Default) SpongeBall – Spongebob transforms into a ball and functions like Sonic’s Spin Dash with a few differences. SpongeBall is much slower than Sonic’s counterpart, but it can hit while charging. When it hits someone, it is very capable of a KO.
Based on the ability of the same name from Battle for Bikini Bottom. Who needs a driver’s license when you can do this?
Down Special (Custom 1) Bouncy Ball – Spongebob just can’t stop hopping upon release, building up even more KO power, but having the ability to easily miss crouching opponents.
Down Special (Custom 2) Slow Ball – Spongebob rolls slower than a starfish but can reverse his direction on the drop of a dime (not that a dime has dropped in his vicinity for a number of years anyway).
Final Smash Super Bubble Technique – Patrick is dropped off by Hans, and the duo uses their ‘technique’ from the episode ‘Bubblestand’, and blow a large bubble. The bubble takes the appearance of a large elephant and floats to the centre of the stage. While this happens, Patrick laughs and says “It’s a giraffe!”. After a few seconds, the bubble explodes, doing massive knockback to anyone in its vicinity. Spongebob thanks Patrick for his help, and Patrick says “No problem, buddy!”, as he is picked back up by Hans. Patrick screams in terror at how cold Hans is as he leaves the battle.
Up Taunt Spongebob plays a tune with his nose, mimicking a flute.
Side Taunt Spongebob runs in place, saying “I’m ready!”
Down Taunt Spongebob holds his chest and does his iconic laugh.
Victory Pose 1 Victory Screech!
Victory Pose 2 Spongebob snaps his fingers and says “Piece of cake”. His arms then fall off, leaving him with a dumbfounded expression.
Victory Pose 3 Spongebob yells “For the Krusty Krab!” and holds a Krabby Patty overhead.

Spongebob Squarepants victory theme is a remix of the flute tune that plays in the introduction of the show.


What do you think? Could Spongebob somehow pull through and make his way into Smash, just as Villager and Pac-Man did before him? Let us know in the comments below. If you’re interested in seeing more from SlowDragon, she and her team make a mod for Smash For called Phoenix that can be found here. Thank you to NantenJex for letting me join in on the April Fools festivities today, and thank you for reading!

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Source Gaming Team

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Source Gaming Team
  1. I might be grasping at straws here with the speculation but Sakurai did say in that one interview that Goku and Spongebob were shoo-ins if there was ever another Smash title. *fingers crossed*

    Link on April 1 |
  2. No joke, I legit wanted Spongebob in Smash when I was 10 years old

    Isaac: Venus Adept on April 1 |
  3. Total waste of a slot. No way should SpongeBob get in before Robbie Rotten.

    Igiulaw on April 1 |
  4. Oh man, I actually had an idea to do this, this is way way better though. Way better than I could have done. I really really really want this to be in Smash Flash 2. If they can put in Goku or Naruto, they can put in Avon. I don’t care about some superficial veil of it not being as “mature”, it would be rad as hell. Absolutely absolutely want this.
    Legitimately so well done, I absolutely love how accurate it is to the character. The only thing I would have changed was to make the Neutral B a regular bubble that is large and barely moves forward, like Lucario’s EX Neutral B in Project M but with less power. It could be used as a zoning tool.
    Squidward needs to be the Assist Trophy, like how Grey Fox was the Metal Gear Assist Trophy.
    They could make this all the music!
    –My Music–
    Suction Cup Symphony
    Sweet Victory
    Intro Theme
    Jellyfish Jam
    Goofy Goober Rock
    Now That We’re Men
    3000 Miles to Shell City
    Living in the Sunlight
    Suction Cup Symphony
    Ocean Man

    jedisquidward on April 2 |
  5. I know this is an April fool (unless somebody really requested this in which case more power to you) but reading it makes me wonder where the line for third party inclusions will be drawn.

    There are third party inclusions I want stretching from iconic to obscure but all are, or started out as video game characters. All from video games I like. I wonder what the reaction would be if a producer ever has the guts to do this.

    That would be worth a discussion video.

    haruhisailormars on April 2 |
  6. I know this is an April Fools joke, but even then, there is NO WAY Sponge Bob would ever join Smash as he wasn’t originated from the video game from the first place, thus say the same thing with Goku as he’ll simply kill everybody in one hit as being a living cheater.

    zoniken on April 2 |
  7. You guys should make Simon Belmont, Rayman or Crash Bandicoot as a Dream Smasher.

    At Simon Belmont, I promised with David (who’s working on with it) about it before on Fast Racing RMX Review’s Comments.

    Toni Leppänen on April 2 |