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This article mainly looks at comments from March 23rd – April 3rd  (Japan time)

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Just gonna write down one Smash trivia. Sorry if you’ve already noticed it but…

During the first trailer of Smash 3DS/Wii U and Villager’s entry trailer, you’ll see two animals shown in the scene where the Villager rushes out; Rosie the Cat and Margie the Elephant. These two references as main casts of the Animal Crossing Movie.

From: Featured Comments

Ohhh! That’s pretty interesting, I didn’t know that. Thanks!


*blinking text*

From: Super Smash Bros. for Switch (port) Roster LEAK?!


Hahaha….awwww 🙁

Isaac: Venus Adept

0/10 not enough Fire Emblem characters and no CDi Link which is clearly the superior version.

From:Super Smash Bros. for Switch (port) Roster LEAK?!

We’ll do better next year!

Isaac: Venus Adept

No joke, I legit wanted Spongebob in Smash when I was 10 years old

From: Dream Smasher Spongebob Squarepants

I never really saw the appeal. I never thought Smash and Spongebob would mesh well together. As a kid, I didn’t have cable so I didn’t have a ton of exposure to Spongebob. I knew the character, but I didn’t grow up on the show I guess.


I know this is an April fool (unless somebody really requested this in which case more power to you) but reading it makes me wonder where the line for third party inclusions will be drawn.

There are third party inclusions I want stretching from iconic to obscure but all are, or started out as video game characters. All from video games I like. I wonder what the reaction would be if a producer ever has the guts to do this.

That would be worth a discussion video.

From:Dream Smasher Spongebob Squarepants

I wrote an article on it, but it would make for a good discussion video! I’ll add it to the idea list~


Arthur 97

This seems like opening a can of worms. What about Female Robin? Alph? The Koopalings? Male Wii Fit Trainer (some probably wants one)? I guess if they port Smash then these would be good for a new wave or two, but if they don’t then its simply a strange and unfair anomaly.

From: Female and Male Corrin amiibo Data Spotted in New Fire Emblem!?

I think the two Corrins are in a unique position. Fire Emblem is a series Nintendo has been really pushing. There’s only 1 alt. The female alt is probably more popular than the male. I think it makes sense and is somewhat justifiable. I’m not going to get either of the Corrin amiibo, but I can understand why Nintendo would want them both produced.


Ah well. There’s always that chance they could still be working on some surprise characters, but I’m beginning to get doubtful at this point. If there is a Smash port it would make sense to announce the remaining 4 amiibo alongside the game reveal and just leave it at that. Why they would have 2 Corrins and not give the same treatment to the other alts is a bit weird though.

From: Female and Male Corrin amiibo Data Spotted in New Fire Emblem!?

If there are additional characters, they could be a different wave.


My theory on why Female Corrin would receive an Amiibo while other alternates do not is because Female Corrin is much more popular than Male Corrin. When it comes to other characters with alternates such as Robin, Olimar or Wii Fit Trainer, their default is the most popular so Nintendo won’t bother to make alternate Amiibo for them.

This puts Corrin in the unique position of being the only character where the alternate is more popular. This gives me a feeling that when it comes time for the next instalment or perhaps even in a Switch port of the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, they’ll make Female Corrin, the default instead.

From: Female and Male Corrin amiibo Data Spotted in New Fire Emblem!?

I agree with this :).

Arthur 97

Well, the Koopalings have cost going against them. That’s seven more amiibos to design, make, and sell, and I highly doubt most people would buy them as a set (Over $70) and I question their individual marketability. But, yes, if they do it for one, they should be obligated to do it for all.

From: Female and Male Corrin amiibo Data Spotted in New Fire Emblem!?

The Koopalings should be combined into one amiibo.


If popularity was running Smash – Ridley and King K. Rool would’ve been playable characters by now.

By a slight rule of thumb, the amiibo were modeled after their default costume in the CCS, which was why we got two ROB amiibo – since Famicom ROB was the default costume in the Japanese release while the NES inspired ROB was the default in the Western release.

Having two Corrins does indeed blow this out of the water, but then the question becomes as to why even consider making an amiibo of Male Corrin when you have the more popular Female Corrin? For sake of consistency? For an exclusive function in Echoes for the fans of the less popular Male Corrin? When for arguments sake they would share the exact same function in Smash?

I mean, the same argument could be set for ROB in the same case – Famicom ROB is really no different than ROB in all form and function, except for Yoshi’s Woolly World where that’s the only distinction (and I believe only both costumes are in the 3DS version, the Wii U version might be dependent on the game’s region – I haven’t checked.) But at the very least with ROB there was actual consistency in regards to Smash, the series that particular amiibo was made for.

Female Corrin may be a choice, but she’s not the default, and if they’re doing this now, why haven’t they done the same thing with at the very least one off costumes like Female Robin and Alph (The Koopalings would be a retailer’s nightmare, especially when they would all turn out to function as Bowser Jr.)

Popularity? Consistency? Who knows? What I’m more concerned with is the fact that even though we’ve known these amiibo to be Smash amiibo (hopefully they are, there’s always that possibility that they’ll not do it regardless of how they might be) is where the heck is Smash for Switch – why release these amiibo if the game they are paired with are not only not on the hot topic system, but a game that has been a little over two years old? (Regardless, Smash 4 is still a great game.)

From: Female and Male Corrin amiibo Data Spotted in New Fire Emblem!?

I think the amiibo were just the poses.

I think two Corrins are just for constitency and to promote Fire Emblem.

One issue I just thought about with the Koopalings and Alph, is the way the amiibo are coded.

0x0 0x2 Game & Character ID
0x2 0x1 Character variant
0x3 0x1 amiibo Figure Type
0x4 0x2 amiibo Model Number
0x6 0x2 amiibo Series

(From 3dbrew)

So the data structure looks like this:

12 34 56 78 910 1112 1314 1516
Series Character # Variation # Form amiibo # Set 02
Mario (SSB) 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 02
Mario (SMB) 00 00 00 00 00 34 01 02
Gold Mario (SMB) 00 00 00 00 00 3C 01 02
Silver Mario (SMB) 00 00 00 00 00 3D 01 02
Classic Mario (BIT) 00 00 00 00 02 38 06 02
Modern Mario (BIT) 00 00 00 00 02 39 06 02
Dr. Mario (SSB) 00 00 01 00 00 19 00 02
Luigi (SSB) 00 01 00 00 00 0C 00 02
Luigi (SMB) 00 01 00 00 00 35 01 02

(From this spreedsheet)

The reason why I copied Mario and Luigi’s is to explain why Alph and Koopalings wouldn’t work with the current way the amiibo are coded.

Essentially, Alph and Koopalings would be treated as different characters. The 2nd number would be different for them.

If I understood it correctly, Smash is programmed to recognize by the series and character number, unless there is an exception (Dr. Mario, included above is one of them. This is because Dr. Mario IS Mario).  However, if you use the Gold Mario amiibo it should work in Smash, and that’s because Smash is just reading the series and character number and going “oh, it’s not Dr. Mario. It’s just Mario. Cool.”. Some games include special bonuses for certain kind of amiibo — like Breath of the Wild with certain versions of Link. Again, they are programmed to receive that data.

As I mentioned above, Alph IS NOT Olimar. He’s an alt in Smash, but the character number would need to be different. It’s the same for the Koopalings and Bowser (each Koopaling should have a unique character number).

With the two Corrins, they would be the same series + character number…the only difference should be the variation number. So maybe without a patch, it’d be very difficult to add Koopalings/ Alph into the game as acceptable amiibo, unless their character numbers have already been decided.


That’s it for this week! I’ll be back next week~


  1. They could simply code them differently. And I know they fulfill the same roles, but for characters like that I tend to view them as the same fighter, but different characters. They do have different lines and expressions (example: female Robin smiles more than male Robin) at times after all. I call them all alt. characters.

    Also, having all seven Koopalings as one amiibo would make the Amiibo itself too big to use or display efficiently.

    Arthur 97 on April 7 |
  2. But even then, Robin’s female amiibo will be planned to be released or never due to both male and female are simply same characters?

    Anyways, I have a question. Sorry if I’ve being rude and irritated with this case, but I have sent a message regarding to the guest article I’ve been working on quite a…long time ago now. Everything’s ready, but still haven’t got a response from you. I know you’re busy with many things, but I’m kinda wondered and concerned whether my message have been reached to your place or not. If you have changed your mailing address, please let me know so I can resent to you again. If not but there’s a problem with it, please let me know.

    Thank you.

    zoniken on April 7 |
    • Sorry about the lack of a reply, it’s nothing intentional — replying just slipped my mind. Half the time I read messages when I’m at work, so sometimes it just slips my mind when I get home. Twitter or the SG Discord are better places to reach me if I don’t respond.

      PushDustIn on April 7 |
  3. Lots of Corrin amiibo love here. Still, the one nagging thought in my mind is if popularity was a major factor, why make the male Corrin amiibo in the first place? They could just as easily not spend the time, money, and resources for the male Corrin both as an amiibo and in Echoes (even though it looks like they are mostly recycling assets) and just have the female be the only one.

    KL-Cobalt on April 8 |