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Persona 5: Yongenjaya in Real Life

Persona 5 features faithful game-world recreations of many famous real-world locations in Tokyo. The main character lives in a neighborhood called Yongenjaya (四軒茶屋), meaning “four tea houses”, and it was inspired by the real town Sangenjaya (三軒茶屋), meaning “three tea houses”. How do the two compare? I took a walk around the block and snapped some pics to find out. Full album link is below – it doesn’t get any sourcier than this! 


The supermarket Muramasa (“Murasaki” means purple)


The supermarket Niku no Hanamasa. Open 24/7, with a basement floor dedicated entirely to meat!

Narrow back alleys?

Narrow back alleys.


Good-Bye Good-Bye

Good-day Good-day


Coin laundry!

Plus a detergent vending machine on the wall


Just some street scenery in the game…

But it’s actually a super tasty Thai restaurant!


As you can see, the team at Atlus nailed it. Their attention to detail really brings the feel of walking around Sangenjaya into the world of Persona 5. If you want to see more, you can check out the full album here. And if you want to hear Sakurai’s thoughts on the game, click here.

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