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Rumor and News Catch Up: Smash on Switch


Smash on Switch News Catch Up:

  1. 4 Smash amiibo have CPSIA certificates
    1. Corrin may be getting two amiibo
    2. Remaining Smash amiibo delayed until Smash port
  2. Switch is Getting 2 Smash Games
    1. Melee and other GC VC Titles on Switch (EuroGamer Article)
    2. Smash for Switch will feature limited new content, like Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. “Director’s Cut” (Liam’s Tweet)
      1. Status of other rumored ports: Splatoon, Mario Maker, Xenoblade and if it affects Smash for Switch.
      2. 1.1.6 Update Files indicate porting started after DLC was finished
      3. Dr. Serkan Toto’s Tweet in Jan 2016
  3. My Thoughts on the Switch” – Sakurai column on the Switch

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one comment
  1. So far, the Corrin figure leak has ended up being correct. But not only those as Cloud and Bayonetta’s alternate figures were also introduced in today’s Direct. But still, I don’t understand why they don’t allow to have the female Robin’s amiibo? Will they be planning to bring one in the future or not?

    But I doubt that time would ever come, because I’ve heard that they say this will be the *FINAL* Smash amiibo…wait, what? A final Smash amiibo? So does this mean we won’t have Smash for Switch? All those possible rumors are now officially disapproved? If that’s true, then I’d be SOOOOOOOOOOO PISSED.

    zoniken on April 13 |