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Six New amiibo…Now What?!

PushDustIn discusses the newest additions to the Smash amiibo line, and what it means for various rumors.

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Voyager (thanks for the art!):

Why Having a Source Doesn’t Guarantee Accuracy:

Rumor and News Catch Up:

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  1. I may have already written this in the previous articles already, but I would like to comment about the Smash amiibos once again since I’m concerned…

    Female Corrin’s amiibo may have proven right since that leak was revealed, and Cloud’s amiibo as a reason of delay may make sense. I still don’t understand why they wouldn’t make a Female Robin amiibo too, but I think that time would never come. I’ve seen many gaming news sites stated that these 6 amiibos will be the FINAL amiibos for the Smash series, according to their article titles displayed. I may be wrong if that didn’t mean anything which I’m hoping that I’m wrong, but if this proves that there won’t be a Smash for Switch in the near future, as meaning those rumors are officially disproved, then I’d really become upset with it…

    Here are the addresses of those sites I found:

    zoniken on April 15 |
    • “I still don’t understand why they wouldn’t make a Female Robin amiibo too, but I think that time would never come.”

      The most I can guess is that this is the collective gimmick that all three characters have in common, and having to go back for female Robin would mean that they would have to collectively do the same for Alph, Male Wii Fit Trainer, Wireframe Mac, and the unholy retailer nightmare of doing a combined 14 varieties of Villager and Koopalings.

      KL-Cobalt on April 16 |
  2. At least Sakurai’s happy.

    backup368 on April 15 |
  3. When we had gotten confirmation of female Corrin, I was upset because it seemed so out of place – why her of all things? If it was solely because of popularity, then they should’ve never attempted a male Corrin.

    Now that all three of the final DLC characters are having alts, it makes me feel a bit better knowing that even if popularity was a main factor, that it wasn’t just female Corrin but also Cloud and Bayo as well. It makes it seem less of a popularity cop out and more of a shared theme all three characters shared.

    As far as how far this takes the Smash Switch rumors – that’s kinda the big thing. While previous waves of Smash amiibo have launched without even a game to advertise with or alongside other games – running on the sheer scope of the numerous characters in Smash – this IS the final 3 (supposedly) and while I can accept the idea that Cloud complicated things (because of course he does) I would like it more that we’ll eventually see a port in the near future…

    That being said, E3 is truly the time when the Smash 4 Switch rumors will finally be put to bed. I have two feelings towards this: the cynical feeling that these six amiibo merely were delivering on a promise made in December 2015 and that was all there was to it, despite the fact that Nintendo has left the Wii U behind while focusing on the Switch (the game is still on 3DS though) and essentially advertising for an older, dead system is to be frank – stupid. The other more optimistic feeling that they are a sign of a port of Smash 4 Switch coming later on in the year, as they don’t have to release immediately with the amiibo release, as long as the amiibo are a sign of a game to come – again, because why would they advertise amiibo for essentially a dead console when they’ve moved on to the newer one unless they were going to make a port.

    Nevertheless, the amiibo have been pre-ordered – at least to the most I can muster (Which is the base 3 and “Player 2” Cloud) and I look forward to actually training them when they come out in July.

    KL-Cobalt on April 16 |