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This article mainly looks at comments from April 3rd- May 3rd.

Haha, remember when I said ‘I’ll be back next week’. Well, next week quickly turned into next month. Sorry about that.

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There are only 2 gripes I have with Other M.

1. The forced first person sequences.

2. It assumes the player has read the manga and played Super Metroid. Like Prime doesn’t exist.

I think they should have included the manga with it. I have Japanese copies but can’t understand what gets said. But in Sakamoto’s defence, he can’t tell the story like that without an advanced console. I disagree about Samus’ voice because nobody actually heard her talk before Other M and comparing a few lines or the unused Prime lines just doesn’t fly IMO.

Other M’s biggest mistakes are assuming people already knew previous instalments and pretending Prime didn’t exist.


From: Risks and Benefits of Reinventing Classic Franchises

Yeah, I think that’s a lot of people’s problems with Other M. Even if they didn’t include the manga in it, they should have included some additional story in the menu to explain to those fans who haven’t read the manga.

As for voice acting, Nintendo hasn’t done that good of job with voice acting. Even with Breath of the Wild, some people have complained about some of the character’s dialogue. It’s just something that Nintendo isn’t particularly good at.


Fire Emblem: Awakening may be a good case of “reinventing,” though not as drastic as Uprising and Breath of the Wild may be. Some of the mechanics were altered to bring back things not seen in the franchise out west (marriage), but the tone, art direction, particular handling of children mechanics, supports, etc certainly made a “new formula” that Fates followed after and split the fanbase pretty hard. May be a topic worth discussing.

From: Risks and Benefits of Reinventing Classic Franchises

I’m waiting for you to come on for a discussion! It’s definitely an interesting topic to explore.



-*Mario Superstars Cards – Are they worth it?*-

Eh… To me they’re not. They unlock an extra stage of stats to the character in the sport they correspond to. And since these card don’t work like figures, they really have no real use – other than minor things like transferring Miis to the Switch from the 3DS and Wii U or minor ingredients in BotW – to which, would be pretty helpful if you’re traveling.

-*Animal Crossing Cards*-

Given how Splatoon 2 is worked on by most of the same team as Animal Crossing, I don’t see another Animal Crossing game in the horizon at the very least for another two years. If amiibo functionality does return in the next Animal Crossing, it would largely be based on New Leaf’s formula, and I believe the cards would be more valuable than the figures in retrospect.

-*Pokemon amiibo – The next big thing?*-

As far as Pokemon go, I doubt Gamefreak would even consider amiibo. Like Animal Crossing which had the e-Reader functionality, Pokemon actually did dip their toes in combining Nintendo’s gimmick into the cards. I feel that with how extensive the card game has gotten, that adding amiibo to it would really mess up the card game’s balance for some, as there were similar complaints with the e-Reader function as well back in the day.

I mean, with over 700+ Pokemon, yeah that would make sense to add them all, but the point then becomes, what would the amiibo DO? Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon have absolutely no amiibo support and even then, Gamefreak seems to limit the kind of things the Pokemon amiibo in Smash currently do. They work in Smash, they work in Mario Maker, and they work in Robobot – The Mario Maker costumes don’t make any special Pokemon sounds unlike the special 20th anniversary Pokemon event costumes, and Robobot only mentions the character’s name which wouldn’t be an issue. The Yoshi’s Woolly World staff said they couldn’t find a way to make Pokemon costumes look good, but when the 3DS version added Ryu and even Corrin but yet the Pokemon amiibo still don’t do squat, it makes you wonder…

Not to mention, there isn’t a ton of options for amiibo use to occur. Aside from main titles, Pokemon has mostly been handling spin-offs through mobile devices lately so where’s the platform to use the amiibo going to be then?

-*ARMS amiibo – What would they get in comparison to Splatoon?*-

I honestly don’t think ARMS should be getting amiibo. We have about at least until the end of June for the game to come out in the projected Spring, and yet unlike Mario Kart 8 Deluxe which comes out at the end of this month, ARMS has at least two whole months to set a release date on. (This is the start of the 2nd Quarter after all, they have until July before it hits Q3) So on top of that there isn’t much info to go on.

As far as Splatoon went, the amiibo unlocked costumes (Single Player challenges and the rewards were costumes and weapons) so I’m not sure if ARMS could have the same effect.

As far as a trainable fighter ala Smash, I’d like that, but if we’re going to be realistic, I think the AI wouldn’t work as a trainable fighter for ARMS as it would for Smash since ARMS looks to be designed as a more traditional fighter – instead perhaps an amiibo exclusive ARM ATTACHMENT could be unlocked, preferably through a challenge.

Now with that, I’m off to go play more Breath of the Wild and train more amiibo – here’s also a nice image of what amiibo do in Breath of the Wild:

(yes, I’m plugging that again.)

From: amiibo: Are They Still Worth It? (Discussion)

Yeah, I wonder how willing the Pokemon Company would be to allow their amiibo, if they were to ever make any, work with other titles. They seem to be a pretty difficult company to work with. Sakurai has talked with Masuda about it in the past (though Masuda said they aren’t that picky!).


Say, do you think you’ll do a “bonus analysis” on Battlefield, Final Destination, and Metal Cave from Smash 64?

From: Stage Design with Smash 64

I passed the message to NantenJex, and he said he might be up for doing it!


I may have already written this in the previous articles already, but I would like to comment about the Smash amiibos once again since I’m concerned…

Female Corrin’s amiibo may have proven right since that leak was revealed, and Cloud’s amiibo as a reason of delay may make sense. I still don’t understand why they wouldn’t make a Female Robin amiibo too, but I think that time would never come. I’ve seen many gaming news sites stated that these 6 amiibos will be the FINAL amiibos for the Smash series, according to their article titles displayed. I may be wrong if that didn’t mean anything which I’m hoping that I’m wrong, but if this proves that there won’t be a Smash for Switch in the near future, as meaning those rumors are officially disproved, then I’d really become upset with it…

Here are the addresses of those sites I found:

From: Six New amiibo…Now What?!

Nintendo sent a PR email shortly after the presentation. This is what it said:

New amiibo Approaching!: The final Super Smash Bros. amiibo figures are on the way! Two versions of Cloud, Corrin and Bayonetta amiibo figures will hit store shelves on July 21.

I wouldn’t read into it one way or the other. It just means the amiibo for Smash 3DS/ Wii U will be finished. If another Smash is coming, then there will be amiibo. Final just refers to this particular line.


In any serious scientific paper you need to source almost every sentence, except the ones that you are describing for “the first time”, not even your hypothesis are free of that, because you must provide a “lead notion”.
So, as you said on the article, sources not only benefit the source (like with clicks or money), but they can help you to build upon them, and the better your sources, and source searching methods, you are more likely to find new information, or at least be more close to the “truth” about your topic of interest.

From: The Importance of Sourcing

Exactly! It’s also helps people who are curious understand the situation more 🙂


“What’s real? Your eyeballs think the sky is blue. But that’s just sun rays farting apart through the barf of our atmosphere. The sky is black.” ~BMO from Adventure Time “Imaginary Resources”~

Hate to admit it, but people now these days don’t accept reality or even the truth, which they just simply believe that opinions are facts. No matter how many times we’ve proven the truth, they wouldn’t believe it as facing it as lies, becoming more prideful that their matter of thoughts, such as “Ridley was meant to become playable” and “Wolf was supposed to return”, to be true, which is false of course. We’ve seem those selfish and hard-headed people (or whiners to say it in the harsh way) before, and we still see them more often, without understanding how things do really work.

I do think source is always important in every social media, because it proves whatever we’ve heard or seen were true or false. It’s like you’re in a courtroom, you confess with the witness or suspect, and show them the evidence to prove whether they were telling the truth or a lie. Sources are evidences to certain information, and without it, they cannot prove whatever they informed was fact or opinion.

Of course, certain sources can change if something happens, but that doesn’t mean the source was false. Whenever there’s an idea found out of no where, they simply change the situation, thus explain the reason afterwards. Such as how the Villager was changed to become playable in Smash for 3DS/Wii U, who wasn’t originally fitted back in Brawl. This doesn’t mean Sakurai was lying, because changing the mind isn’t lying. And even the sources have changed differently, its still important to keep it on how it changed.

Furthermore, having a source really teaches a lot of how things worked in Smash, such as rules upon character choices, reasons of their inclusion and exclusion, where certain things were originated from, etc. And thanks to that, I was able to learn many things about Smash. Thank you Source Gaming!

From: The Importance of Sourcing

You are right…these days people don’t accept reality, or believe opinons as facts. People are so quick to be outraged (one way or the other) and try to push their own agenda, that they don’t think…they just do. The Internet also doesn’t reward careful execution, it rewards speed which adds to confusion and corrections not spreading as much. It’s a difficult problem to solve =/


Interesting things. Reminds me, when you guys get the chance can you translate the article where Sakurai didn’t know Mother 3 was only being released in Japan?

From: “Lost” Brawl Interviews

Someday….over the rainbow….
(No seriously, it’s a long interview. We just haven’t done it yet).

Toni Leppänen

Hi David! I don’t know how long your promised “Simon Belmont” on Dream Smashers goes, but I could like to see that as you did a “Case for” him before.

You actually have a Dream Smashers for Simon planned and get to it eventually as you said that to me in Fast Racing RMX’s Review if you don’t remember after those months below.

From: The Disney Afternoon Collection Review

He’ll get to it someday! Right now, he’s been doing a lot of reviews and other things so he hasn’t had time to work on it. He hasn’t forgotten about it!


A 20 minute video discussing a corporate social media account’s periodic use of memes.

What’s next, a roundtable about Miyamoto’s hairstyle?

From: Mario’s Lame Meme Machine (Discussion)

TBH: I only wanted to record this because I thought of the name.

But now that you mention it…Miyamoto’s hairstyle article/ discussion would be interesting…

Arthur 97

Between this and the case for idol games, one might think they were running out of ideas.

From: Mario’s Lame Meme Machine (Discussion)

We still have loads of ideas (this month is nearly fully planned, for example)! Sometimes they’ll be a hit, sometimes they’ll sink. Especially with E3 coming soon…we’ll be very busy!

  1. Thank you for replying to my comment. Can’t wait for it to be translated. It sounds like it’s going to take a while, but do your best and when the time comes. I know you guys have other things to do; so don’t worry about it until you get the chance. Keep up the good work and thanks for everything!

    Rosalinatehplumber on May 10 |
  2. I find it interesting how your franchise reinvention topic generated that much attention.

    haruhisailormars on May 10 |
  3. I’m not sure how great of an idea including the Fusion manga in Other M would have been considering (funnily enough) Other M’s plot contradicts that too!

    Specifically, in the manga Adam is the one who suggests Samus become a bounty hunter while Other M’s backstory would have us believe she made that decision as a slight against him like a rebellious teenager. Samus and Adam are also still shown to be on good terms after her leaving the federation in the manga, which is certainly not the case in Other M.

    I’m pretty sure the manga also contradicts Other M’s bit about the Space Pirates being a hive mind that will become feral without something to lead them but its been a while since I read it so don’t quote me on that.

    Other M really needed to indicate to the player that Ridley was the one who killed Samus’ parents because without that knowledge her breakdown in front of him make absolutely no sense (even with that knowledge it remains a controversial scene), however including the manga might have just led to more discrepancies. Other M is far too shoddily written for there to be any simple fix to its story flaws. I’m not sure anything less then a full rewrite could salvage it.

    Mettaur on May 15 |