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What Modes Should “Smash for Switch” Have?!

PushDustIn and NantenJex discuss what modes should appear in the next Smash.

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  1. Story mode with cutscenes! That was one of my favorite things about Brawl, and really missed it in the current games. I’d really like to see more cool interactions with the characters… maybe some fights between Link and Cloud or Samus and Mega Man. Just go all out >:D

    Link on May 13 |
  2. Although I’m not really satisfied with the Smash Tour, I do agree every modes from Wii U will return for the (possible) Switch port. But even then, I would like to see the 3DS modes added in Switch as well, since Smash Run is a lot more popular and addicting (even I still play that mode whenever I’m out), I do think they’ll add it in. But for the Smash Run enemies, I don’t expect seeing more Kid Icarus enemies since there’s too many of them, but they should add in more enemies like Boos, Zingers, Like Like, Sidesteppers, Bugsy, Aparoids, Grimers, New Age Retro Hippies, Wollywogs…even they could add in more third party enemies like Buzz Beetles, Egg Pawns, Sniper Joes, Big Eyes, Affinities, Accolades…it may sound too many, but we need more unique enemies as it can be challenging.

    I would also want the trophies be upgraded too. I do wish to add all the 3DS trophies since I believe the 3DS version seems too imperfect, even you can’t figure out what game those characters came from, and having multiple figures without a purpose of usage in the 3DS version. Also they should add custom moves for the DLC fighters, and maybe special costumes for the regular fighters other than the Miis.

    zoniken on May 13 |
  3. So to be brutally honest, I’m not seeing them go completely bonkers here and add everything people want under the sun.

    I don’t expect a character stock mode like the end of Smash Tour features, or anything to replace the Wii U version’s single player mode, or an Adventure mode with cutscenes, or even a toggle for stage hazards (That’s why Omega stages were made in the first place…)

    At the very least, at the very LEAST – the only new mode we’ll get is Smash Run – how that will operate without the 2nd touch screen for powers is beyond my thought process at the moment, but it would make a great game mode to feature the Switch’s Wireless mode.

    Aside from that, I would expect event matches to incorporate the DLC characters, but I feel – and this is me saying this, that the DLC characters will be unlockable along with the unlockable characters on Wii U. I also don’t expect changes much to obtaining custom moves or their drop rate – if anything I think the Mii costumes will merely dilute it.

    What I would WANT though, is an offline tournament mode – I would like that just so that I can make it easier for amiibo Tournaments (Assuming they would be allowed.) and for Miis to be playable in standard online instead of just with friends or the now defunct Online Tournament mode.

    KL-Cobalt on May 13 |
    • I also want to add to this and say they’re going to have to add at least one new stage to replace Miiverse – since the feature isn’t on the Switch and that was were a bunch of soundtracks that weren’t in the game otherwise were found. I don’t know what they could do with it, but at least make a stage that’s neutral enough where all of those songs fit.

      KL-Cobalt on May 13 |
      • I rather have them collect all the best works that were submitted via Miiverse and create an offline version of the stage. I much rather have the Miiverse stage if I had to chose between Picochat returning or Miiverse returning.

        Fangzthewolf on May 14 |
        • That would be cool, the only problem with that idea is it entirely undercuts the stage’s gimmick: Draw a post on Miiverse and have it appear.

          But saying that it does happen I would get the feeling that the best works (or the most liked ones) wouldn’t be the most “quality” posts either – as some of the posts that were popular with certain characters were things completely unrelated to said character or related to other things, like the “Ness is Sans” posts or “This should’ve been THIS CHARACTER” (Like the constant whining for Goku, K. Rool, or Daisy) and of course the usual hate.

          But god no, I don’t want Pictochat back. If they have to do anything where the music can come back, it might end up being Tomodachi Life – or perhaps something a bit more Switch focused.

          KL-Cobalt on May 23 |
  4. A more dedicated single-player mode for one. Even if it’s just what they did with Melee, I want another Adventure Mode!

    Matt Bankey on May 14 |