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Dream Arenas – Yo-Kai World

While 2016 was the celebration of Pokemon’s 20th Anniversary, it was also the big year for the Yo-kai Watch series. The series is still in fierce competition with their rival franchises, releasing many new games throughout the world. In Japan, Yo-kai Watch 3: Sushi/Tempura were released on July 16th, while one of their three large expansion updates and their minor change version, Yo-kai Watch 3: Sukiyaki was released on December 15th, which coordinated with its third movie release. In the West, Yo-kai Watch 2: Boney Spirits/Fleshy Souls were released on September 30th, and the first Yo-kai Watch game in PAL territories were released in April 29th, which proves that the series in the West is making a better progress. However in this year 2017, Level-5 has also announced that they’re releasing Yo-kai Watch 2’s third version Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters this fall. Although it’s not announced yet, we know that they’ll also probably release the localized version of their first spin-off game Yo-kai Watch Busters in the West, sometime next year. Due to its success, I would like to make another article on how Yo-kai Watch would appear if it joined Smash Bros.

I have wrote the Case for and the Dream Smasher article for Yo-kai Watch’s mascot, Jibanyan, before but, if Jibanyan did join Smash in some way, we know that he can’t simply join empty handed. As a courtesy, third party characters provide their series based stages and (maybe) items to Smash, so Jibanyan needs to do the same too. Due to this, I’ve decided to make a Dream Arena and Dream Items for Jibanyan if he were to join Smash.

First of all, let me introduce the Dream Arena for Jibanyan. In the actual games, Yo-kai Watch mostly takes place in the fictional town of Springdale, while other areas being similar in other games. But since Springdale is a large world with many details, choosing Springdale as the Dream Arena may be difficult to figure how it’ll work in Smash. We cannot make another touring stage with various shapes of platforms like Delfino Town and Skyloft since that is hardly unique. So in this case, we’ll pass on Springdale and move to the different area of the game instead, which was highly mentioned but less focused in the actual game. We’ll bring the Yo-kai World as Jibanyan’s and Yo-kai Watch series’ Dream Arena.

The Yo-kai World is the homeworld of all Yo-kais, which was also used as the final destination of the first Yo-kai Watch’s storyline, and returned in Yo-kai Watch 2’s post-game. Taking place in the alternate realm, this world is connected to the human realm’s Springdale, using the sacred tree at Mt. Wildwood as its main entrance. In the actual game, Chairman McKraken, the main villain of the first Yo-kai Watch, took over the world after the previous King Enma passed away, and planned to invade the human world along with his evil Yo-kai henchmen. However, after his defeat by the main protagonists Nathan Adams/Katie Forester, the world was later passed on to King Enma’s grandson Lord Enma in Yo-kai Watch Busters. This world takes place in a long bridge leading to the ruler’s throne, while each three gates are guarded by the gate keeping Yo-kais. Below the bridges are connected to certain areas, which are Hungry Pass, Liar Mountain, and Hooligan Road.

In this Dream Arena article, we’ll focus on this bridge as its main battle stage, which I’ll explain its statistics and hazards below. But before that, let’s introduce the music choices for this Dream Arena first.


Although most of the background musics in Yo-kai Watch is not iconic, we’ll be using few battle musics that’s been used in Yo-kai Watch and Yo-kai Watch 2. Similar to the Green Hill Zone and Windy Hill Zone stage, we’ll bring vocal songs that’s been used from Yo-kai Watch 2, both Japanese and International version. Here are the list of music that’ll use for this stage…


Music Title Originally From
Theme of Yo-kai Watch Yo-kai Watch
VS Yo-kai Yo-kai Watch
VS Strong Yo-kai Yo-kai Watch
VS Yo-kai 2 Yo-kai Watch 2: Boney Spirits/Fleshy Souls
Battle! Yo-kai Watch 2: Boney Spirits/Fleshy Souls
VS Classical Yo-kai Yo-kai Watch 2: Boney Spirits/Fleshy Souls
Matsuri Bayashi de Gera Gera Po Yo-kai Watch 2: Boney Spirits
Hatsukoi Touge de Gera Gera Po Yo-kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls
Yo-kai Watch 2: Boney Spirits OP Yo-kai Watch 2: Boney Spirits
Yo-kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls OP Yo-kai Watch 2: Fleshy Souls


Now as we’ve gotten the list of musics for this arena, let’s move on to the stage design, and its statistics and hazards.


Statistics and Hazards


Game Yo-kai Watch
Series Yo-kai Watch
Home to Jibanyan
Size Medium
Niche Realm of Yo-kais
Blast Zones Mid-range
Gimmicks Emerging Yo-kais
Crate type Normal

Sorry for my terrible artwork since I’m not good at background arts…:(


The stage will be taking place on bridge area while the gate to the next bridge is shown on the background. Both sides of the bridge will have a large bottomless pit, while three platforms are floating on both sides and above; side platforms floating vertically, and the platform above floating horizontally. The platforms are the stone platforms used as an elevator in the actual game, so the platform will be solid as it cannot jump pass through it. This picture above may look small (once again, sorry for my terrible artwork), but the size of the main platform will be similar to that of Battlefield.

For the main gimmick, the door in the background will open with one of the five Yo-kais appearing randomly per battle, using their powers to attack/support the fighters in battle. Four out of five Yo-kais will be boss-types, which are Chairman McKracken, Dame Dedtime, Hi no Shin, and Lord Enma. For the fifth Yo-kai, I will reveal it later. This may sound similar to Brawl’s Spear Pillar and a bit of 3DS/Wii U’s Midgar stage, but unlike the stage bosses like Ridley or Yellow Devil, these Yo-kais cannot be defeated as they’ll be standing in the background.

Now let’s introduce the Yo-kais that’ll appear as hazards of this stage. Although these Yo-kais can use all kinds of attacks and abilities in the actual game, I will limit them in order to make them unique as possible. Here are the list of Yo-kais and what they’ll do during battle.

Chairman McKraken: He is the main villain of the first Yo-kai Watch game, who have took over the past King Enma’s throne and invaded the human realm to conquer the world. As being a humanoid squid-like boss Yo-kai, he can shoot black ink to cover the screen, blinding the entire view to lose the fighter’s track. Another ability is that he can summon two large waterfalls on both sides, hitting the two floating platforms on the side. The waterfall will also fill the pit with water temporarily, which fighters can swim into. The waterfall is passable, but continuously damage fighters dealing 5% each of two times a second.

Dame Dedtime: She is the main villain of Yo-kai Watch 2, who plans to destroy humanity by traveling 60 years back in time, using her own created Wicked tribe Yo-kais. As being an evil magician who can control time, she can make every fighter’s movement slower, similar to Shadow’s Chaos Control ability. She can also summon large thunderbolts from the skies, targeting the floating pillars in a random timing.

Hi no Shin: He is the additional Big Boss for Yo-kai Watch 2: Psychic Specters’ Yo-kai Blaster mini-game, who is known to be the creator of the mini-game, and is modeled from the actual Level-5 CEO Akihiro Hino. As he can control his power by typing on his keyboards, he can shoot green beam of lasers from the sky, beaming from left to right or the opposite. He can also control the three floating platforms by moving in three random movements; clockwise, vertically, and horizontally.

Lord Enma: He is the new ruler of the Yo-kai World and the grandson of the past King Enma, who first appeared in Yo-kai Watch Buster’s third version Yo-kai Watch Busters: Moon Rabbit Team, and later to Yo-kai Watch 3. As being the most powerful Yo-kai in the world, he can blast two pillars of hellfire from both sides of the pit, hitting the two floating platforms on the side and forcing to lift it upwards. The fire pillars contains heavy damage once touched, along with the platforms containing a burning effect due to its affected heat from the pillars. Also for supporting purposes, he can possess one randomly chosen fighter to boost their strength up by snapping his finger. This power up will last in 10 seconds.

Komasan & Komajiro: Finally, here’s the fifth Yo-kai that I’ve been keeping it as a secret!. As you may already notice, they’re known to be the most popular Yo-kais throughout the entire series, making themselves as iconic as Jibanyan and Whisper. As they’re not boss-type Yo-kais, they won’t do anything while they’re on stage. Otherwise, they’ll just simply dance randomly in an adorable way, which might possibly distract players a little. However, there are times that they’ll throw food items to the players, as Komasan will throw ice cream, while Komajiro will throw milk bottle to them. It only recovers 10% of damage.

And that’s does it for this Dream Arena for Jibanyan and Yo-kai Watch series! To be honest, creating this stage was really difficult in the beginning. I was planning to bring out Springdale from the start, but simply declined because there were too much descriptions that’ll take up the entire page, even choosing Yo-kais was another difficult part for me to figure it out on how they’ll work. I really thank NantenJex for giving me some advice for making this stage, which really helped me out.

Okay, that’s it for Yo-kai Watch’s Dream Arena! See you next on the Dream Items side!

  1. Bravo for making this article!

    BluePikmin11 on May 16 |
  2. I’m so sorry, I really wanted to make a 3D arena for this stage, but my schedule went out of control this month…

    Anyways. The idea is pretty solid! Level 5 is a good candidate to get a spot on any next smash (if not 2 *wink wink Layton wink wink*).
    And having Komasan as an emerging Yo-Kai would make my gf make me play on this stage all the time =P

    Great job!

    Voyager on May 17 |
  3. Sorry for late comment! Been busy for a while…but thank you so much for posting this article!

    As I stated in the article, making this stage was really tough. I was thinking of bringing Springdale instead since its the main stage from the whole series, and was planning to make it a stage warping type like Delfino Town and Skyloft, but decided not to due to several negativeness. Yo-kai World was one of the stages in the list, and since the editors recommended to keep the stage among with other chosen stages, I’ve decided to change the stage to just only Yo-kai World. I really thank NantenJex for giving me so many advice upon making this article more unique and interesting.

    Stay tuned for the Dream Item article!

    zoniken on May 20 |