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Dream Roster: Pokkén Switch

Welcome to another Dream Roster article. If you missed out on our previous entries, be sure to check out the articles looking at Nintendo Kart, as well as MvC4, Kellogg’s vs. Capcom, Fire Emblem Warriors, Disney X Mario Kart, Nintendo vs. Capcom, Microsoft Smash-Up, Kirby Fighters and Konami-Smash.

Pokkén first saw the light of day to home consoles on the Nintendo Wii U back in March of 2016. Following its release we soon learned that future characters would be added to the game’s roster. Unfortunately, they never saw the light of day on the Wii U version. To this day they remain Arcade version exclusives. This has lead to widespread speculation and anticipation of a Pokkén sequel or port for the Nintendo Switch. 

With the forthcoming Pokémon direct, there’s no better time to talk about the Dream Pokkén Switch roster!

Read on if you want to see why these characters were selected!

To say that Decidueye has become popular is quite the under statement. Ahead of deciding the roster for this article I released a series of polls that allowed people to vote for their most desired Generation 7 representative. As expected, Decidueye won by a fairly large margin!

The first thing I decided when I designed this roster was that I was not going to include any of the previous 4 choices I had selected back when I completed my original roster (before the game even launched). Officially, I would easily prefer Feraligatr, but Greninja’s popularity is in a league of its own. After all, many people were confused by his absence in the original version of the game!

Genesect is, like Greninja something of a glaring omission to the original Pokkén roster. Not only is he a notably popular legendary Pokémon, he supports an enormous cannon on his back… I just thought I’d mention that. It’s pretty damn cool.


Aurorus probably has a lot of you scratching your head and asking, “why”? Well, actually Aurorus ticks a number of boxes that I felt were necessary. Firstly, and most importantly, Aurorus is a Rock-Type Pokémon. As of the addition of Scizor, every other typing has a playable representation in the original Pokkén roster. Aurorus also adequately fills the roll of a more obscure, or surprising addition. Similar to the likes of Croagunk and Chandelure. Finally, I felt the game was lacking a typical quadrupedal character!

Which characters would you like to see on a Pokkén port? Let us know in the comments!

  1. Hawlucha! He’s tailor-made for that kind of game, yet they went with lunchador Pikachu instead.

    Plus barring Charizard, he’d be the only other flying type in the roster. =)

    Anthony Rousseau on June 5 |
  2. I definitly see a Pokkén Switch port. The game is quite new and because everyone needs his own screen it is almost like made for Wireless Multiplayer mode.

    I’m also shocked that Greninja wasn’t in the game. I could see they save Decidueye for a Smash for Switch port.

    cedrickterrick on June 6 |
    • I guess I was wrong. 😀

      And sorry for the mistakes above.

      cedrickterrick on June 6 |
  3. Wow, Decidueye’s case have ended up being correct! At least he’s known to be the “Next Gen Greninja”, so his inclusion does make sense. I do agree the confusion with Greninja’s exclusion; maybe it has been decided for him to stay in Smash while Sceptile to take over his role? I mean, Sceptile was popular due to his Mega Evo, while most people wanted him to join Smash. While he failed to join Smash, they’ve decided to bring him to Pokken instead? I don’t know…but I do wish to see Greninja join Pokken in the future.

    Genesect is an interesting choice there. Not just he represents Mystical Pokemon like Darkrai, but mostly represent a “robotic fighter” for this roster. For Aurorus…I don’t know why you’ve chose this, but rather than choosing it as a rock type rep, I think its the best choice of representing the Fossil Pokemon for this roster. There aren’t any Fossil Pokemon involved in this game, so I think that works.

    In my opinion, I could hardly think we’ll ever have a secret character or DLC for this game. As we’ve seen the previous Wii U game, there was nothing special except for unlocking the Mewtwos in the end, which didn’t seem enough. Due to that, I don’t think Bandai Namco is planning to add anymore characters in this game. But if they do plan to add secret characters or DLC, here are my choices…

    Lopunny: We still don’t have a Normal Type rep in this game, and Lopunny should be the best choice to join the game since she does look fitted to fight in battle. Although Normal should be weak against Fighting, that wouldn’t matter unless she can use other Fight type moves. She can at least Mega Evolve, which does look perfect fitted for this game.

    Lycanroc: As I do think Aurorus should be fitted as a Fossil Pokemon rep, I would think Lycanroc (Midnight Form) should be best fitted as a Rock Type rep. As much I can see with that poll, Lycanroc is secondly chosen by fans. His inclusion may make sense, as he can use his Z move to make things ultimately exciting.

    Pheromosa: I thought we should add an Ultra Beast in this game as well, and by picking the right size to make things balanced with others, Pheromosa should be the best choice for this topic. She is at least popular than Buzzwole, while she can use her Ultra Beast ability as her hyper combo move, so her inclusion should be perfectly fitted here.

    Keldeo: I’ve always thought we hardly have much 5th Gens in this game, so does Gen 2, so I’ve thought of adding Keldeo in this list. We do have a Mystic Pokemon rep, but not an actual cute type like Mew and Celebi. Keldeo should be a good choice for this topic, as he can differentiate himself with Suicune and Empeleon, faster but weak, and using his horn as slash attacks.

    There is more I could think of, but at this moment, this is it for now. But even then, it’s really hard to think if we can get more Pokemon for this game. I would be great, but its difficult to hope for. We’ll see what’s more for this game to come.

    zoniken on June 7 |