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Fire Emblem Warriors Discussion

Famitsu dropped and shared the first information of Fire Emblem Warriors, for Switch and New 3DS, since its reveal. NantenJex and guest Jedisupersonic have come together to discuss all the latest news and speculate on what we might see at this years E3 (and beyond!).

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  1. You know after all infomations they’re reveal that the roster would predominantly consist of characters from Mystery of the Emblem, Awakening and Fates……Kill everyone “HYPE” and to the point where some are no longer interested in buying the game.The reasoning provided by the developers (that being a desire to avoid an excessive amount of sword fighters) when the 3 of the 4 Original Characters wield swords only worsened the reception.

    You can’t betray people with that, people gonna said all others series like Fire Emblem Heroes (compared with this game even not came…… Heroes is one’s best crossover game of FE…. and Warriors is just sad pile of trash)

    Thinking about all fire emblem is about 70% about swords fighters (if you not have imagination to make more character… you fail!) and you also can do others class or weapons…. there are Lance, Axe, Archer, Magic, Dagger, Heals, two swords, Sword with magic, etc.

    Shion and Lian are part “cream of the cake”, people feel so dissapoint they’re design are generic/boring and be ANOTHER pair brother-sister and those who would’ve preferred if they had just used Alfonse and Sharena instead.

    I’m know you gonna said DLC…….. But not worth it……… this game fail the hardcore fans and also casual fans

    Nacho Loredo on June 7 |