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The Next Super Smash Bros. (Feat. D1, Alpharad, & Source Gaming) – Relax Alax

YouTuber Relax Alax (along with D1, Alpharad and our very own PushDustIn) talk about what the next Super Smash Bros. game might look like! Make sure to check out the video down below, as well as Relax Alax’s Twitter, and let us know what you think!

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  1. I just want Sophie and Andy

    Zeebor on June 7 |
    • Well said. Good to see another Andy supporter here.

      SMX on June 10 |
  2. I’d like to see a Smash port with more characters. As for which characters I’d like to see: Snake, Lara Croft, Bomberman, Sora, King K. Rool, Jill Valentine or Leon S. Kennedy, Wolf, Ice Climbers, Scorpion or Sub-Zero, Chun-Li, or Master Chief to name some.

    Link on June 7 |
    • I’d be extremely shocked to see Scorpion/Sub-Zero in Smash. That being said I would love it if either character got in.

      SMX on June 10 |
      • Yeah I’d imagine they’re probably not too likely, I just really like the idea of a Ryu vs Scorpion/Sub-Zero matchup. Settle it in Smash.

        Link on June 10 |
  3. You know, I really hate to be ‘that guy’ but I’ve been noticing this trend of people asking for things that seem… Against the general idea of what Smash Bros is. I mean, I love Smash Bros competitively and as a fighting game as a whole, but I think the community does get a bit ‘overzealous’ with their ideas for the game, even among talking about a possible port or upcoming game.

    Over the past few days I’ve been seeing plenty of videos on youtube discussing what they expect for the next Smash – hazard toggle, a ‘proper’ training mode with hitboxes being shown, making the game into a ‘platform’ where characters are released bi monthly as (often stated to be free) DLC, and of course anything and everything to make the game and its characters outfitted for exclusively 1v1 competitive matches – all in an effort to make the game shift focus towards a technical competitive mindset.

    I mean, part of the thing I love about Smash Bros is while I can get that traditional fighting game finesse I get out of Street Fighter and Tekken, there’s plenty of other options in Smash that, while still offering the same overall gameplay, could be completely different.

    And in the back of my mind, I can tell you that this focus on the competitive is starting to look just as narrow minded as Sakurai has been ‘quoted’ to say. That everyone hoping and wishing for these things will just end up upset and angry as they always have, that as Pokemon fans were when the long and seemingly baseless Pokemon Stars for Switch rumor was revealed to not be the case when people should know that Gamefreak doesn’t ‘switch’ consoles mid-generation, when in 2015 all the hype for a brand new traditional Animal Crossing for Wii U crashed and burned when amiibo Festival was revealed when not only was New Leaf barely two years old at that point but as it turns out the division responsible for the Animal Crossing series also worked on Splatoon.

    I’m sorry, but I can’t support these ideas Alax, D1, and especially-ESPECIALLY Alpharad have been talking about – Smash is a fighting game, I have no doubts about that – and while you have the option to turn it into a traditional 1v1 fighting game, a traditional 1v1 fighting game it isn’t, because it’s MORE than a traditional 1v1 fighting game: It’s an unconventional fighting game that can be any fighting game you want it to be – 1v1, Free-For-All Battle Royal, items, no items, etc.

    (Except for the Music – make us pumped to actually fight.)

    KL-Cobalt on June 8 |
    • I personally don’t see them add a hitbox viewing mode or anything super technical like that, but I think a hazard toggle is reasonable at least

      Ned Zeppelin on June 9 |
      • That’s the reason we have Omega stages in the first place though.

        KL-Cobalt on June 10 |
        • But, to be fair, Omega Stages are a pretty insufficient substitute for a proper hazard toggle. Granted, the Omegas aren’t completely 1:1 with each other, but there’s still only oh so much variety you can have on a flat surface.

          Playing on a version of Dr. Wily’s Castle, for example, with its platforms but without the Yellow Devil would provide a more interesting, dynamic fight than its Omega version.

          Cart Boy on June 10 |
          • I’m not saying that they are a proper substitute for a Hazard Toggle, but that they were the solution that the developers wanted to showcase to cater towards the more competitive crowd – to give the illusion of a proper 1v1 fighting game bout – no gimmicks, no hazards (which might include platforms, it is the main schtick of certain stages) – just a straight up 1v1 match just like a regular fighting game. (regardless of the competitive advantage many Smash players like to utilize regarding them)

            KL-Cobalt on June 16 |
          • I understand that. I’m sympathetic to the values Sakurai holds and I realize that the Omega Stages are a nod to players who want more serious matches. They’re a nice bonus for sure.

            However, the flame for a proper hazard toggle will continue to burn until one is implemented. There’s a middle ground between Final Destination variants and stuff like Ridley, and I wish we were allowed to access it. If I recall correctly, there are hazardless versions of a few stages already programed in, too, which makes it more tantalizing that we can’t play on them.

            I’m just saying that I hope Sakurai reconsiders his stance on this particular issue for the next game. A hazard toggle would only add more options.

            Cart Boy on June 19 |
  4. It’s refreshing to hear a decently popular YouTuber preferring to have prestige over promotion.

    backup368 on June 8 |
  5. In my case, even we would like to see more characters, as much we wanna keep ’em all throughout the entire continuing series, there will always be removals, and that is something we can’t avoid. Some characters can be removed if they’re not important anymore, not just for Smash itself, but their games as a whole as they don’t have much of a role further on. They can stay as long they’re iconic, unique, and even historical, but even then, they can be removed if there’s been a problem. I could see someone from the Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, and FE rosters can be removed, such as Rosalina since we haven’t heard much about the Mario Galaxy series, Shiek as Ocarina of Time has became old, and Lucina because she’s a Marth clone. Sure, it’s not easy to remove anybody, but it’s something we must do in order to add more new comers, and even build more memory data to bring in more features. Obviously I’m not one of those who supports removals, but Smash cannot be limitless, and that is something we must understand.

    Continuing on to characters, if this would be a new sequel than a port, then I could expect more characters, maybe 10 characters if possible. But rather than focusing only on the existing franchise rosters, even those titles are more important than others, I would add in more titles that haven’t got a chance to join Smash yet, such as Japan only titles like Murasame Castle and Captain Rainbow, already mentioned franchises like Rhythm Heaven and Fossil Fighters, and even new IPs like Splatoon and ARMS. I do like to see more third parties, but really depends if those companies can be supportive and willing to bring their characters to Smash through discussions. Not anybody and everybody can join in, it’s a deal or no deal case when it comes with crossover games.

    For stages, I really don’t care much about hazard toggles. But instead, I do wish to see more stages not only from the existing titles, but other franchises that haven’t joined Smash yet. Pilot Wings and Nintendogs was a good example, but I could hope for more if possible. Also, I do see Sakurai trying to ignore spin-off titles. I don’t know if this was decided through discussion with their supporting team, but she should at least bring one to make it special, such as some stage from Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. I do wish they add more remixed musics, but not just only the most popular but overrated ones like Mega Man 2’s Wily Stage 1 and Zelda’s main theme, but more upon credited ones through favoritism, like PMD Explorer’s Primal Dialga, Mega Man 9’s Tornado Man Stage, and even Paper Mario TYD’s Battle BGM.

    There are plenty of possibilities of what we can expect. But even then, we can’t be too greedy on it as we shouldn’t be overly hyped for more expectations. There will always be salt no matter what, even if there’s no reason as simply being spoiled and immature too often. It’s rather deal it or quit it, that’s the only choice.

    zoniken on June 12 |