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Pokémon Direct 6-6-2017 Discussion

The Pokémon Direct on June 6, 2017 had three major reveals: an update to Pokkén Tournament on Nintendo Switch, new iterations on Pokémon Sun & Moon, and a re-release of the classic Pokémon Gold & Silver, the latter two for Nintendo 3DS. In a new video from the Source Gaming team, NantenJex, Liquid12A, and Wolfman_J discuss what we saw, liked, and thought could have had more information.

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  1. Wait there was a re-release for Gold and Silver announced?! xD

    xkan on June 8 |
  2. Been awhile since i checked out source gaming, here’s what i think of the direct.

    It was ok, not much surprises, pokken tournament on the Switch was predictable considering we got Mario Kart 8 on switch and we might get few more wii u games on the Switch, i was surprised and happy they added Decidueye but i was expecting few more pokemon from Sun and moon but I’m fine with it.

    Gold and silver on virtual console is surprising, but i noticed they left out Crystal version, which means suicune is going to be a roaming troll again alongside entei and raikou, not to mention the time capsule on gold and silver would be helpful for getting pokemon from red, blue and yellow version so I’m excited.

    I was surprised that we’re getting ultra sun and ultra moon, they said it’s going to be an alternate story of sun and moon so I’m not sure how they’ll do things differently other than Necrozma fused with the legendary mascots, i agree that it seems like they are taking a black2/white2 route with Necrozma and also i feel like now that we’re getting Gold/Silver on virtual console, it would make sense for gamefreak to make a few alolan forms of some johto pokemon, but thats my speculation.

    Otherwise it was a ok direct that got alot of people with mixed feelings.

    vigilante 155 on June 9 |
  3. I do see everybody was so upset with this Direct. But for me, as I wasn’t expecting anything as I was hyping responsibly, I was well surprised to see these games come.

    Pokken DX is something everybody pretty much expected. Wii U didn’t provide the 4 arcade-exclusive Pokemon, so we would’ve expected there would be a Switch port. However, although we knew this was gonna come, Decidueye’s inclusion was something more unexpected. Honestly, I never seen that coming, and it looked great as we finally got a Alola rep to the game for the first time! Even they revived the 3 vs 3 system since Pokemon Stadium series, and it does look interestingly great! But what I’m concerned about is the arcade/story mode; I just hope they could remake the whole thing to basic fighting games rather than starting from 100th to 1st rule, I just can’t stand the whole concept of fighting the same Pokemon over and over again, as being too long and boring at the same time. Also, I don’t know if we’re gonna see more new comers as secrets or DLCs. But even then, I’m looking forward for the game.

    Gold and Silver VC release is another thing we’ve already seen it coming. If the Gen 1 came out already, why not Gen 2? It would make sense, but odd that Crystal didn’t make it this time. Maybe the mechanics didn’t work well for VC, since some were involved with the mobile system. Too bad we may not see the female protagonist for this game, but good to see this game join the VC!

    Finally, Ultra Sun/Moon…this is something I’ve never seen it coming. I mean, there might be something similar to those like Crystal and Emerald, but never knew this game would come this early! However, I don’t know what this game would be, a minor change or a sequel. I could predict this game to be a sequel due to some changes with the background which became more fancy and tropical than before, while there are several questions to be answered, which is when Lillie would return from Kanto, and what’ll happen with Looker as what happened to him in ORAS. I’ve even heard this may bring back gyms, but not quite sure so far. This game really needs a lot of explanation, and I’m definitely looking forward for this game!

    However, I do see many people being too angrily upset about this Direct. They’ve been expecting things too much as hyping irresponsibly. Many complain why they didn’t bring the Diamond/Pearl remake, even the rumored Stars version for Switch, and maybe Detective Pikachu’s localization. Many predicted this year’s movie hints the DP remake because of Piplup and Lucario’s appearances, but I wouldn’t think that would always be the case since the anime now these days became more deceiving when it come with titles and character appearances. Plus for Stars…I have a bit of suspicion toward this title since then. It was leaked after Sun/Moon was released, and it was quickly revealed even the Sun/Moon haven’t lasted a longer time after its release. I do theorize that the leak might have been faked, because we have seen so many fan artists who can easily fake out artworks (especially in China but when it comes with the usage of Japanese texts, they really suck at it), or maybe the title was part of the planning board but changed to Ultra Sun/Moon through discussions. I don’t know which is true, but I do see we won’t see Stars this year. For Detective Pikachu…I don’t know if we’ll be having its localized version for this game in the future. Besides I don’t know how popular this game was anyways. There’s no information that they’re working on its sequel now, but there are times they decided to cancel the project due to unpopularity, just like how Sonic Chronicles ended up being a non-canon trash. If they did, I think it’ll take three years of development, since the first game’s production was revealed on NHK’s “The Professional” in 2013, and took three years to complete the game which was released in 2016. But we’ll see how it goes…

    As in conclusion, the Direct was okay. Maybe not that perfect, as we’ve knew many were coming, but even then, there were surprises as well, so I’d give it a credit for that. As a result, I’ll rate it as 8/10. But even then, these people who’s being too angry and upset about this Direct…didn’t we have a same situation happened last year too? I do see everybody’s doing the same thing over and over again, like history repeats without remembering the past…pity.

    zoniken on June 12 |