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Rumor Betting: E3 2017 Edition

It’s Christmas in June again for gaming fans all around the world as they tune in to see their hopes and dreams dashed before them in a blaze of cheesy disappointment. Exciting times!!!

That means it’s also time for our team to think about what they want the E3 Santa Claus to leave under their tree this year.

-A third of the event is dedicated to Mario Odyssey, probably their biggest title of the year barring unannounced ones.
-Mario Maker for Switch
-At least one Metroid game; seems likely given the rampant rumors combined with small things like the infamous prime ribs Retro tweet
-Fire Emblem Switch gets a proper name and/or release date
-At least five new third party titles shown for Switch

-Hint: it rhymes with ‘that rumor of two upcoming Metroid games being true’.
-More Switch games for me to buy later on in general, really
-See: the first entry

-Mario Odyssey gets a November release date, some kind of (most likely minor) multiplayer mode, and will look absolutely amazing
-After we finally see Mario & Rabbids in action, we’ll get a release date. Maybe as soon as August?
-Fire Emblem Switch, along with Fire Emblem Warriors
Whatever Retro Studios has been developing. Bonus points if it’s Metroid
-A multiplayer Mario spinoff game, maybe sports or a Party sequel
-Detailing DLC plans for ARMS, Splatoon 2, and possibly a hint for Breath of the Wild
-That mystery Kirby game
-A couple big third party games, mostly ports (Dark Souls III, perhaps), but the most interesting thing there will be stuff from indie developers

-If Smash For Switch exists, let it be more than just a port. Not much, just a little bit something extra
-For PlatinumGames or FromSoftware to be developing games with Nintendo, along the lines of The Wonderful 101 or Bayonetta 2
-More details on the Virtual Console. I’m wondering how far the plan they’re doing goes, and how many platforms it encompasses. Will it have N64 or DS games, who are more complex and generally run higher prices, for instance?

-I think we have a pretty good understanding of Nintendo’s next 6 months so the only bombshell I’m predicting is that we finally get a trailer for what Retro has been working on.
-More details on Octopath Traveler but nothing on Dragon Quest 11 on Switch. DQ11 3DS trailer.
-More about Shin Megami Tensei on Switch in some capacity.
-We get the full breakdown on the Virtual Console and a Fall launch.
-I kind of just have a feeling it’s going to be mild year since we’re not really that far out from getting tiniest of tiny teasers on switchmas  and I felt like developers were taking a wait and see approach.

-Please Jesus give us some Metroid and Donkey Kong.
-Nier: Automata and Final Fantasy XIII Remaster on Switch anybody?

My bingo has been public for a while now, but I updated it.

– I’ll start with some safe bets, like a new “Deluxe Game”, and some news on Pikmin 4, Rhythm heaven, and Skyrim.
– Nintendo could use some Apps for the Switch, and Arcade Badge was somewhat successful, so the Pink Bunny could give more flair to the Switch Menu.
– DLC News for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and ARMS. We probably will get news for Breath of the Wild.
– We will be surprised by Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle… I hope for the better.
– Retro and Platinum Games will show their new Games.
– Splatoon 2 will give us the chance to play as the Octolings on the multiplayer.
– This is a Hard Bet. Nintendo will show their Virtual Console plans for the Switch, and will end that presentation showing up Melee.
– Kid Icarus seems on time to show a new sequel with a fun trailer.
– Switch Fit will be revealed using the 3D rumble on fun ways.
– The presentation will end in a surprising way, and by surprising I mean Smash News.
– There will be Salt.

– A retro IP could get a reboot, I hope for Mach Rider, Murasame Castle or even Tantei Club. Bonus points if it’s a gritty reboot for more hardcore games.
– Mother 3?… pls
– A New Megaman Game, it could be based on the new Cartoon… A revival of the X series in the same vein of Megaman 9… or even Megaman Legends 3.
– Golden Sun should get a new chance to shine.
– Soul Calibur needs to come back, and if we get it on the Switch they could add Link again… or even a Fire Emblem representative… Marth comes to mind, but we could even get someone like Robin with a interesting combination of Tomes and Swords.
– Mario Party should come back to it’s roots. The new ones are really lame.

I posted my Bingo-Card on the 29th May, so you might already know some of my predictions and hopes. Some prediction got confirmed (like Dissidia) and some predictions got deconfirmed (Like Halo 6 and Death Stranding, RIP). A lot of my thoughts and feelings regarding certain games has changed, but since changing Bingo-Cards is cheating, I won’t bother swapping out certain panels and rather focus on my extended thoughts on the potential of this E3. Oh and my part was written on the 9th june, before anyone gets the wrong idea.

-We won’t see much from Nintendo. After the latest announcement of their Spotlight-Broadcast being 25 minutes, I’m not too optimistic about new reveals. They will rather focus on games we already know like Super Mario Odyssey and Fire Emblem Warriors f.e. and that’s it. Maybe a little teaser for a new game but nothing major.
-Unlike my Bingo-Card, I’m not anymore certain we will see Smash Bros. for Switch, even if it’s a real sequel or a port. I feel the time is not right now…
-But I’m certain we will get a release for Xenoblade 2. Reveal-Trailer already looked very advanced. So I would be surprised if Xenoblade 2 slips into 2018.
-Microsoft’s Scorpio-reveal will be not convincing despite the impressive hardware. I think they will have difficulties to showcase games, that are worth a new console-purchase. But they won’t at least repeat the mistakes the Xbox One-reveal made. I trust Phil Spencer enough to not repeat the same mistakes.
-Sony will have God of War and Last of Us 2, but I feel that this could be one of their weaker E3. OK, I actually thought the same last year after their outstanding E3 2015 and they still managed to make a very good show. Now, there are not many potential Megatons left for Sony and we will see games again, that won’t even make the 2019-deadline. But Sony is in a very good position, so they can be relaxed for and watch what their competitors are up to.They will at least pay attention to Scorpio-reactions.
I’m not expecting it but my god, I can’t think of something different anymore since Kamiya’s teaser. Please, PLEASE be real!

-Nintendo event will start with Mario Odyssey, and will be the focus of their E3. They will show off the multiplayer mode as well (which was hinted in the original trailer).
-Koizumi will lead the presentation.
-DLC announced/ detailed for Mario Kart 8: Deluxe, ARMS, Breath of the Wild.
-Mario and Rabbids: Kingdom Battle in September
-Xenoblade 2 confirmed for December or January release date.
-Virtual Console announced but still has limited details.
-Online service briefly mentioned, more details on website.
-A new Metroid.
-My Nintendo gets updated to include Switch coupons.
-Smash for Switch confirmed to be in development.
-Awkward memes.

-Forever Oasis shown in Treehouse Stream.
-Pikmin 4 is finally shown off.
-The mystery Kirby game.
-Several new characters shown for Fire Emblem Warriors, and some new details on Fire Emblem (Switch).
-Nothing about mobile titles.

My bingo card can be found here:
-Pikmin 4 will be shown off at the event.
-Some other unexpected crossover will happen compared to Mario X Rabbids.
-We’ll get an unexpected surprise.
-Super Smash Bros. 4 will be ported and slated for a 2018 release.
-Rayman and Ice Climbers will be newcomers. (Again, only a prediction :p.)
-A new 2D Mario will be announced alongside Odyssey
-A game will be released right after the presentation/treehouse.
-There will be that Nintendo style of humor we all know and love.
-Virtual Console will be brief, but won’t be covered in great detail. Will get its own separate direct.
-New amiibo will be announced (duh :p)
-At least one remaster/remake.
-At least another Wii U Port.
-Sales numbers will be stated for the Switch.
-Animal Crossing and Metroid will get revealed.
-One dormant IP will rise from the dead.
-Mario Kart 8 Deluxe will get detailed DLC.
-Breath of the Wild Pack One will be detailed.
-Arms will get DLC content hinted at while Splatoon 2 probably won’t.
-Mario Party 11 (with cars?)
-Details of the next Switch firmware update.

Super Smash Bros. collection will all four games in one.
Super Mario 3D World Switch port.
2D Kirby game on Switch.
Crash Bandicoot: N’Sane Trilogy on Switch.
Limited Edition Physical Copies of Virtual Console games on Switch via Nintendo’s online store. (Ex. Super Mario World have a physical copy on Switch.)

-Nintendo spends most of its time on Mario Oddyssey.
-Rabbids x Mario is shown.
-Nintendo will detail its upcoming online service, outlining their VC and possibly some form of Smash, be it port or sequel.
-Nintendo will detail another new IP.
-They will detail DLC plans for BOTW, Splatoon 2 and Arms.
-Sony will announce games people want but they will be about 6 years away from being released.
-Ubisoft will have a painful presentation, but will be salvaged by Trey and Matt talking about the new South Park game.
-Microsoft will be cringey.

You can find my bingo card here, which contains the majority of my wishlist.

What do you want to see at E3? Let us know in the comments section.

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  1. I really don’t want to expect things too often as I want to stay hyped responsibly (SC’s #1 rule!), but if I do want to have expectations here are my top 10 E3 predictions.

    1. Smash for Switch Port: I doubt there would be a new sequel for this game since it’ll take more than 4-5 years of development, and they can’t do it right after they’re done taking care of Smash for 3DS/Wii U. The port does make sense as they did the same thing with Mario Kart 8 and Pokken, but GameXplain does predict that there may not be one because Nintendo already brought many E-fighting games which is Pokken and ARMS. I don’t know if that’ll be the case, but since the new and first Smash trailer was always released at E3, there may be chances.

    2. Mario Odyssey: Who even got a doubt about this game? It’s Nintendo’s huge hit at E3, and everybody’s excited for it! Probably they’ll introduce a small detail of its storyline, and maybe introduce new worlds and hat mechanics.

    3. Sonic Forces: Many people who even call themselves “fans” are terribly and angrily disappointed with this game, and I don’t understand why. Character editing may have become canon but even then it’s temporarily. It doesn’t have to be those characters from DeviantArt (which is impossible due to limitations), as the custom character identifies it as the player itself, who can finally join Sonic and friends to save the world, and that is something special you can hardly do rather than controlling Sonic to do your lousy chores for you. I’m well concerned on how the custom character can work while wanting to know more stages and the storyline.

    4. Sonic Mania: Should be the best time to reveal stages and even the new versions of Egg Robos for this game. I’m well excited to see the 16-bit Sonic game again!

    5. Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon: Direct already showed this, and bringing to E3 may be impossible. But even then, I would like to know more details on how this game gonna be like, whether to be a sequel or a minor change. If not, then I’ll just leave it up to Koro Koro for this case.

    6. Kirby: I do think this new Kirby game have to be a fighting game, and bringing several chosen (and copy ability based) characters to become playable is something I would like to see since Super Star/Super Star Ultra. This would be the great 25th Anniversary for sure.

    7. Animal Crossing for Switch: amiibo festival have ruined the franchise’s reputation due to forcing players to use amiibo figures, but I at least enjoyed Happy Home Designer as a whole. The New Leaf’s amiibo update did made the game more fun as people can still continue playing it, but I do wish to see the actual new game for this franchise. They should add in more content so players can player longer, such as giving ability to cook various meals, or even dating with you waifu animals. (lol)

    8. Mario Kart 8 DX: This may be a difficult choice, but I do wish to see if DLC will be planned for this game in the future. If possible, I would like to see not just only for new characters, but new race courses as well, especially the Splatoon based grandprix course too.

    9. Fire Emblem Warriors: as I enjoyed Hyrule Warriors, am well excited to see how FE Warriors gonna be like. I know they can’t bring all characters as they’re limited, but I do wanna know who’s gonna join in for the first time. Warriors/Musou series is all about characters, and I do wish to see several of my favorites to join the game, even I have never played FE series before…

    10. Mario X Rabbids: Honestly, I really do hate seeing this game in reality. I don’t understand why this is a real thing anyways. I hate to deal with it, and eventually it’ll show at E3 no matter what. Although I may be curious how this game’s gonna be like, I’m not putting any hopes on this game at all. The crossover which they allowed Mario to use guns and say curse words…why wouldn’t this make any difference with Shadow the Hedgehog?

    zoniken on June 12 |