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E3 2017 – Day Two Recap (Showfloor Coverage)

Well, day two of E3 on the floor is done, and I spent the first part of it checking out some of the most anticipated 2D fighters out there. First thing I played was Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, and it played pretty much as I would expect it too. Full warning, I am not much of a fighting game fanatic, so I could not tell you much about the game mechanically, other than it feels slightly less hectic than three but extremely solid and fun to play.  I was able to play through a fairly lengthy story demo…nothing was really revealed, but it did give me a good idea of what to expect. It wasn’t up to the standards of something like a Neather Realm Studios game, but it think it’ll be fun if you can appreciate a good amount of cheese.

I also hit up Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 while I was in the Capcom area, because Mega Man is always a good idea, even if it was in no way new to me.  The second fighting game I played was Dragon Ball Fighterz, which had some seriously impressive animation. It was so fluid! The game flowed really well from move to move, and it was as close to playing an episode of the anime as I think you can get. Before I left the South Hall, I also played Super Lucky’s Tale on the Xbox, and it was the sort of charming 3D platformer you wouldn’t expect on Xbox One.

I also got my hands on a full session with Super Mario Odyssey, and the game is gorgeous. It is super visually impressive, but the game play is what really won me over. The game gives a sense of freedom that I don’t think I ever quite felt in any other 3D Mario game. The hat mechanic is the game’s hook, true, but I always felt like there was more to discover if I just dug a little deeper. It really filled me with a similar sense of wonder as last year’s Breath of the Wild demo as I yes, I had goals in the demo (the game seems like it will be quest/mission based), but I was having too much fun exploring the city and bouncing from cars and flag poles to really care. Overall, I didn’t hit too many games on day two, but they ones I did manage to get my hands on where excellent.