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The Rumors are Dead. Long Live Smash!

PushDustIn gives an update on the status of Smash rumors.

Case for Smash NX:

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  1. The one issue I would have with this whole deal is if they’re making a new game, who would be the newcomers? Since Smash has a tendency to use more recent games.

    I hate to sound… defeated… But between the release of Smash 4 to this hypothetical new game, there doesn’t seem to be a good pool of newcomers to join Smash. Inklings, an ARMS character (likely Spring Man), a new Pokemon, the lord from the 2018 Fire Emblem game, and maybe Sylux if Ridley is forever not an option – and maybe a retro character or two.

    It might not be good to considering some trends (Featured Pokemon, Fire Emblem Lord) don’t entirely sit well with the fans at points…

    This isn’t even considering the idea of a complete reboot cutting the roster down to size to start over with new fighting styles with the vets, which would greatly extend development time.

    KL-Cobalt on June 16 |
  2. I’m somewhat surprised it didn’t happen, but I’m glad it didn’t, because this means we’ll get something fresh and exciting for Smash 5.

    MagcargoMan on June 16 |
  3. Hmmm….so far, this is really difficult. Although it was disappointing that Smash for Switch wasn’t introduced at E3, I do now have some suspicion toward this whole “Smash for Switch port rumor” thing. Not just that GameXplained actually predicted that it won’t come to E3 because of other E-fighting games like Pokken DX and ARMS being introduced, but exactly where the whole rumor actually came from. I know Dr. Serkan Toto tweeted that Bandai Namco was developing certain games for Switch and Smash Bros. are part of it, but even added that he wasn’t certain what Smash is gonna be. So that means he DIDN’T say it was gonna be a port, but certainly doesn’t know due to lack of info from his source. So the whole port thing may have been fake, or possibly been true upon the planning board but decided to change their mind through discussion as it may haven’t worked well; possibly the same case of that Gematsu leak happened long ago.

    But eventually, we have been seeing so many new games after Smash’s production was over. More Splatoon games, ARMS, Xenoblade 2, Metroid Prime 4, Pokemon Sun/Moon and Ultra version, new Fire Emblem game…any of these game’s character can be suggested for the next Smash, and maybe it wouldn’t make any sense to put them all in the port, but rather installing them in the new Smash game, possibly Smash 6 (not 5 because they say Wii U is 5).

    But even then, we still have that unknown Smash Poll results. We still haven’t known who were mostly voted other than Bayonetta. I know they’re keeping for the next Smash, but they haven’t been releasing the results ever since. Possibly they may keep the results as top secret, until time comes…

    Still, we don’t know what’s up at this moment, but we can still expect something. There’s Tokyo Game Show planned for this September, and maybe they’ll bring something there for the first time? Even then, I don’t want everybody to get too much expectation because anything can happen there. If Tokyo Game Show will become a thing or not, it’s best not to expect anything at this moment. Always hype responsibly, which is this site’s #1 rule.

    zoniken on June 18 |
  4. I’m not sure what this means to be honest. I like the idea that Nintendo didn’t announce it so they have more time to add more content to the game (assuming it’s an enhanced port). Then maybe they could release it same year as Metroid.

    Link on June 23 |