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E3 2017 – Day Three Recap

Well, E3 is finally over, and day three was a fairly productive one for Source Gaming floor coverage. Part of my day was spent at the Square-Enix booth, where I played a few of their offerings. The first game I spent some time with was Dissidia Final Fantasy NT. The game looked great, and it promises to provide a lot of fanservice to longtime fans of the series. Now, my playtime with the original game is limited, but I think the controls are a bit on the obtuse sides. This may just be because the game is so different from other fighting games, and it is the sort of thing I feel players could get used to. The three vs three nature of the matches is also a bold choice, but I am not sure if it will lead to the matches being hectic, in a negative way. Definitely a title I need more time with to accurately judge. I also played a bit of Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. Not much to say about that one. Final Fantasy XII was one of my favorite of the post-Nintendo Final Fantasys, and this game seems like it will please fans of the original but not see many converts. It looks great, though, and I will certainly pick it up on release.

Sakuna: Of Rice and Ruin is a very cool game that I had previously never heard of. #E32017

One thing I enjoy immensely about events such as E3 is discovering games I was previously unaware of. One such game was Sakuna: Of Rice And Ruin. It’s a very beautiful game that I had the opportunity to play on PS4 in the XSEED booth. It’s a side scrolling beat em up with some cool scarf mechanics and it’s the sort of title that I likely wouldn’t have played that I may end up buying. I ended the day back in the Nintendo booth so that I could get some hands on time with the one game that previously eluded me: Fire Emblem Warriors. This game was exactly what I expected it to be, but that was not a bad thing at all. A person’s enjoyment of this game will hinge upon their feelings towards warrior’s style combat. Marth, Corrin (female), Chrom, and one of the game’s original character were playable, and you could swap between them at will. Unique to this version of “Warriors” is the ability to “pair up” units. It was a very cool feature that allows you to double up special attack damage and have the inactive character help with defense. You can even rank up support between units this way! I closed out the day by taking a bit more time with Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle. It’s a very enjoyable game, and I have to say that I love the personality the Rabbids display…which is the last thing I thought I would feel about that game.

Overall, this was a fun, if crowded E3. We hope to see you guys back here following us next year for our Smash for Switch coverage (believe!).