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Straight from the Source – Alex Rose Games (Rude Bear Series)

In this edition of Straight from the Source, we interview Alex Rose – the man behind the Rude Bear series. We discuss the success of his first commercial release, the history of his series, the Switch, Smash Bros and the future. We’d like to thank Alex Rose for agreeing to this interview and wish him all the best for his future titles.

And fear not those who might have trouble listening to this interview! The whole transcript has been written out down below in a very Iwata Asks style. Enjoy!

  1. The Unknown History of Rude Bear
  2. How Rude Bear got Rude
  3. How Rude Bear Revolutionises Difficulty
  4. “A 9/10 Gamespot Rated Game”
  5. ‘Simply press the ‘Port Button” (also Smash Bros.)
  6. Zelda is the Future of Rude Bear

The Unknown History of Rude Bear

Today I’ve been joined by Alex Rose, the creator of Super Rude Bear Resurrection. He was kind enough to agree to this interview with me. So, Alex, starting this off I have to say congratulations. It seems your game has been doing really well with critics and it even won some awards.

I’ve been quite surprised at how well it has been received. You spend three years making a game quietly in your room with no idea how people will react to it. Many of my friend’s games had flopped so I wasn’t sure if I was going to be joining them or not

For many people, Super Rude Bear Resurrection is the first game in the Rude Bear series but it’s actually the 14th game in the series!

Actually, it’s the 16th game.

Oh really? I only counted 14.

Yeah, I’ve kept two of them off my site. It’s up for debate whether the two latest ones [Not Rude Bear and Rudum Baray] are actual Rude Bear games. This is a debate I even have with myself (laughs). I wanted to do a Rude Bear RPG every seven games but the last few Game Jams I have not had the time to make them, so I’ve been constantly delaying Rude Bear 14.

Rude Bear 15 actually came out a week before Super Rude Bear Resurrection, which technically makes that one the 16th game. Although, SRBR started development after I had released the fifth game in the series.

How many years has is it been since Rude Bear first began?

Rude Bear 1, a.k.a Rude Bear , was made in December 2012. So it has been 5 years.

Oh wow. That’s 16 games in five years. I guess Freddy isn’t the only bear pumping out sequels.

Haha, and those are just the ones under the Rude Bear name. I have also done about six games that are separate, although some are spin-offs in the extended Rude Bear universe.

I also noticed you released a mobile game. It was your first commercial release, correct?

Yeah, I made a mobile game in 2013. What I discovered though is that mobile games don’t sell, especially when you don’t market them.

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