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The Future of Super Smash Bros.

epicmartin7 and Nantenjex discuss their thoughts on the possible future of the Super Smash Bros. franchise and where it may be headed.

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  1. I don’t think I’d want a special edition of Smash 4 so soon, seeing as how those that did invest in the Wii U version would be miffed being left out of any additional fighters (or paying for the DLC when they could’ve waited and got it all for one price)

    Scarlett Ikayaki on July 5 |
  2. Sorry if I’m repeating myself about this case, but I do feel that whole “FINAL Smash Bros. amiibo figures” phrase that has been used in several gaming sites may have really meant something here. If Nintendo weren’t planning to bring Smash for Switch port from the first place, then that “FINAL Smash Bros. amiibo figure” phrase really made a lot of sense. Of course that may not be the case, but even then, using the word FINAL for the last three (or six for alternates) amiibo figures would’ve meant that Nintendo’s not gonna bring Smash port at this moment, rather make the new one instead, which might take like the next 4-5 years. Although Nintendo expressed their interest porting Wii U games to the Switch, maybe Sakurai wouldn’t want to do that since they want it kept for Wii U and 3DS exclusive only for many reasons, like how Scarlett Ikayaki above have written in the comments.

    Or possibly they are planning to bring it, but couldn’t introduce it at E3 because it’s not ready yet. They might be still working on it, and bringing to E3 wouldn’t make it on time. Or they couldn’t because of overly presented esports fighting like ARMS and Pokken DX, and also Marvel vs Capcom Infinite and Dragon Ball FighterZ. Or rather than that, Mario Odyssey was more important than Smash for Switch. There may be any kinds of explanations or excuses to think of, but rather saying it wasn’t the time yet. Maybe they’ll show it sometime outside of E3 for the first time, like some other game shows like Tokyo Game Show, or a special Nintendo Direct. We may not know, but at this moment, the time hasn’t come yet.

    zoniken on July 11 |