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SG Choice: Nintendo IPs We Want Sequels To

With the news of Metroid getting not one but two entries in the series, we thought it would be a good time to look at other neglected Nintendo IPs and say our thoughts on which ones should come back. Agree or disagree? Sound off in the comment section below!

WarioWare on the Nintendo Switch. With all the features that the Switch touts, why isn’t there a WarioWare game on it? The IR sensor camera…the HD rumble…the dual Joy-Con motion controls…all of these could make for some really interesting mini games and showcase the Switch in a fantastic way. The last ‘real’ WarioWare game was for the Nintendo Wii (yes there was a ‘Game and Wario’ but I believe many of those games were tech demos retroactively fitted into the WarioWare universe…). I really want an HD WarioWare game that I can bring anyway as well. WarioWare in my experience, has been one of the best pick up and play games, and could really help sell additional people on the Switch (well…Nintendo may not need that much help on that front…). All in all…WarioWare could really highlight Switch’s unique features in a lot of interesting ways. So let’s start lobbying Nintendo!

Picture this: You are alone on an arid wasteland. there are signs of a lost war, the invasion was extremely fast and they didn’t left anything behind, so the last remainings of humankind are crumbled buildings, abandoned vehicles from half a century ago, and the eroded road you are driving on at high speed. Then, you receive a calling signal on your radio: “The sector ahead has fallen to the forces of Evil. Proceed to the next sector. You are MACH RIDER”.

Most of us recognize the game thanks to it’s kickass (Can I say this?) medley from Melee.

The original game could be described as a “Third person rail shooter” on which you played as the eponymous Mach Rider, driving on curvy roads and, fighting incoming enemy vehicles and avoid crashing on spikes, rocks and oil tanks.

My idea is to preserve the most from the original game, like the post-apocalyptic setting, but adapting it to a modern sensibility, like the game being now an open world adventure game.

One important value of the original game was it’s “Road Design” mode, and one way to adapt it is making it one of the core goals of the game, by this, I mean, that the player has to ride across the wasteland between cities saving people and restore the connectivity between points of the map, so you can get supplies from a safe point to a recovering one, this would unlock new upgrades and gear to the Mach Bike, but giving the player the chance to choose where to go first, altering every single playthrough, just like when you had to choose which road to take on the NES game.

One important upgrading point would be the gameplay, as you could control the character riding the Mach bike at high speed, but keeping an eye on it’s fuel tank, bullet counter and “shield meter”. So if the player goes down on fuel, it must get off the bike and scavenge for it on abandoned vehicles or getting it from enemy vehicles, The same with other resources, and if the player is lucky, could get “futuristic” weapons from the enemies.

Last point. A question. Who is Mach Rider? The game says “You are Mach Rider”, so on this game the player should be able to customize the Rider: Gender, Race, Age, Gear, and so on.

It’d be neat to see another game in the Wars series. I haven’t played many of them, but I’ve always seen them talked about quite a bit, and it’s fascinating. It’s been nearly a decade since the last one on Nintendo DS, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin. A fresh game in the series is long overdue at this point, but Intelligent Systems may have their hands full with Fire Emblem’s current boom in popularity…

Kid Icarus count? It already got its revival, but the problems of Kid Icarus: Uprising (namely, the controls) would be fixed by a dual stick setup. The game’s on rails by way of a brawler by way of a third person shooter gameplay was fun, it was full of brilliant and exciting ideas, and its cast is one of my favorites for any game and absolutely deserves another chance to shine. What I’d push, though, is not only a Switch sequel (with an HD remake of Uprising later), but a cartoon adaptation as well. Nintendo’s been interested in expanding into other media, and the tragicomic machinations of Pit, Palutana, and friends would make for an entertaining serialized series.

If it doesn’t count, I’d love to see them take another crack at the Famicom Disk System games like Shin Onigashima and Famicom Tantei Club, the ones that were almost prototypical visual novels. There’s interesting ground to cover in Nintendo’s “play first” approach to a genre so opposed to tactile play. If nothing else, we could potentially see a second swing at Time Twist, the game so absurdly insensitive to real world atrocities that the boss fight where you exorcise the Wee Baby Jesus by shooting him with lightning may come off as a relief.

The time has come to bring back The Mysterious Murasame Castle. I picture it kind of like the somewhat contained areas of a game like Super Mario 3D World but instead of being separated into levels, it’s something closer to a map from a Metroidvania. Honestly, that kind of sounds like the map of Metroid: Other M. I imagine the combat having some of the possibilities and twitchy mechanics from the first Kingdom Hearts game where there are spells and such but also a big focus on dodging and blocking to set up counter attacks with the characters feeling less floaty… Maybe like Final Fantasy XV but… better. Takamaru would be a great character for Nintendo to use to jump into the hardcore action genre and give it that Nintendo twist. They wouldn’t have to go full Nioh though. I think the 80’s anime art style would suit it perfectly.

Which dormant Nintendo IPs would I like to see revisited? My answers won’t surprise those who follow my ramblings on Twitter or my contributions to neighboring website
uInterview, but I’d happily do terrible, terrible things to get the next chapter in the Another Code series or the Kyle Hyde saga. We know Rika Suzuki has ideas for sequels to both, and she even noted how it’d “be so wonderful” to see both series’ leads met up. …I’d write more but I’m still mourning Cing’s clouser.

Many of my top choices have already been taken. Murasame, Famicom Tantei, Mach Rider and Kid Icarus should all be getting sequels in my opinion and the last time we did an SG-Choice like this my vote went to Geist, so I won’t do that again. Instead let’s go for Captain Rainbow. I wish this game had been localized but I think a big thing getting in the way was how japanese it was. With Birdo’s many references to transgender and a lot of the characters being from Japan only games (I think there are six characters who got their games localised) it might have been hard to market in the west. So why not make the next one more western focused? There are many Nintendo heroes from both old and new series that have been forgotten. We could get Alice from Balloon Kid, Sheriff from Sheriff, DK Jr, Isaac from Golden Sun, the Ice Hockey Players and Mike Jones from Startropics. You can have a few Japan only characters like Goku from Yuyuki or the Camp Instructor from Marvelous.

It’s hardly a long dormant IP, but I would pick Star Fox.

It’s an IP that’s in something of a state of limbo after the (criminally under rated) Zero failed to meet expectations. So it’s a point of concern for when or if we’ll see Star Fox pop back up, and in what capacity.

With the recent announcement and the surrounding buzz about Star Fox 2 being released on the SNES Classic, a Star Fox Zero sequel that introduces Fay and Miyu would hit the spot! A compelling multiplayer death match ala Star Fox Assault is also a must.

  1. I too would like a new Star Fox. Its been 11 years since the last new one.

    In all seriousness Star Fox is a big enough name that, like Metroid, its bound to crop up again eventually. It might not be this year, or next year, or even in the next 10 years, but eventually there will be another Star Fox game. I just hope when it happens its ins’t another retelling of the Lylat Wars for the 5th time.

    Would also appreciate a proper follow up to the Gamecube Chibi-Robo, preferably one that actually makes it overseas. That series is likely dead in the water after Zip Lash unfortunately, but I can dream.

    Mettaur on July 7 |
  2. For me it’s both Intelligent System games.

    WarioWare! Which I’m amazed missed a 3DS title considering all the features the 3DS had. They could’ve made a massive compilation game, as it could handle Twisted as well as Touched, Snapped, etc. The Switch one could even handle “Smooth Moves” esque games thanks to the joycons. It’d be really cool to see.

    The other as always is Advance Wars, which has become the new Metroid I guess since now Metroid is getting a new entry. XD

    xkan on July 7 |
  3. -another Wrecking Crew game
    -a Donkey Kong game that’s like the Donkey Kong 1994 Game Boy game or the original Mario vs. Donkey Kong
    -a Zelda game that’s similar to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
    -a 3D Metroid that isn’t a first-person game, nor is it like Metroid: Other M (in terms of story execution and also using missiles and restoring health/ammo)
    -a new Yoshi game that isn’t aping Yoshi’s Island nor has the papercraft thing going like the more recent Yoshi games
    -a fully realized 3D Kirby game… or a Kirby RPG. Or Kirby Air Rid 2.
    -something of a sequel to Star Fox Zero, but combines elements from Star Fox 2 and the games that followed Star Fox 64.
    -a Pokemon game like PokePark, but less geared towards kids; in other words, a fully realized Pokemon action game
    -New F-Zero
    -New Wario Land
    -New Kid Icarus
    -New Ice Climber
    -New The Mysterious Murasame Castle
    -New Punch-Out!!
    -New Rhythm Heaven
    -Golden Sun 4
    -New Legendary Starfy
    -New Mole Mania

    Matt Bankey on July 7 |
  4. we need a new Drill Dozer, WarioWare, Wario Land (without the transformations please) and Mole Mania

    testing2 on July 8 |
  5. The Advance Wars love here greatly pleases me. 🙂

    What would be better is if we could somehow get a new installment. Wishful thinking I know.

    SMX on July 8 |
  6. Tingle and Ever Oasis. I know Ever Oasis just came out but I doubt we will see any sequels. The Last Story is another. And like many people Advance Wars.

    UG on July 10 |
  7. My choices seem more like not just a sequel, but a revival/reboot.
    Advance wars
    New DK game
    Kid icarus sequel
    Golden Sun
    Warioware or any new Wario game
    Custom Robo
    New punch-out
    Mach rider
    Excite bike
    The mysterious murasame castle
    These last two i figured at this point should finally get a revival/reboot and thats
    Ice Climbers and Duck Hunt.

    vigilante 155 on July 10 |
  8. I’d love to see a new StarTropics or Eternal Darkness game.

    Both seem unlikely to happen, since Eternal Darkness was the brain-child of the now-defunct Silicon Knights, StarTropics was never intended to be released in Japan, and both of them are so obscure that they didn’t even get a STICKER in Smash Bros. Brawl, but I’d be interested to see what they could do with the franchises going forward.

    Sin & Punishment would also be great, but I don’t think Star Successor did particularly well, so that doesn’t seem likely either.

    Megadoomer on July 10 |
  9. Golden Sun 4 and new F-zero. Nuff said

    Isaac: Venus Adept on July 12 |
  10. I’m with NantenJex here! Captain Rainbow sequel is what I wanna see! I think the reason why the game never released in the West is not just only the character were Japan exclusives, but there were a lot of adult contents involved. And as much I hear the negative reactions to this game, it’s true that there’s nothing much to do around, since it’s not like Animal Crossing. However, the events were really interesting. Choosing which character to grant their wish first, while how events change when certain characters deal with each other…the system they’ve made was quite unique than expected, thus its true it lacked few contents. Even the game helped several minor characters to rise back in today’s games, like Little Mac returning in his own game on the Wii and joining Smash 4 as playable character, Takamaru joining Samurai Warriors 3 and being an Assist Trophy in Smash 4, and Lip being as a costume for the amiibo update for Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Not to mention Mach Rider was planned to appear in this game too, as the design was planned to make the character a woman, but cut for unknown reasons. Captain Rainbow is almost a savior to these characters that has been forgotten, and it helps them to promote their games to the public like how Smash is doing too.

    If there were to bring Captain Rainbow 2, I do agree that they should bring in characters from the games sold globally, and maybe few Japan exclusives too. My character choices is…

    Waluigi (Mario): Wishes to become one of the Star Child as Wario.
    Tingle (Zelda): Wishes to become more loved by women, as being a counterpart of Birdo from the first game.
    Adeline (Kirby): Wishes to become a master painter.
    Miyu or Fay (Star Fox): Wishes to join the Star Fox team (maybe Star Fox Zero 2?)
    Popo (Ice Climbers): Wishes to become more brave so Nana can like him again.
    Ashley (Warioware): Wishes to become the greatest witch.
    Alice (Balloon Kid): Wishes to be cured from acrophobia.
    Mach Rider: Wishes to recover her lost bike to save the destroyed world.
    Kuroda (Pilot Wings): Wishes to revive his position as a pilot instructor.
    Isaac (Golden Sun): Wishes to regain his lost energy in order to return to his adventure.
    Medusa (Kid Icarus): Wishes to regain her ruling position of the underworld.
    Ayumi (Famicon Detective Club): Wishes to become a detective.

    zoniken on July 17 |
  11. Nintendo confirming a new Wario Land game this year (his 25th anniversary) would be lovely. Other then that, a new Kid Icarus game would be good too.

    GreatMeat on July 18 |