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30 vs 100: The Ideal Smash Roster

Relax Alax and PushDustIn discuss if Smash should add more characters, or focus on less.
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Relax Alax:

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  1. I really enjoyed that discussion. Feel free to feature Alax more often! 🙂

    cedrickterrick on August 1 |
  2. I do remember I’ve commented on both cases in this site before (and I’m well surprised the 30 roster article is already passed a year old, time flies so fast!!), while I do have some suggestions regarding to both of them ’til today…

    For the 30 rosters case, it’ll be a huge controversial when there would be cuts, and nobody like cuts, neither do Sakurai. Simmering down to 30 rosters would be terribly limited, possibly being returning veterans only while too less new comers. We’ve already had that problem with Marvel VS Capcom: Infinite, where the roster have shortened from UMvC3’s 50 characters to MvCI’s 28 characters, that’s almost twice the removals of character amounts. Most of them are returning veterans while new comers are hardly focused, while most fan favorite popular characters from the veterans (like Phoenix Wright and Deadpool) were removed, and popular newbies (like Leon Kennedy and Ultimate Spider Man) was simply ignored; even ultimately removed the X-Men for nonsense reasons. Everybody already complained about this game, even Youtuber Maximilian Dood is starting to lose hope on this game, and its getting worse due to character cuts. While although there will be cuts on Smash, simmering down to 30 does sound controversial, even when it comes with the removal of well known popular ones, like the Ice Climbers from 3DS/Wii U. Of course, removing the needless ones such as the clones like Dr. Mario and Dark Pit is necessary, nobody wants the roster to shorten with limited choices.

    But that wouldn’t mean 100 rosters is a best choice either. MUGEN players may love it if they’re treating Smash similar to MUGEN, but when it come with certain criteria to accomplish like Single Player Mode and Home Run Contest, playing 100 characters would take a long time to finish the entire game. Well, if they don’t have a job and staying home all day, then they can do it 24/7 without even taking a good night sleep (don’t do it, it’s unhealthy and suicidal). But even then, it takes so much time to try finishing the game will all 100 characters, even creating them would take a long time too if they’re gonna make every characters from scratch. Which means, if one new character would take at least 4 months to create, then creating 100 characters (excluding the returning veterans) would take more than 10 years, and that’s way too long. While there may be a huge chance for lots of new comers to join the brawl, some may end up being a worthless clones in order to bury the empty slots, thus clones are the most fastest and easiest to create.

    However, Smash will always have cuts and additions throughout the series. While the cuts will make things controversial, it will give newbies a chance to join in, while the roster will keep growing and growing if the series will continue on. I don’t expect the roster to go over a 100, but I wouldn’t even suggest shrinking it down to 30 either. It all depends on who will be included, rejected, and remain for the next fight. But everything will all matters whether that character is unique enough to join rather than being generic instead.

    zoniken on August 4 |
    • But no one forces you to play every mode with every character. Hyrule Warriors Legends with DLC takes about 500 hours to complete on 100%. You always get a reward at the end of a level and that keeps you hooked.
      Same goes for Smash. If they finde it a solution to make these modes more interesting. I don’t see any problem here.

      cedrickterrick on August 8 |
  3. If we’re really talking about 100 or 30, 100 characters would be better. Just add on to what they already have in the most recent games. Add as many fan requested/iconic characters as possible. There’s enough room to add 42 characters, that’s plenty of room for Ridley even. Balance the roster as best the team can. Then do the 30 character Smash roster the game after that.

    Link on August 6 |