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SourceFest 2017 is Live!


Sorry for the short post but SourceFest is starting VERY soon. Please check out the full schedule below, and join us on Twitch!


If you can, please donate to Child’s Play!

The reason I chose Child’s Play was because when I was young, I had to stay in the hospital for quite some time. There I fell in love with Super Mario for the Super Nintendo. It’s probably safe to say that without video games to keep me company during that difficult time, that I wouldn’t have become so passionate about video games in general.

Music during the live stream is from A.C. Menes (Meet the Light) which can be purchased here.

We are also using music from Ben Briggs, Twitch Jams which can be purchased here.

Music from Nathanael Platier will also be featured. Check out his YouTube channel and his fiverr!

Lastly, we are using the tracks from Lucas Guimaraes‘ Solace which can be purchased here.

We’ll also be doing a Smash Tourney, and a Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tournament.