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Clone Characters in “Smash for Switch”?!

MagcargoMan and PushDustIn discuss if Smash should add more clone characters or not.
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  1. I actually really don’t mind clones that much as long as there aren’t too many. In my opinion, as long as it makes sense for the character to play the same as the original, I’m more fine with it than them having an original moveset. Take Lucina for example, for most of the game she’s impersonating Marth, I feel it makes sense for the two characters to have the same moveset rather than Lucina to have an original moveset. But that doesn’t mean they can’t have differences and that’s why I like the change in the damage output in the sword. Dark Pit is another good example, in-game he’s a literal clone of Pit, obviously he would obviously also have mostly the same moveset. Toon Link and Link are basically the same character and yes it may be a good idea to change Toon Link’s moves to fit more with a Wind Waker like adding the Deku Leaf and Skull Hammer, I feel however the Bow, Boomerang and Bombs feel too iconic to the character to change. Last character I want to mention is Ganondorf, Ganondorf is a character I kinda want to see get some changes as it doesn’t make sense for him to be similar to Captain Falcon. Although I would like the play style to stay in tact because the style they play is different but the way the move is too similar. Sorry for the large lock of text but I get really passionate for these type of things, and also one more thing that I’m particularly not a fan of. I’m kinda not a fan of when a character becomes another character as an alt like Olimar and Alph. It makes me kinda wish they were there own original character but I’m curious if I’m the only one that shares these opinions on clones and alts.

    Bambam6901 on August 25 |
    • The way I see it, Olimar/Alph sharing a moveset works because of the way they both utilise Pikmin, like how Bowser Jr. and the Koopalings all share the Clown Cart. In the Pikmin series, Alph and Olimar both act as the players avatar while using Pikmin to navigate the overworld and collect items, so it makes sense that their moveset in Smash is identical. You could add the Rock Pikmin to Alph’s moveset in order to differentiate him from Olimar, but seeing as how Olimar already has access to the Flying Pikmin (which were exclusive to Pikmin 3) for recovery it wouldn’t make much sense to only give Rock Pikmin to Alph solely to differentiate him from Olimar.

      Bob Lennon on August 26 |
      • That’s a very good point. I do agree with the clown cart and Bowser Jr. and it’s probably for the best that Alph and Olimar are represented as alts because of how there moves revolve more around the Pikmin rather than themselves, I’ve thought about the Bowser Jr. point but I never put the same thought to Olimar

        Bambam6901 on August 27 |
  2. One or two clones is fine, but too many is a problem. Even if almost semi clones like Toon Link can become this since TL’s moveset is very identical to Link, just in Wind Waker style, but it didn’t change much to make it different. Ganondorf really needs a major re-vamp on his moveset since he’s too close to Cap. Falcon. I know Ganondorf was a last minute addiction in Melee (if I’m correct from memory), so they couldn’t make his movesets different in time. But moving on years later to Brawl and Smash 4, he retains the same moveset (even with animations changed to reflect his moves what he did in the games) people will still complain him becoming stale for not changing his moveset completely that matches his iconic moves what he did in games like the Death Volley or his sword). Sure people/fans will defend¬†Ganondorf that he’s fine the way he is, but when you’re saying “fine the way he is” are you saying that you don’t want Ganondorf to be changed is because you hate changes on your fav. character(s) and/or don’t want your character performance to be messed up for competitions?¬†Either options you choose, those options will make you nostalgically selfish. It’s time to move on, this is 2017, not 2001. Nothing can last the same forever.

    InsaneStar on August 26 |
    • How is it any less selfish to want to change the character based on your own vision of how the character should be without considering how that change would affect others? Its fine if you don’t like the current incarnation of Ganondorf in Smash, but please don’t try to place a moral standpoint on an arguement of personal preference.

      Bob Lennon on August 26 |
      • I’m not, it’s just I’m seeing the complaints of people about Ganondorf (and other clones) retaining the clone moveset over and over, and this hate is gonna pile up for years until Sakurai really changes the portrayal of the character that matches how the fans wants. It’s hard to tell which side has the bigger base (fans) about “Retain the same” and “Change movesets”. You can’t please everyone, but there’s sacrifices to do this to alleviate the major complains of the fanbase for another complaining one. Example, if you change Ganondorf’s moveset to make him very clone-less, one side will be happy, but the other side will not, but however, there’s a chance on the hate side that people will change their mind to give it a go on the “Change Moveset” side while lowering the chances of complaints down on both sides.

        InsaneStar on August 27 |
        • Even if the fanbase overwhelmingly supported a revamp of Smash Ganondorf, the only real factor that would create that change in the next Smash game would be whether or not the development team is willing to put in the time or resources to essentially replace an existing character with a completely new version of that character.

          Bob Lennon on August 27 |