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Super Source Cast: A Podcast Reborn

Following a lengthy hiatus, podcast content has returned to Source Gaming with Super Source Cast! The pilot premiered during our third anniversary livestream, and the first official episode is now available.

Since our site normally shies away from news content, we thought it would be fun to cover current events in gaming on a more regular basis, in a format that allows the signature Source Gaming spirit to shine through. Going forward, we’ll be serving up takes on announcements, rumors, and new releases on a biweekly basis. We’ll also go over posts on the main site that deserve more attention, and might even feature some of the best comments from the community.

Below are embedded versions of the two current episodes, as well as download links. We’re currently awaiting approval for Google Play and iTunes feeds, so we’ll share those details as soon as they become available.

In this pilot episode, I took some time to catch up with my more senior staff members about the genesis of Source Gaming, and where it’s headed in the future. NantenJex, Spazzy, and PushDustin dropped by to tell me what the site means to them and how they each became a part of the team. There also may or may not be some slap-happy discussion on our totally non-fictional line of body pillows.

Download Link for Episode #0: Source Gaming Origins

In our first true outing, NantenJex and Spazzy joined me to discuss the rumors of Rhythm Heaven’s demise and the future of Metroid. We also whipped up some fun conversation about the Game Boy Advance, the plague of Final Fantasy XV, and the weirdness of the Sonic comics.

Download Link for Episode #1: Rhythm Purgatory

As a relative newcomer to the team, I’ve been looking forward to getting this new show off the ground and I’m elated to finally be able to share it. Hopefully, as the show goes on, it will become another conduit through which we staffers can engage with you readers on a more meaningful level. If you would like to submit a piece of news or ask a question for a future episode, feel free to contact us on Twitter, Discord, or anywhere else. Our doors and hearts are always open to you!



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  1. All that talk about Famicom Fairytales reminded me. I want someone to check my work.

    Zeebor on September 3 |