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SG Choice – Top 10 3rd Party Additions for Smash for Switch

It’s finally here, part 2 of our Smash for Switch Top 10s, this time focusing on those 3rd party guests that cause such massive reactions in the community.
Let us know what your picks were in the comments below.

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  1. When it comes to who we can reasonably expect next time around, I think you guys hit the nail on the head, especially Bomberman, a Dragon Quest rep, and the Capcom reps. As far as who else could be on the list of legacy characters my picks are Doomguy and Master Chief. I consider these characters to have lower chance of getting in than your honorable mentions, but they would definitely meet the criteria of the out of left field icon, similar to what we got with Snake and Cloud.

    Link on November 20 |
  2. One character that I would add to this list is Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes; while I don’t see him as the flagship Third Party rep for the next Smash (Bomberman would be my top choice here) he has both a strong history with Nintendo as well as cross-platform support, not to mention Goichi Suda’s friendship with Masahiro Sakurai. Nice to see Simon Belmont so high up on the list, he’s been my most wanted character since before Brawl.

    On another note, around the 10:30 mark I felt your argument against Snake’s inclusion became a bit cloudy- I can understand wanting to debunk the Konami argument but the explanation of “rotating third-party characters” seemed like a crack theory at best. I’d hope to see this point of view in another video with stronger context support; it felt more like a tangent here that could use some much-needed elaboration.

    boblennonsg on November 21 |
  3. I’m with Rayman, Simon Belmont (before discussed with Spazzy) and Bomberman on this list. Even thinking about suggesting them for Dream Smashers if you guys have time.

    Toni Leppänen on November 22 |
  4. Nice picks, i agree on Heihachi, Dragon warriors and all of the Capcom reps! on Konami part, i think that Simon should get in before Bomberman. also you forgot Jack Frost from Atlus and Ryu Hayabusa from Koei Tecmo

    David Horan on November 22 |