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Nintendo Direct Mini 1.11.2018 – First Thoughts

Out of nowhere, Nintendo uploaded a Nintendo Direct Mini on their channels. So did our prayers to the burning Chibi-Robo help and we got what we wanted? PushDustIn and Nirbion discuss the latest news and reveals!

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“Dinosaur Diddy” by Ben Brigg
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  1. As I always do, I’ve watched the Japanese version instead.

    I’m not really interested with that SquareEnix’s DS port (sorry couldn’t remember the title) and Y’s series, not even Dark Souls is part of my wanted list, Kirby’s Star Allies is the game I’ve been waiting for. I really love the Helper characters, which it was good to see Biospark and Birdon returning, while sad Plasma Wisp did not make it in instead replaced with a Plugg from Kirby 64. New abilities Artist and Spider was added, which was very interesting to see, and its Helpers were interesting as well. I guess Artist was a replacement with Paint, and they did a good idea bringing it as Paint seemed to be a thing that the series had a lot in the past. But I wonder if this new Artist Helper have some connections with Drawcia and her relatives? They look kinda alike… But its sad that Doctor, Poison, Sniper and Circus didn’t made its return, not even Tornado and Spear had its chance to return either. However, one thing I’m excited is that it’s gonna be released in March, and since I’m planning to be moved to Japan in that time, I can’t wait to get that game…..but I need to get the Switch before then, dammit. (lol)

    Hyrule Warriors made its return to Switch, but I think this was pretty much easily predicted since it was popular. Not just they’ve simply ported it with better graphics, but also released all DLC characters in the game, which is good (because I haven’t bought the DLC pack on the 3DS yet)! I wonder if they’ll add in more characters into it…maybe Groose will finally have a chance? Or one of the champions from Breath of the Wild finally gets their light to shine than staying in the dead? I might plan to get the game since its a good stress reliever…but as I said from the above, I need to get the Switch first…dammit. (lol)

    Pokken Tournament DX finally brought DLC, and I thought that game DOESN’T allow DLC for some reason, but they FINALLY did it! This time, they’ve added Aegislash for Wave 1, and Blastoise for Wave 2, and those two makes sense because they were popular and highly requested. But its sad they could only add in one fighter per wave. I wonder if they’ll add in more in the future? I just wish Lopunny and Beedrill could join the game, or anybody from Alola could have a chance.

    Stardew Valley was something I was interested in. Since I didn’t have a chance playing Harvest Moon series, so I think this game will be something I could try out. But even then, I just hope there would be any Harvest Moon games ported to Switch, even I would wanna play Animal Parade. Hey, if SquareEnix can bring their DS game ported to Switch, then other third party games should do the same! I’m still waiting for Sonic Generations ported! Not the 3DS one, the one outside of Nintendo.

    SNK heroines…this is a strange game I’ve ever seen. It almost resembled to DoA in a perverted way. I mean, it’s good Nintendo’s now accepting these kinds of games as a next step to improvement, but it looked kinda awkward to me…oh well. But if SNK can make this game…why can’t Capcom do the same? Capcom, bring your heroines in a swimsuit outfit do some crazy fightings or mini-games!

    It’s good to see Mario Odyssey having a first DLC, and now we finally got Luigi! Not playable, but a chairperson of his own mini-game…hey, I don’t know why people’s complaining about? I mean this is what you fans wished for, right? Having Luigi in the game? If not, and if Clint Eastwood was here, he’d say this to you guys. ( )

    Mario Tennis ACE…I don’t know what to say with this game. I know Ultra Smash failed a lot, and bringing another Tennis game kinda makes me worried instead. I don’t know if I can expect anything for this game, but we’ll see.

    And finally, DK Tropical Freeze. I’m not much of a fan with DK series, but its good that Funky is now part of the playable team with impressive moves! Using a surfboard to float and stand on spikes…he looks incredible! Does this mean he’s now eligible to join Smash?

    That’s quite it for my review. While the titles they’ve introduced wasn’t something I’ve been expecting to see, and while everybody seemed to be extremely upset with this Direct since things were less introduced, I’m satisfied that Kirby Star Allies were introduced as I knew it’ll come to this Direct. Though I could admit it was imperfect, it wasn’t that bad at least.

    zoniken on January 12 |
  2. I didn’t expect anything major (especialy when I saw it was a ‘mini’ Direct) or see something I liked but it was a decent presentation overall. I was a little bit surprised at SNK heroines, though its only because I didn’t expect to see a sequel (spiritual sequel maybe?) to SNK’s all-female fighting game (forgot the title) on their Neo Geo Pocket Colour.
    Not so pumped for another Mario Tennis game, for me it doesn’t feel it was that long ago that Ultra Smash came out. I must say though that its good seeing the male Mario characters wearing actual tennis clothes for a change, pretty sure that is a first for the Tennis subseries unless I’m forgotting some game(s).
    Seeing Dark Souls coming to the Switch is nice but not something I plan on getting.

    GreatMeat on January 13 |