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Challenger Approaching Mini Concepts #1 – The Big Names

YouTuber Delzethin speculates on the various movesets and designs some big named theoretical newcomers could have in the next Smash Bros. game! Be sure to check out his video down below, as well as his Twitter, and let us know what you think!

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  1. Happy to see you making content again! I like the new format, it’s a bit more concise than your usual videos yet still surprisingly detailed in your analysis of potential movesets (although on a side note, I still hope to see your standard video style in the future, perhaps when a cool concept comes your way?).

    Not sure if you take comments from SG into account, but I would definitely like to see a few character concepts based on assist trophies for your next video. Ever since Little Mac, assist trophies tend to get a lot of focus when it comes to discussion so I’m sure I’m not the only one who’ll be looking forward to it. There are certainly a number of Gev VII Pokemon who fans would like to see in Smash, but with Gen 8 looming in the distance it’s hard to say who will be the front runner by the time Smash 5 is announced.

    And again, congrats on the new video!

    boblennonsg on January 17 |
  2. Inkling and Spring Man’s inclusion is a definite. Splatoon’s popularity has been endless since 2015, and although they ended up being a DLC Mii Fighter costume and trophy, I wouldn’t think Sakurai would ignore their entry due to strong popularity and high requests. Choosing the Inkling Girl as a default is plausible, while the boy will be her gender alt, but I still wanna see the Octoling becoming part of the alts too, since they’re popular as well.

    While many prefer Min Min to join Smash instead, I do agree Spring Man to join instead because he’s the main face of the franchise. It’ll also be interesting if Ribbon Girl become his gender alt if possible, even if they were meant to be played differently in the actual game.

    For the Pokemon…it may be difficult to think at this moment. But since we’ve been getting new Pokemon rep in every series, despite several being removed, it is possible that we can get a new Pokemon to join in. However, I don’t think we’ll get somebody from the unannounced Gen 8 for this case yet. Although there’s a rumor that we’ll get a new Pokemon this year, I doubt it’s true because a new Pokemon main title usually takes 3-4 years in development, excluding the minor changes and remakes. So, if we’re gonna get the new Smash game maybe this year or next, then a Gen 8 rep is impossible. Decidueye’s inclusion may be possible, or if not maybe Sceptile who can become another Grass Type rep.

    zoniken on January 19 |